[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Throwables That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

Best Throwables in Elden Ring
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Throwables in Elden Ring may not be the most powerful items in your arsenal, but they will definitely help you in some sticky situations. Having a close boss fight and need to put just a little bit more damage on the boss? Having trouble dealing with an enemy player who keeps drinking their flasks? Maybe you really dislike having to fight those dumb resurrecting skeletons. Whatever trouble you're finding yourself in, there's probably a throwable that can solve your sticky situation! Join me as we look at the top ten throwables in Elden Ring.

10. Albinauric Pot

The Albinauric Pot is a useful tool when combating an enemy NPC or when fighting in PvP. This pot deals no damage but prevents an enemy from using any recovery actions including the flask of tears for a little while. Since most enemies in the game don’t heal themselves outside of enemy NPCs this pot is only useful for PvP situations, but enemy players who spam their health flasks can be really annoying. That makes this pot your best friend when dealing with annoying enemy invaders or hosts..

What's good about the Albinauric Pot

  • Enemies hit by this pot cannot heal themselves with health flasks or use flask of tears

How to get the Albinauric Pot

  • Find the Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook [3] in the Highway Lookout Tower in eastern Liurnia
  • 2 Mushroom
  • Albinauric Bloodclot
  • 1 Empty Ritual Pot

Full details on the Albinauric Pot: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of the Albinauric Pot

9. Holy Water Pot(best used as a faith build)

The Holy Water Pot is the perfect weapon against annoying undead enemies. This pot doesn’t deal a ton of damage especially if you are not a faith build. However, this weapon has a particular perk that makes it super useful when fighting undead enemies. While the base damage of this item is a bit low, against undead enemies the damage is raised by 400% and skeletons cannot revive when being killed by this pot. This makes this a highly effective weapon against powerful skeleton foes that have the ability to revive.

What's good about Holy Water Pot

  • Scales with faith
  • Deals holy damage
  • 400% damage increase to undead enemies

How to craft Holy Water Pot

  • Purchase the Missionary’s cookbook from Kalé in the Church of Elleh
  • 2 Mushroom
  • Tarnished Golden Sunflower 
  • 1 Empty Ritual Pot

Full details on Holy Water Pot: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of the Holy Water Pot

8. Freezing Pot 

The Freezing Pot is a useful throwable that does not cause any initial damage but causes 380 frost build-up. This pot doesn't scale with any particular attribute so all players can use it effectively. Frost is a particularly good debuff to inflict on enemies as it deals initial damage, lowers the target's damage absorption by 20%, and lowers their stamina recovery speed. This is a very good pot for dealing with bigger enemies or bosses because of its massive frost build-up.

What's good about the Freezing pot

  • Inflicts frost build-up

How to get the Freezing pot

  • Find the Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (6) in a small room southeast of the gardens in Caria Manor
  • 2 Rimed Crystal Bud
  • 1 Empty Ritual Pot 


Full details on the Freezing pot: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of the Freezing Pot

7. Poisonbone Dart(best used as dex/arcane build)

The Poisonbone Dart is a low-damaging throwable weapon that inflicts poison build-up. These darts are pretty easy to craft, and they can also be bought from a Nomadic Merchant in Aeonia Swamp. While the initial damage is fairly low like the other darts in the game, the poison build-up is very helpful when fighting bosses. When first entering a boss fight, inflicting them with poison at the start is a good way to do a bit of extra damage throughout the fight.

What's good about the Poisonbone Dart

  • Causes poison build-up

How to get the Poisonbone Dart

  • Can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant near Aeonia Swamp Shore site of grace
  • Can be crafted using the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (14)
  • 2 Thin Beast Bones
  • 1 Poison Bloom

Full details on the Poisonbone Dart: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of the Poisonbone Darts

6. Explosive Stone Clump(best used as a strength build)

The Explosive Stone Clump is a powerful throwable item that can be farmed off of miner enemies in the caves of Elden Ring. The Explosive Stone Clump explodes when thrown at enemies and causes fire damage to the enemy as well. This item scales an (A) in strength which means that this item will be super powerful if you are a strength-based player.

