[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Armor Sets For Titans

Destiny 2 Best Armor Set For Titan
The Titan Vanguard Zavala knows the number one pick, do you?

Imagine how much sexier this Titan would look in our number one pick.

Do you want to look like the sexy, imposing Titan you know you’re destined to be? You want a set of armor good to punch dregs for a long time to come? Well stick around, I’m about to go into detail on five of the best Titan armor sets in Destiny 2 before Beyond Light hits. This list will be my opinion, as a Titan main in Destiny 2. Feel free to talk about any armor sets you like in the comments!

Some quick rules before we get into the list of course. I’ll be judging the armor on some core criteria, including stat roles, modification slots, how long before the armor gets sunset, and of course how cool and/or badass it looks. Also, I won’t be including any exotics or “special” sets (sorry Solstice Armor), just regular legendary sets. 

Oh, and no shaders either… that's just cheating!

5. Kentarch 3 Suit

Become fully "Vexxed" out in this shining raid armor.

So kicking off our list, we have the Kentarch 3 suit, acquired from the Garden of Salvation Raid. I know, including the armor from the most recent raid as the bottom tier of the list is a bit suspicious, but trust me; at least it made the list. 

As for why it’s on the bottom of the list, well I have some very good reasons. To start, it was introduced to the game October 2019, meaning when Beyond Light releases it’ll be over one full year old. And because it’s that old, that means the mod slot isn’t the most up to date. You can only use mods from the seasons of Opulence, Undying, and Dawn in this armor. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with those mods, with the Season of Dawn introducing Charged with Light; a personal favorite of mine. But since then seasons of the Worthy and Arrivals have introduced Warmind Cells and expanded on the Charged with Light mechanic respectively. 

That’s right about where the cons end. Despite the mod slot, it bears the Season of Arrivals sign on it; meaning it’s good to have up until the 2021 DLC, The Witch Queen. And of course, being raid armor, a pinnacle activity, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any low stat rolled armor dropping. As for how it looks, I might not love the metal textures, but it bears blue animation similar to Destiny 1 Age of Triumph raid armors. And as a Destiny 1 veteran, that gets points in my book. 

How to Get: Garden of Salvation Raid

Kentarch 3 Full Details: https://destinytracker.com/destiny-2/db/legends/2268151409-kentarch-3-suit

4. The Righteous Suit

Who doesn't want to look like a badass space-knight riding a shark?

Next up on the list is the Righteous Suit, introduced in Season of Dawn. Worry not, New Light players, if you missed Season of the Dawn, you can still receive this armor set, it just takes a little luck from random world drops. Or if you have legendary shards burning a hole in your pocket, maybe you can get lucky buying engrams from the cryptarch.

I’m sure most seasoned Destiny players will immediately think, “Oh, crap. Stats.” And yeah, that is this armor's biggest weakness. In addition to being a little tricky to get, you can roll some pretty low stats; meaning you could get lucky and get the full set easily, but not quite reach that discipline or mobility you want so badly.

It’s smooth sailing from there though! This set gives you access to Seasons Undying, Dawn, and Worthy mods; so you’re right in the sweet spot to get the trifecta of the nightmare, charged with light and warmind cell mods. As a plus, this set won’t be sunset until 1260 power, which is good up until season 13, past the Beyond Light release. 

And also… Who the hell doesn’t want to look like a Badass Space Kight?

How to Get: Random World Drop

Righteous Suit Full Details: https://destinytracker.com/destiny-2/db/legends/310653090-titan-exile-suit

3: Titan Exile Suit

We all know Ra would be a Sunbreaker Titan

Okay, I will be the first to admit; I suck at trials. I don’t even have this set, and I doubt I will before the next DLC drops. But, as someone with a lot of friends who play, most of which are much better than me, they love this set. Trials is supposed to be the end-all, be-all PvP activity; and when you go into a lobby wearing this set? It feels great. At least I’m told. Not everyone might be skilled enough to obtain the set by themselves, but hey, that's why we play with friends, right?

This armor boasts the most up to date mod slot you can get right now, giving you access to Seasons of Dawn, Worthy, and Arrivals mods. Warmind cells from Season of the Worthy are powerful, but having both Seasons of Dawn and Arrivals means this set has access to both pools of charged with light mods, should you have them. This combo grants access to powerful mod combinations you wouldn’t otherwise have; such as Powerful Friends and Energy Converter. 

