[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Curved Swords Ranked (And How To Get Them)

Elden Ring Best Curved Swords
The Fast and the Furious

One of the most unique and interesting weapon types in the entirety of Elden Ring is the Curved Sword. Not only are they cool looking with a stylish weapon flow to them, but they are also able to deal a good amount of damage while being fast as well -  perfect for the dextrous warrior. They are light and fast, which makes them very good for hit-and-run tactics. 

The best part about the weapon, however, is the fact that it’s very versatile and can fit into any build that you might be running. Due to their low weight, it’s definitely possible to stack up on heavy armor and run these fast bad boys. Alternatively, you could also dual-wield them for even more damage. 

This guide will hopefully let you realize the potential of curved swords and how useful they can be in actual gameplay. 


10. Mantis Blade

Mantis Blade

Saw Spear? Is that you?

Let’s start the list off with a weapon that most people tend to overlook: The Mantis Blade. If anyone played Bloodborne they may remember how devastatingly useful the Blades of Mercy were. While they weren’t that dominant in PvE, they showed immense potential and prowess when it came to decimating foes in PvP. Similarly, the Mantis Blade is amazing in PvP. Fast speed with really good damage.

The only true downside is that it’s among the shortest of the curved swords so you’d have to be right there on top of the enemy to reach them. That being said, it has a unique R2 that folds the blade forward causing it to become the longest of all curved swords. An excellent trick to do when someone’s trying to run away and thinks they have the range now.

Item Stats:

  • STR - 10 (D)
  • DEX - 12 (D)

What Mantis Blade excels in: 

  • Long reach when using the R2 
  • Good speed and DPS
  • The charged R2 is among the fastest

How to get Mantis Blade: 


9. Bandit’s Curved Sword

Bandit’s Curved Sword

One of the craziest bleed weapons out there

Getting this weapon might be a chore as it’s a random drop from Skeletal Bandits, which deters most players from ever experimenting with it. A shame because this is a highly effective weapon with amazing potential. So, off the bat, it has very low requirements which means you can fit it into any build. That’s great and all, but that’s not why this weapon is so revered. 

This weapon is one of the best options for elemental infusions. This is due to the fact that despite being a curved sword, it has really good base damage, so any caster can rely on it as a backup weapon. A proper Seppuko build running these bad boys can easily one-hit kill most things. You can also experiment with other Ashes of War for even more devastating and effective techniques. 

Item Stats:

  • STR - 11 (D)
  • DEX - 13 (D)

What Bandit’s Curved Sword excels in: 

  • Decimating foes in quick succession
  • Potential for one-hit kill builds
  • Really good when dual-wielded

How to get Bandit’s Curved Sword: 


8. Falchion


There’s more than what meets the eye

When someone plays Elden Ring, they often go for cooler-looking weapons. After all, the cooler it is, the better right? While generally this does, in fact, hold true, it doesn’t in the case of the Falchion. A massively underrated weapon due to the fact how common it appears, so most people generally skip it.

This is a mistake, as the Falchion is a really wonderful weapon that anyone should invest in. It has really easy stat requirements which makes it easy for any class to use it. But what makes it better is its speed and damage output. A proper investment into this build and you can be going toe to toe with Radahn - the mightiest of all demigods - with minimal difficulty. The Falchion remains gravely overlooked and I hope that perception of it changes.

Item Stats:

  • STR - 9 (D)
  • DEX - 13 (D)

What Falchion excels in: 

  • Easy to work into any build
  • Good speed with good damage
  • Can work with any Ash of War

How to get Falchion: 


7. Nox Flowing Sword

Nox Flowing Sword

One of the most stylish-looking weapons

As opposed to the Falchion’s relatively boring look, the Nox Flowing Sword just invokes curiosity. This is a weapon that behaves as a curved sword while also acting as a whip. While most weapons are better than whips, they do something that other weapons struggle with: punish turtling. Anyone hiding behind a shield is almost immediately a sign for you to start whipping them. And if they don’t, then remember this weapon is a curved sword too.

The Nox Flowing Sword has a really fun-looking ash of war that acts like a whip, which is perfect if you’re surrounded by enemies as you can use it against any crowd. 

Item Stats:

  • STR - 8 (E)
  • DEX - 15 (D)

What Nox Flowing Sword excels in: 

  • Ash of War acts like a whip
  • Nice stat requirements
  • Good to punish turtling

How to get Nox Flowing Sword:


6. Beastman’s Curved Sword

Beastman’s Curved Sword

You may have seen this weapon on one of the Beastman bosses

The Beastman’s Curved Sword is perhaps the first curved sword on this list where the Strength requirement is higher than the Dexterity one. First of all, let’s admire how brilliantly amazing their design looks. Secondly, if you might remember fighting the Beastmen, they would often use those wonky-looking moves. Guess what? So can you now, as this weapon possesses a bit of a unique moveset.

And that, my friends, is where it shines immensely. You see, the curved swords are all hidden gems and the Beastman’s curved sword is no exception to the rule. This weapon is the bane of most Elden Ring players not used to the might of curved swords. When built right, this weapon KILLS. It melts and shreds anything in its path. Equip two of these bad boys, add some proper buffs, and the L1 alone is enough to destroy anything.

Item Stats:

  • STR - 13 (C)
  • DEX - 11 (E)

What Beastman’s Curved Sword excels in: 

  • Dishing out a devastating amount of damage
  • Terrifying build potential
  • One of the coolest-looking weapons in the game

How to get Beastman’s Curved Sword:


5. Serpent-God’s Curved Sword

Serpent-God’s Curved Sword

Join the Serpent God as FAMILY!

