Dota Underlords best Items for each Hero

Dota Underlords Best Items
The hype for the first season is kicking in!

What are the best items for each individual Hero?

With the arrival of new items, Dota Underlords is starting to find a shape for itself. Since the Open Beta is still active, people still get a chance to get better and better at everything.

One very important aspect of the game is represented by the items that have a high impact on the gameplay. With such a large influence on your units, it is best to know wherethe item goes and why it’s best to be on that specific unit. This aspect will influence the outcome of your next fight in a lot of situations,   and you either win or lose.

Since we want to usually win and create fun and interesting builds, it’s best to know why the item is better on that specific unit. With this in mind, I’ve created this build in order to have a greater understanding of why this item works best on every unit in the game.

One thing to always keep in mind when it comes to picking your items is the fact you want to achieve a specific build. Based on the following list, you will get an idea of what items you want and the ones that don’t fit your build.

Best Items for each Hero
Unit Item Explanation
Abaddon Bracers of Desperation This item can save one of your important units in times of need. Abaddon is also a very tanky unit and by the time he reaches 30% HP, he would have already cast his Aphotic Shield once
  Octarine Essence The Octarine Essence will allow Abaddon to cast his ability multiple times. More shields are always welcome 
Alchemist Vanguard Usually you want your Alchemist to survive long enough to cast his Acid Spray. Vanguard will help him survive long enough to get his cast at least once
  Mekansm Since Alchemist will always frontline, a Mekansm will help him survive longer and he is usually positioned so that he can heal other units around him
Anti Mage Mask of Madness Because Anti Mage has a passive for an ability, the silencing effect of Mask of Madness will not affect him. Also, he will drain mana faster
  Moon Shard This is the best attack speed item in the game, Anti Mage scales very well with AS
Arc Warden Maelstrom Two Maelstroms are extremely powerful. With the copy of the Arc Warden you will deal a high amount of AoE damage
  Big Time Contract This item will get multiplied on the Arc Warden and with the Blood-Bound units around, you will hit like a truck
Axe Blade Mail Axe tends to have a lot of HP and his ability, Berserker’s Call also gives him armor. The longer he lives the more damage your Blade Mail will do
  Radiance Since Axe has a lot of durability on the battlefield, Radiance will get enough time to damage the enemy units

