[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Lifestealer Builds (Used By Pros)

DOTA 2 Lifestealer 2022, DOTA 2 Lifestealer pro builds.
It's hard to belive that N'aix the Lifestealer was once a petty human thief.

Driven by rage and a sadistic personality developed throughout the years of imprisonment and torture, N’aix the Lifestealer is determined in his quest to quench his thirst for blood. With his wicked sets of skills, he is one of the most vilest and ferocious carries in the game. He will do anything just to avoid being put inside the box, again.

Lifestealer is a strength hero, even though his looks don’t picture him as nearly strong as he can become. His ability to feast is also his strongest one: it uses his enemy’s max health as both damage and lifesteal. This is deadly against other strength heroes that rely on their maximum HP to tank the fights, as he gets healed for a percentage of every hit: the more HP enemy has, the more damage and lifesteal this creature does. However, his abilities on a cooldown are his biggest flaw, so it’s essential to build him up properly as the match advances. Let’s dig our claws into it and check some pro builds out.

5. iLTW – Lifestealer Carry

This build is considered a classical carry build for LS and is mostly focused on dealing as much damage as possible. With his ultimate spell Infest, he only needs a good initiator to jump on the enemy and start killing them off. It is easier for him to do this by picking off a single opponent, as his ability to Rage, which grants him spell immunity and attack speed, doesn’t last that long, so without a calculated attack, team fights might be a problem if there are some spell casters or anyone that can apply heavy bursts of damage. Luckily, he has Dawnbreaker and Enigma on his team to prevent such things from happening, so he can focus on his job and feast on his enemy’s flesh.


Level 1 – Ghoul Frenzy.

Each attack has a chance to grant him attack speed and reduce the enemy’s movement speed for 1.5 seconds. A good skill to harass anyone that comes too close.

Level 2 – Feast.

Provides a percentage of the enemy’s max HP as lifesteal and damage. This will become a big problem as the game advances.

Level 3 – Level 2 Feast.

Level 4 – Rage.

Level 5 – Level 2 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 6 – Level 3 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 7 – Infest.

Level 8 – Level 4 Ghoul Frenzy.

This skill is maxed out the first because he needs as much attack speed as possible from his attacks – he needs to constantly hit and punch to stay alive.

Level 9 – Level 2 Rage.

Level 10 – +150 Infest Damage.

Level 11 – Level 3 Feast.

Level 12 – Level 3 Rage.

Level 13 – Level 2 Infest.

Level 14 – Level 4 Feast.

Level 15 – +325 Health.

Level 16 – Level 4 Rage.

Level 18 – Level 3 Infest.

Level 20 – +15% Infest Target Movespeed/Health.

Level 25 – +1.5 seconds Rage.

The reason behind this is that he needs that spell immunity because his enemies have many disabling abilities in their arsenal.


00:00 – Tangos, 2 Circlets, Quelling Blade, 2 Iron Branches.

02:33 – Orb of Corrosion.

06:54 – Phase Boots.

10:14 – Armlet Of Mordiggian.

It’s almost like this item was made for this hero. Unholy Aura provides bonus damage and strength, attack speed, and health regeneration but drains 45 health per second. This is not a problem for this menace, as he is constantly healed by feasting on every hit he lands.

14:32 – Sange.

Preparing for a combo with Yasha.

17:09 – Aghanim’s Shard.

The paramount item for our carry. It provides him with additional ability, Open Wounds. When cast onto an enemy, it slows him down and provides physical and magical damage lifesteal to all allies. If the victim receives 500 damage when infected, it will spread to a random enemy in a 700 radius. A truly brutal addition to something already dark and cruel.

19:44 – Yasha.

His combo is now complete, and this is an excellent choice because it provides everything this hero desperately needs: damage through strength, lifesteal amplification, health regen amplification but also attack speed, movement speed, and status resistance.

23:19 – Skull Basher.

He hits fast, and now there is a chance to slow or bash his opponent on every hit.

29:19 – Daedalus.

Each attack now rips the enemy apart.

32:38 – Black King Bar.

Prolongs his spell immunity, a vicious choice to cancel all of the enemy spells.

33:18 – Victory!


4. Lifestealer Carry By NikoBaby

Desolator and Assault Cuirass combo is the main idea of this build. Armor loss provided by both of these items stack, and the synergy of higher damage output and increased attack speed is just insane. Another reason is that Feast greatly benefits from damage provided by Desolator, which gives a total of +70 flat damage when fully stacked. LS is a durable hero, can burst a lot of damage at the enemy through Rage, and has a mad heal with each attack.


Level 1 – Feast.

Level 2 – Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 3 – Level 2 Feast.