What's good about the Explosive Stone Clump

  • Explodes when thrown 
  • Causes Fire Damage
  • Scales (A) in strength

How to get the Explosive Stone Clump

  • Chance drop from miner enemies

Full details on the Explosive Stone Clump: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of an Explosive Stone Clump


5. Cuckoo Glinstone (best used as an intelligence build)

The Cuckoo Glintstone is a powerful throwable item that summons three homing missiles to attack an enemy that you are locked onto. This item is very good when dealing with a shield user as throwing the Cuckoo directly at a person summons the homing projectiles behind them. It is also important to note that this item scales in intelligence, but players will still be able to use it effectively without being an intelligence build.

What's good about the Cuckoo Gintstone

  • Summons three homing projectiles to attack an enemy
  • Throwing the Cuckoo at an enemy summons the homing projectiles behind them

How to get the Cuckoo Gintstone

  • They can be farmed from Marionnette Soldiers, Avionette Soldiers, and Raya Lucari Soldiers
  • West of the Four Belfries there is an enemy fortress that has a chest with 10 Cuckoos
  • Others can be found on the ground throughout elden ring

Full details on the Cuckoo Gintstone: Elden Ring Wiki 

An image of the Cuckoo Glintstone


4. Ancient Dragonbolt Pot (best used with a dex/strength build)

The Ancient Dragonbolt Pot is another high damaging pot that deals lightning damage. This pot scales with both dexterity and strength although its base damage (10 str and 10 dex) is quite high at a little over 400 damage. This pot will do a lot of damage to enemies weak to lightning and once you collect the cookbook in Crumbling Farum Azula it is quite easy to make. 

What's good about the Ancient Dragonbolt Pot

  • Scales in strength and dexterity
  • Deals lightning damage

How to craft the Ancient Dragonbolt Pot

  • Find the Ancient Dragon Apostle's Cookbook (4) in crumbling Farum Azula behind a series of collapsed arches near the Dragon Temple Lift site of grace
  • 2 Mushrooms
  • 1 Fulgurbloom
  • 1 Gravel Stone
  • 1 Empty Ritual Pot

Full details on the Ancient Dragonbolt Pot: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of the Anicent Dragonbolt Pot

3. Giantsflame Fire Pot (best used as a faith build)

The Giant's Fire Pot is a powerful flame pot that scales in faith. While the damage will increase as you upgrade your faith, even having 10 faith will allow you to deal 300+ damage with this pot. Many enemies in the game are vulnerable to fire which makes this pot a bit more useful than the other pots found throughout the game. It’s also really easy to make, only requiring two fire blossoms and a ritual pot to craft.

What's good about the Giantsflame Fire Pot

  • Causes fire damage
  • Scales with faith 

How to craft the Giantsflame Fire Pot

  • Find the armorers cookbook (7) in Fort Laeidd in western Mt. Gelmir
  • Two Fireblossoms
  • One Empty Ritual Pot

Full details on the Giantsflame Fire Pot: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of the Giantsflame Fire Pot

2. Cursed Blood Pot

The Cursed Blood Pot is a pot that makes your summons aggressively target and attack the enemy that you hit with the pot. This pot is good for fighting multiple enemies because you can actively choose which target you want your summons to attack. Additionally, it is also good for boss fights when your spirit is too passive for your liking. Honestly, this pot is just a super useful item that helps manage your spirits' aggression and their target which can be the difference between beating an enemy or dying to an enemy.

What's good about the Cursed Blood Pot

  • Makes your summons more aggressive and forces them to target the individual hit by the pot

How to craft the Cursed Blood Pot

  • Find the Warriors Cookbook (12) in the Rose Church on the edge of the Southern Walls
  • 2 Mushroom
  • 1 Beastblood
  • 1 Bloodrose
  • 1 Empty Ritual Pot

Full details on the Cursed Blood Pot: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of the Cursed Blood Pot

1. Kukri (Scales in dex and strength)

The Kukri is the most hard-hitting knife in Elden Ring. The kukri throwing animation is a bit slower than other throwing knives, but they make up for it with their fantastic physical damage and added blood loss damage. Additionally, the kukri has the added bonus of stunning human-sized opponents and can be thrown a lot farther than other throwing knives. You can hold up to 30 of these high-damaging knives and I recommend stocking up as they come in handy in a bunch of situations.

What's good about the Kukri

  • Causes bloodloss
  • Travels farther than other throwing knives
  • Deals more physical damage than other throwing knives

How to get the Kukri

  • Can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant in eastern weeping peninsula

Full details on the Kukri: Elden Ring Wiki

An image of the Kukri

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