Arcane Boots

Because Batrider only has 20 mana, Arcane Boots will trigger instantly and your units will cast their abilities faster
  Moon Shard Batrider has the potential to obliterate units in seconds due to his Sticky Napalm ability. Attack speed is very good when the enemy units are more vulnerable to his attacks
Beastmaster Octarine Essence Beastmaster has shown time and time again how impactful his ability is. Octarine Essence allows him to cast it even more often
  Refresher Orb This will double the burst your Beastmaster is capable of and that is obviously very good
Bloodseeker Helm of the Undying  Bloodseeker is a very squishy unit but the lower on HP he gets, the more attack speed he gains. Helm of the Undying will keep him alive to take down more creatures before he dies
  Skull Basher Since Bloodseeker gets more attack speed with every drop of HP he loses, this item will turn your unit into a stunning machine
Bounty Hunter Mask of Madness With the Scrappy buff, Bounty Hunter is also a contestant for the Mask of Madness. With him being an Assassin, the faster he attacks the more chances to critical strike
  Blink Dagger With Blink Dagger, your Bound Hunter will get his ability almost instantly which can end up in one less unit for your opponent
Chaos Knight Battle Fury Demons have a +50 True damage buff when they are the only demons on the board. Battle Fury will allow your Chaos Knight to cleave through your enemies and deal damage more effectively
  Octarine Essence Another good side of the Chaos Knight is his ability, Chaos Bolt. His CC is very valuable in the Knights composition and this item will allow him to cast it more often
Clockwerk Assault Cuirass Because Inventors usually stick together and act as a frontline, Assault Cuirass is the perfect choice for Clockwerk. The item effect will affect all the other units and make your frontline unkillable
  Vanguard Since Clockwerk scales very well with HP, Vanguard is a good item to have. This item will also affect his explosion
Crystal Maiden none  
Disruptor Refresher Orb Static Storm is one of the strongest CCs in the game. Double Static Storm is usually a win condition
  Helm of the Undying This item will guarantee one cast from your Disruptor no matter what
Doom Battle Fury Being a Demon, Doom already has a high DPS. Equipping him with Battle Fury will help him achieve his full potential
  Refresher Orb Double silence is always a good thing to have
Dragon Knight Moon Shard Dragon Knight scales very well with attack speed and Moon Shard is the strongest item to offer that stat. Once he gets his Red Dragon form, doing cleave damage at a faster pace will help your Knights to supply their lack of damage 
  Daedalus Since Dragon Knight has a good amount of damage when he transforms, it’s always good to run Daedalus and wait for the critical strikes
Drow Ranger Mask of Madness This unit has a passive ability and it does not get affected by the silencing effect
  Daedalus With a fair amount of attack speed, Drow Ranger could also use some critical strike
Enchantress Arcane Boots Enchantress has a very low amount of HP and most of the time you want her to get her ability off before dying. Arcane Boots will allow her to do that
  Brooch of the Martyr This will allow Enchantress to cast her spell faster 
Enigma Scythe of Vyse Enigma is already a Shaman but having an extra polymorph chance is always good. This item will keep your Enigma safe
  Refresher Orb Enigma has an ability capable of destroying the strongest builds out there, double Midnight Pulse will most certainly do the job
Gyrocopter Poaching Knife Due to Gyrocopter being a Deadeye unit, this item will have a higher chance to proc. Gyro will always go for the low health units and you will be able to gain more gold due to the Poaching Knife
  Daedalus This unit has the highest base attack speed in the game, which means more crits from Daedalus
Juggernaut Big-Time Contract After the buffs Juggernaut received, he’s become a very good unit. Big-Time Contract is a very safe bet on a unit that can become spell immune and also attack while being able to survive burst damage
  Vanguard This will allow your Juggernaut to get his ability off multiple times
Keeper of the Light Helm of the Undying Because the Keeper of the Light struggles a lot with mana problems, sometimes he ends up going down without casting his ability. Equip it on this unit, place it in frontline and you will guarantee a cast
  Target Buddy Placing this item next to your Keeper of the Light will protect it from any Assassin or threat out there
Kunkka Refresher Orb What is better than one boat? Two boats
  Vanguard This item will keep your Kunkka safe enough for him to get his cast off
Lich Refresher Orb Due to the slow that is applied by his ability, Lich can become a complete monster with a Refresher Orb
  Helm of the Undying Sometimes, your Lich could die without getting his cast off. This item will ensure this unit gets it off
Lina Octarine Essence This item will allow your Lina to get a second cast before it dies and burst damage is always good to have
  Bracers of Desperation Another option for Lina to get her second cast off
Lone Druid Refresher Orb With the Druid trait, this item allows the Lone Druid to get two bears. Double CC is always a game changer
  Bracers of Desperation This is another option for the double bears
Luna Mask of Madness Due to Luna having a passive ability, the silencing part of the Mask of Madness does not affect her. Also, the more attack speed, the more glaives you’ll have flying around the enemy board
  Moon Shard Another good option for the Luna to increase her dps. This item comes second after Mask of Madness due to the lifesteal bonus
Lycan  Moon Shard Once Lycan transforms, he gains a 40% chance to crit. Attack speed scales very well with crit
  Summoning Stone This item will buff the units that Lycan summons. They also have crit and more attack speed and HP is always good
Medusa Eye of Skadi Due to her passive ability, Split Shot, Eye of Skadi on Medusa will apply the effect of the item on multiple units
  Refresher Orb This item will give your Medusa a second cast of the Stone Gaze. Mass CC is always more than welcome
Mirana Bracers of Desperation When Mirana casts her Sacred Arrow, she jumps to the other side of the board. This item will help her in case she gets damaged to cast her ability and get away
  Octarine Essence Getting multiple shots of Sacred Arrow is always good to have
Morphling Bracers of Desperation Morphling has a lot of mobility due to his ability, Waveform. This item will get him to cast twice, maybe even three time before going down 
  Vanguard Sometimes you will go against heavy burst compositions, Vanguard will ensure at least one cast from your Morphling
Nature's Prophet Brooch of the Martyr You want this item on your Nature’s Prophet so you can get your treants faster
  Summoning Stone This will buff your summoned units and give them +150 health and +45 attack speed
Necrophos Octarine Essence Necrophos will be part of the Knights line up most of the time and healing has a lot more effect on them than any other alliance in the game. More casts from Necrophos are always welcome
  Helm of the Undying This item will keep your Necrophos up for a couple of seconds to get a second cast of the Death Pulse