Level 4 – Rage.

Level 5 – Level 3 Feast.

Level 6 – Infest.

Level 7 – Level 2 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 8 – Level 4 Feast.

Level 9 – Level 3 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 10 – Level 4 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 11 – Level 2 Rage.

Level 12 – Level 2 Infest.

Level 13 – Level 3 Rage.

Level 14 – Level 4 rage.

Level 15 – +12 Rage Move Speed

Level 16 – +25 Damage.

Both of these talents are beneficial. To run fast and hit hard are his priorities.

Level 18 – Level 3 Infest.

Level 20 – +15% Ghoul Frenzy slow.

With each attack, he disables his enemy even more.

Level 25 – +1.5 seconds Rage Duration.


00:00 – Quelling Blade, Tangos, Magic Stick, Iron Branch, Gauntlet of Strength.

05:49 – Phase Boots.

10:25 – Hand of Midas.

He needs a lot of resources for his items, and with some luck, he was able to afford himself a fast Midas. The attack speed bonus provided is also worth it.

14:22 – Sange.

Again, Preparing for a combo with Yasha. Almost always a good choice for this hero, strength and lifesteal amp is a thing to go for.

19:57 – Desolator.

A strong mid-game choice. With armor corruption and a big damage boost, he can melt a wall down.

24:16 – Skull Basher.

Chances to Bash or slow his enemies are both in his favor, along with damage and strength increase.

26:41 – Yasha.

Sange and Yasha are now completed, so better performance is secured. He has good base attack speed now, and it gets better with rage.

31:48 – Assault Cuirass.

He now has a good combo with Desolator. It gives him +10 armor and +30 attack speed, and the Assault aura provided grants all of his allies a bonus of 5 armor and 30 attack speed while reducing the enemy’s armor by 5.

33:10 – Aghanim’s Shard.

Another key item for this build, Open Wounds provides 50% lifesteal from all damage sources, 50% max move speed slow, and 2% of the enemy’s max health as damage. With reduced armor, his claws shed through the skin like it’s made of silk.

35:19 – Dagon Level 3.

Just to make it easier to kill what’s already dying, a burst of 600 magical damage is a quick death. Also, on this level, this item grants 200 HP and 1 HP regen, 216 mana and 0.9 mana regen, 10 attack speed, and 1.67 main armor. A situational pick that can be afforded at this point, because the throne is already falling. Hadn’t it been the case, other items would be considered.

35:50 – The match is over with 16 kills, 3 deaths, and 13 assists for our champion. GG!


3. Lifestealer Carry By Arteezy

This is a specifically tailored build against Phantom Assassin. Although this match is not the one with many kills or a beyond godlike performance, it shows how one item can completely cancel the enemy carry. Monkey King Bar cancels PA’s evasion gained from Blur, and the game was easily won in something less than 28 minutes.


Level 1 – Rage.

He was in danger of getting killed off at the Dire’s bounty rune, so this was a life-saving choice.

Level 2 – Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 3 – Feast.

Level 4 – Level 2 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 5 – Level 3 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 6 – Infest.

Level 7 – Level 2 Feast.

Level 8 – Level 4 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 9 – Level 2 Rage.

Level 10 – Level 3 Rage.

Level 11 – Level 3 Feast.

Level 12 – Level 4 Rage.

Level 13 – +12 Rage Move Speed.

Level 14 – Level 4 Feast.

Level 15 – +325 Health.

Level 16 – Level 2 Infest.

Level 18 – Level 3 Infest.


00:00 – Circlet, Tangos, Magic Stick, Quelling Blade, Iron Branch.

05:46 – Phase Boots.

11:20 – Hand Of Midas.

Most of the players will rush Midas if an opportunity opens up to build it fast. This will pace up his farm and leveling.

15:03 – Armlet Of Moridiggian.

It’s never a bad time for Armlet. As we’ve discussed before, a fine choice for this hero as it provides everything he needs for maximum utility.

21:42 – Monkey King Bar.

An item that turns the tide in this match. Completely cancels PA’s Blur, unless she has an active BKB. +40 attack damage and +40 attack speed are a fine addition to Feast.

26:07 – Sange and Yasha.

Proceeds with the regular LS build. Sange and Yasha are among LS’s favorites.

27:39 – The throne collapses, GG.


2. Lifestealer Monster Carry By Topson

In this build, our player was focused on building his attack speed and constant damage flow through Mjollnir. BKB that he went for is a perfect choice to negate most of his enemies’ abilities, as they have a very good nuke combo with Tiny’s and Venomancer’s spells, as well as Terrorblade’s Sunder that can easily turn the tide of the fight if cast timely.


Level 1 – Feast.

