Dota 2: Gabe Newell Has Not Showed Up At TI7 So Far

Gabe Newell, Valve
Gabe Newell, 2013. Featured image by Business Insider.

Fans at TI7 are at a loss. The co-founder and president of Valve has not shown up and fans aren’t happy about it. Redditor Ace37Mike posted the following message on Reddit 3 days ago:

“It just doesn't feel that TI is complete without hearing a few words from you. We didn't get a chance to hear from you during the opening show, but it would be great to hear from you just before the Grand Finals starts. Pretty please GabeN

Edit: Wow this really exploded.”

It seems that everybody is in firm agreement with him. One user, flamingOreos posted, 3 days ago: “It kinda feels like Dumbledore welcoming the new wizards into Hogwarts”. Another, by the name of KharadBanar posted, 3 days ago: “It feels like Santa wishing us Merry Christmas”, referring to when Gabe, often referred to as Gaben appears to officiate the TI ceremony.

The billionaire from Seattle, whose impressive resumé also includes work as a producer for some of Microsoft Windows’ early operating systems received a warm reception when he officiated TI6  last year as you can see here.

He is particularly popular amongst fans due to his eccentric personality and jocular take on life. An example of his trademark humour can be found here on his official Twitter account where he asks “Who would make a better president? Hillary Clinton (5%), Donald Trump (11%), Me (84%)”

Let’s hope that he surprises the TI7 audience and shows up before the grand finals on Saturday. 



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