Ogre Magi Vanguard This will keep your meat shield alive for a couple of extra seconds so that your backline can do their job
  Blade Mail Since Ogre Magi works as a buffing machine and a meat shield, might as well deal some damage while he’s out at it
Omniknight Vanguard Having Omniknight alive longer is always a good thing to have. Vanguard could mean the difference between a saved unit and a dead one
  Bracers of Desperation This item will ensure a second cast 
Phantom Assassin Mask of Madness Phantom Assassin has a passive ability. She doesn’t get affected by the silence; also, more attack speed, more crits
  Moon Shard This is the second option for your Phantom Assassin. Attack speed is the best on this unit
Puck Octarine Essence Puck is a Dragon and has a secondary ability. Octarine Essence will affect both of his spells
  Blink Dagger This will allow your Puck to hit the enemy backline with heavy burst damage
Pudge Blade Mail Pudge is a meat shield. Blade Mail will bring extra damage on a unit with 2.5k HP when hitting 2 stars
  Radiance Due to the durability of this unit on the battlefield, Radiance will slowly melt away the enemy units
Queen of Pain Blink Dagger With the help of the Blink Dagger, Queen of Pain will get her ability off faster and most of the time in the backline
  Refresher Orb This is a very good method to delete the enemy backlines
Razor Arcane Boots Razor usually sits around the rest of the Primordials. This item is good on him because it will help all your units cast their abilities faster
  Brooch of the Martyr This will ensure your Razor gets his cast off faster
Sand King Bracers of Desperation This item will allow your Sand King, who is usually placed in the frontline to cast his ability twice
  Black King Bar Having this on your Sand King is always an option. This will keep this unit far away from burst damage and ensure it gets his cast off
Shadow Fiend Black King Bar Shadow Fiend has a decent amount of damage to begin with but very low health. Black King Bar will protect your unit from burst damage
  Moon Shard With the Demon buff on his side, Shadow Fiend can deal a high amount of damage, especially with a lot of attack speed
Shadow Shaman Refresher Orb Having double Polymorphs is always a good thing to have
  Blink Dagger This item will give your Shadow Shaman an almost instant Polymorph
Slardar Vanguard Since Slardar’s ability, Corrosive Haze, turns any unit it touches into a 0 armor unit, it’s good to have him live a bit longer
  Octarine Essence With Slardar being a tanky unit, you will get multiple casts of his Corrosive Haze
Slark Mask of Madness Slark steals attack speed off the units he attacks. Usually, this unit will get to the point where it has so much attack speed that the lifesteal effect will make him unkillable
  Moon Shard This is the second best option for this unit, the more attack speed, the more crits
Sniper Poaching Knife Deadeye units will always bring a lot of economic success when they equip the Poaching Knife
  Mask of Madness With a good amount of base damage, Sniper could always give up on his ability, especially when playing Hunters
Techies Refresher Orb What is better than one Remote Mine? Two Remote Mines
  Helm of the Undying This will ensure that your Techies gets his cast off no matter what
Templar Assassin Moon Shard Assassins have had a lot of problems with attack speed. This item will enable your Templar Assassin to crit even more and get her ability off faster
  Vanguard Templar Assassin is one of the tankiest Assassins in the game, this item will allow her to get her ability off a lot more and get more value out of her
Terrorblade Black King Bar This Demon unit has a powerful kit to begin with. It needs Black King Bar to ensure that it gets the Metamorphosis off.
  Blink Dagger This will give your Terrorblade an almost instant cast of his ability
Tidehunter Refresher Orb Tidehunter has proven to be one of the best frontliners in the game. His CC can even the odds against any build and what is better than double CC?
  Bracers of Desperation This is the second option for this unit, double Ravage is one of the most effective CCs
Timbersaw Vanguard With Timbersaw being an Inventor, the more HP it has, the more damage it deals when it explodes
  Blade Mail This item will help your Timbersaw increase the damage he deals before going off
Tinker Brooch of the Martyr Tinker has a very low cooldown in general. This item will ensure that he also has more mana, for more rockets
  Blink Dagger A Blink Dagger Tinker in the enemy backline is always a massive threat, use it only when you think it’s necessary
Tiny Arcane Boots With Tiny always being in the frontline and with such a powerful ability, you want Arcane Boots so that you get a faster stun
  Vanguard Aside from having a strong AoE CC, Tiny can also act as a meat shield with Vanguard equipped
Treant Protector Vanguard Treant Protector is a very good meat shield, especially with an ability that heals him and units 1 cell away. Vanguard will help him survive longer and get more heals
  Octarine Essence This will keep your Treant Protector alive a lot longer due to his ability going off more often
Troll Warlord Mask of Madness Alongside his passive ability, Troll Warlord benefits a lot from attack speed and lifesteal. Mask of Madness is the best choice for this unit
  Moon Shard This item is the second option for your Troll Warlord, attack speed is best on this unit
Tusk Vanguard With most of the warriors being meat shields, Vanguard has a great impact on your frontline. Even a D tier unit like Tusk can become decent with Vanguard equipped
  Brooch of the Martyr This will allow your Tusk to get his ability off faster and burst damage on one unit is always good, especially in early game
Venomancer Summoning Stone This item will empower all your Venomancer summonings 
  Target Buddy This will keep your Venomancer safe and give him a higher chance to cast his Plague Ward ability
Viper Heart of Tarrasque Viper has been one of the strongest frontliners and with a Heart of Tarrasque equipped, you got yourself a one man army
  Vanguard This is the second option for Viper, it will help him live longer which means more damage from the Corrosive Skin
Warlock Brooch of the Martyr This item will allow your Warlock to get his ability off before dying. Most of the time you will have it frontline so you need this item to proc your possible alliance as well
  Blink Dagger When having an active Big-Time Contract, it’s good to run a Blink Dagger and try to suicide your weakest Blood-Bound units
Windranger Maelstrom With a 1.11 attack rate, Windranger can deal a lot of damage when using Maelstrom. The more attack speed, the higher the chance to proc the item
  Skull Basher With high attack speed , this unit benefits a lot from this item and the stun mechanic it brings
Witch Doctor Blink Dagger The Witch Doctor Paralyzing Cask is a decent CC ability but it becomes so much better when cast instantly and in the backline of your opponent
  Brooch of the Aggressor This will allow your Witch Doctor to get his ability faster than usual, not the first option but it’s 2nd best after Blink Dagger


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