Level 2 – Rage.

He has Venomancer and Tuskar as adversaries on offlane, so he needs to have his rage ready to cancel all disabling spells directed toward him.

Level 3 – Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 4 – Level 2 Feast.

Level 5 – Level 3 Feast.

Level 6 – Infest.

Level 7 – Level 2 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 8 – Level 3 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 9 – Level 2 Rage.

Level 10 – +150 Infest Damage.

Infest already applies 150 magical damage, so additional 150 damage when bursting out from inside an ally is big at this point of the match.

Level 11 – Level 3 Rage.

Level 12 – Level 2 Infest.

Level 13 – Level 4 Rage.

Level 14 – Level 4 Feast.

Level 15 – +25 Damage.

Level 16 – Level 4 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 18 – Level 3 Infest.

Level 20 - +15% Infest Target Move speed/Health.

He is drawing the maximum out of his ultimate ability.

Level 25 – +1.5 Seconds Rage Duration.


00:00 – Orb of Venom, Quelling Blade, Tangos, Iron Branch, Fiery Fire.

04:37 – Phase Boots.

13:12 – Maelstrom.

Every 3.33rd  hit has a chance to release a lightning bolt that spreads across 4 targets and damages each of them for 140 magical damage. A nice item to pace up his farm, and provide a put a constant damage flow on the enemy.

16:25 – Aghanim’s Shard.

21:20 – Mjollnir.

Upgrades Maelstrom for big attack speed increase and an active 15 seconds shield which has a rough chance on every 5th hit to release a bolt of lightning that damages 4 enemies for 225 magical damage each.

26:35 – Black King Bar.

Besides HP and Damage, he needs that spell immunity like a thirsty man needs water. The enemy has strong spellcasters that can easily counter him when his Rage expires.

31:08 – Assault Cuirass.

Big increase in his attack speed for both him and his allies with Assault Aura to soften the enemy.

33:19 – The match is over with 14 stolen lives, 1 death, and 16 assists. A very good game from Topson.


1. Minus Armor Carry Build by T1.Ana

Here we see a Desolator + AC combo again, but with additional Blink Dagger to improve mobility and control over the map, as well as Abyssal Blade to immobilize his opponents for good. With the armor reduction combo, his opponents disintegrate within seconds, especially with an SF ally and his Presence Of The Dark Lord aura.


Level 1 – Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 2 – Feast.

Level 3 – Level 2 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 4 – Rage.

Level 5 – Level 3 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 6 – Infest.

Level 7 – Level 2 Feast.

Level 8 – Level 4 Ghoul Frenzy.

Level 9 – Level 2 Rage.

Level 10 – Level 3 Feast.

Level 11 – Level 3 Rage.

Level 12 – Level 4 Feast.

Level 13 – Level 4 Rage.

Level 14 – +12 Rage Move Speed.

Level 15 – Level 2 Infest.

Level 16 – +325 Health.

Level 18 – Level 3 Infest.

Level 20 – +15 Ghoul Frenzy Slow.

Level 25 – +1.5 Seconds Rage.

Level 27 – +150 Infest Damage.


00:00 – Tangos, Quelling Blade, Magic Stick, Gauntlet of Strength, Iron Branch.

03:59 – Phase Boots.

09:26 – Armlet Of Mordiggian.

17:06 – Desolator.

It’s already spicy at this point. He has a lot of space to farm, and 2 of his core items for this build in 17 minutes. You certainly don’t want to roam the Dire’s jungle alone, as your insides can be out faster than you say ‘’thief’’.

21:16 – Skull Basher.

A regular and beneficial item for our hero, impossible not to be bought. The only better option for him would be to steal it, but it is what it is.

26:02 – Blink Dagger.

He realizes he needs a lot of time to reach the fight if he isn’t Infested in his ally, or to escape a gank, so this choice removes that liability and improves the overall control of the map.

29:50 – Vanguard into Abyssal Blade.

Adds a thick layer of 250 HP and 10 HP regen, with an active stun ability. Tags along very well with a blink dagger combo. The next second, a meltdown occurs.

32:00 – Aghanim’s Shard.

He didn’t buy it, he had stolen it from Roshan, just as he prefers to obtain stuff.

33:29 – Assault Cuirass.

Attack speed and armor reduction aura is just too good. Makes the enemies easily cut, like butter. Also, there is a threat of CK’s illusions, which are very strong and durable and need to get handled quickly, before chaos enrolls.

41:48 – Overwhelming Blink.

This is just as brutal as it can get. Move and attack speed slow, damage as strength upon landing, he is now lethal to anyone that comes in his attack range.

46:02 – He frees his enemies from life. Victory!

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