As for the staying power of this set, it’s good to 1310 Power, which isn’t quite the current max, but pretty darn close to it. Bungie isn’t telling us exactly when the armor of this power will be sunset, but I’d say it’s a safe bet it’s good up until the final season before Witch Queen.

Oh, Stats? Got you covered here too, Trials is a pinnacle activity, meaning you're in for some pretty up there rolls on your stats, allowing from some excellent builds. As for how it looks, well I seriously dig the Egyptian style this set has going for it, and it’s one of the few sets in the game I wouldn't even use a shader on, the color palette is already solid.

How To Get: Trials of Osiris

Titan Exile Suit Full Details: https://destinytracker.com/destiny-2/db/legends/310653090-titan-exile-suit

2: Holdfast Suit

You too can look like a walking, talking bulldozer with this armor.

Look like a walking bulldozer

When I first saw the Holdfast Suit, I wasn’t a fan. The Bland color palette, simple design, just didn’t look good to me. But, now that we’re in the season, and I can see it with the ornament? I’m in love. When you’re wearing this suit, you both look and feel like an unstoppable Space War Machine. Hell, the ornaments are even called “Seigebreak” pieces. 

Now since this armor is the current seasonal armor, it comes with a big array of bonuses, and are the reasons I placed it above the trials armor. To start, it has a Sunsetting Power of 1360, the highest tier in the game. This will guarantee its useability throughout the entire Beyond Light expansion.

I am not a fan of bounty grinding, especially for season pass levels; which is probably the only con for this armor, and it’s only a New Light problem. Considering the extension of the current season into November, there’s no excuse to say there wasn’t enough time to grind up to rank 100. 

The reason I even mention the season pass, as you probably can guess, is that from ranks 37 through 57, you can get a high stat rolled set for free. In addition to that, the remaining levels of the pass will give you both materials to upgrade the armor, and the ornaments to make them look so badass. You know, plus some other goodies, but that’s all we care about for this list. 

Just like the Titan Exile Suit, we can’t forget this suits up to date mod slots. Shoot, I’ll even give you another mod combo recommendation, there’s plenty. Try out Stacks on Stack with Super Charged. You’ll get four max charges, and you’ll gain them twice as fast, meaning more potential firepower for any other mods you might have, like Lucent Blade.

How To Get: Season of Arrivals Activities and season pass

Holdfast Suit Full Details: https://destinytracker.com/destiny-2/db/legends/2003057655-holdfast-suit

Honorable Mentions: 

The Iron Fellowship Amor

Obtained from Season 11 Iron Banner

The Crushing Suit

Obtained from Prophecy Dungeon

The Seventh Seraph Suit

Obtained from Random World Drops

1: The Moonfang-X7 Suit

Even the legendary Jade Rabbit makes an appearance on this armor set.

I’m sure a lot of people probably saw this coming. I’m also sure a lot of you are wondering why The Crushing Suit didn’t make it to the list, despite being so similar to this armor in terms of quality. Well honestly, it’s because I didn’t want to include two pieces of armor from the same game activity. Rest assured though, my heart does beat for The Crushing Suit; I suck at trials of Osiris but trials of the Nine was a different story. 

Where do I even begin with this armor? Well, it comes with all the bells and whistles of all the previous sets; Up to date mod slot, the highest tier of Sunsetting Power, and a naturally high stat roll from a pinnacle activity. But there’s a bit more that sets this armor apart as the number one pick. 

Usually, I’m not a fan of the color palette this armor has, the vibrant dual-tone. But somehow Bungie made it work, and again I wouldn’t use a shader because I love it so much. And the actual design of the armor? Sleek and lithe, but imposing, and sharp. The armor just looks clean, not much to it; and that’s what I like.

The Prophecy Dungeon is a work of art, the design team outdid themselves. It’s a beautiful world, with new unique mechanics that I won’t spoil for any players who haven’t completed it. Which brings me to the point that if you haven’t completed it, you're running out of time. The Dungeon is already confirmed to be leaving when Beyond Light releases in November, and while it might return in the future, you should experience it while you can. It might be your only chance to grab this armor for a long time to come.

How to Get: Prophecy Dungeon

Moonfang-X7 Suit Full Details: https://destinytracker.com/destiny-2/db/legends/2169267249-moonfang-x7-suit

So hopefully you learned something from this article, and maybe even figured out which armor set you want to chase next (ps. The answer is the Moonfang-X7 Set). Good luck in the neverending hunt for gear, Guardians. I look forward to seeing you at the Tower!

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