Writing through this list, even I’m forced to admit that goddamn these curved swords are some of the most beautiful-looking weapons in the entirety of Elden Ring. The one we have next is a particular favorite of mine. The Serpent-God’s Curved Sword is unique in the aspect that it regenerates 2.5% of your Max HP + 25 flat HP for EVERY kill. Combine this with Taker’s Cameo and effects that passively regenerate HP (Royal Remains Set for example), and you wouldn’t even need to worry about HP anymore.

This is AMAZING for any casters because they always have to struggle with the idea of choosing Healing Flasks or FP Regeneration Flasks and this completely circumvents that. Sure, you could argue that KILLING an enemy isn’t exactly that useful in a boss fight, but it’s incredibly useful in any outside situation. Simply switch to another weapon during a boss fight.

Item Stats:

  • STR - 13 (D)
  • DEX - 9 (E)

What Serpent-God’s Curved Sword excels in: 

  • Restores HP per kill
  • Stacks with other healing weapons and talismans
  • Very useful for any crowd situation

How to get Serpent-God’s Curved Sword:


4. Wing of Astel

Wing of Astel

Perhaps one of the most stunning weapons in the game

Wing of Astel might not seem that good at first, but trust me it is. For starters, it’s one of the rare weapons that scale off of INT, making it really good for Intelligence casters. It has an R2 attack that sends a projectile flying, but this is where it gets good. This R2 requires ZERO FP making it really good as an alternative to attacking to their face. 

The Ash of War is nothing to scoff at either, as it hurls down lights that explode after a while. While this is amazing for crowds, its true potential lies in closed areas where the orbs huddle up together for INSANE damage. Even better is the fact that it deals more damage to Gravity Type enemies so you can use this against Astel himself for even more fun.

Item Stats:

  • STR - 7 (E)
  • DEX - 17 (D)
  • INT - 20 (D)

What Wing of Astel excel in: 

  • Excellent on INT casters
  • Ash of War can be used to destroy enemies
  • Free R2 projectile with no FP cost

How to get Wing of Astel:


3. Eclipse Shotel

Eclipse Shotel

A legendary armament that’s incredibly powerful

First, we had a weapon for Intelligence casters. Now we have a weapon for Faith casters. The Eclipse Shotel is a weapon that requires some heavy investment but its payoff more than makes up for it. It can be found in Castle Sol and is really deadly against any type of enemy. What makes it, even more, better is the fact that if an enemy is blocking it ignores 40% of their damage negation. 

As is the case with most curved swords, speed is the name of the game, and it truly shows. The damage output is really good, and it has a fun Ash of War that can inflict the Death Blight on foes. That’s right: THE DEATH BLIGHT. As in, YOU are the Basilisk now. This is devastatingly good if you can proc it right, especially in PvP.

Item Stats:

  • STR - 10 (E)
  • DEX - 25 (D)
  • FTH - 30 (D)

What Eclipse Shotel excels in: 

  • You can proc Death Blight with it
  • Really good for Faith builds
  • Punishes any enemy blocking

How to get Eclipse Shotel:


2. Magma Blade

Magma Blade

Now we’re getting to the bad boy’s stuff

Another weapon that benefits from Faith investment, the Magma Blade is considered one of, if not THE, best-curved swords (I personally consider it second and you’ll soon understand why). The Magma Blade is visually really cool and striking, but its real draw is the Magma Shower Ash of War that scatters magma around you. This acts as a good defense and offense at the same time depending on who you are fighting. In PvE, most enemies won’t even bother dodging out of it, but it can be tricky in PvP, however then you get a nice defense shield.

Most people that use this weapon prioritize Strength over Faith, which is odd considering its scaling, but that’s how the damage is calculated. However, I would recommend leaning more into Faith, as its Ash of War directly scales from that. Now dual-wield these bad boys for maximum damage output and have fun!

Item Stats:

  • STR - 9 (D)
  • DEX - 15 (D)
  • FTH - 16 (D)

What Magma Blade excels in: 

  • Ash of War is really useful against anyone
  • One of the rare curved swords to benefit Strength over Dexterity
  • Visually striking, and dangerous at the same time

How to get Magma Blade:


1. Scavengers Curved Sword

Scavengers Curved Sword

We return back to the best-curved sword

You may remember this weapon from my dual-wielding list. I could’ve gone for any curved sword, and yet I went for this one specifically, and that’s due to the fact that the Scavenger’s Curved Sword has an innate Bleed build-up in it. Now other weapons benefit more from a Bleed infusion, but the real power move is infusing it with Occult, letting you deal enormous bleed and base damage. And that’s why I consider this the best-curved sword in the game. 

You can go even further than that, however. The sky’s the limit with this weapon. It’s truly one of the best-curved swords because it benefits from player creativity. There are ways for you to stack the bleed meter even higher with certain builds. Curved Swords have always been amazing when it comes to speed and that naturally benefits from all that investment.

Scavengers Curved Sword Stats:

  • STR - 9 (D)
  • DEX - 14 (D)

What Scavengers Curved Sword excels in: 

  • Innate bleed build-up
  • Dual wielding them is an absolute must
  • Infusion with other types or using Blood grease makes it even better

How to get Scavengers Curved Sword:


And these are the 10 best-curved sword weapons in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide helps you figure out which one you want. Ultimately, Elden Ring has an immense amount of weapons. Find one that works best for you and lets you have fun!

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