Genshin Impact Best Elemental Reactions (Ranked)

Genshin Impact elemental reactions ranked
Freezing enemies is a great way to cool down intense battles

1) Bloom

Hydro combined with dendro creates bloom

The addition of dendro with the Sumeru expansion of Teyvat completely changed elemental reactions for players of Genshin Impact. The most popular reaction to come from this is bloom.

Bloom is a reaction created when using hydro and dendro elements together. This creates a small dendro seed that will explode or create another elemental reaction when another element is applied.

Bloom is great for:

  • Dendro damage
  • Ignores the enemy's defense
  • Damage increases based on elemental mastery and character level
  • Five bloom seeds can be on the field at once


2) Crystallize

Geo plus hydro, cryo, pyro, or electro creates crystallize

A great reaction that can be used often is crystallization. Similar to reactions like swirl, crystalize can happen whenever players use geo in addition to pyro, hydro, cryo, or electro.

Crystalize is an amazing reaction that will create shields for characters. These shields can be stacked with shields that characters create using talents. This element makes geo characters useful in most team comps.

Crystallize is great for:

  • Shielding
  • Shield HP improves based on elemental mastery and character level
  • Works with all elements except for anemo and dendro
  • Shields can be layered


3) Frozen

Hydro and cryo causes a frozen reaction

The best reaction for stopping enemies in their tracks has to be frozen. Many players use the frozen reaction during the abyss so they can keep enemies in place while they fight.

To start a frozen reaction, players will need to use hydro, followed by cryo. This will freeze enemies in place for a limited amount of time. Once enemies are frozen, players can also do a reaction called shatter. Shatter can happen when frozen enemies are attacked by geo or claymores.

Frozen is great for:

  • Stopping enemies in place
  • Using the shatter reaction
  • Doesn’t deal damage on its own
  • Physical damage when shattered


4) Catalyze

Dendro and electro leads to a catalyze reaction

Another new reaction added with the new dendro element is quicken. When players use dendro followed by electro, it creates a quicken reaction. Unlike other reactions on this list, catalyze is split into a couple other reactions that all use dendro and electro.

Quicken will happen when dendro is used on an enemy already affected by electro. This reaction will increase your character's speed, and doesn’t deal damage. If players use dendro or electro on enemies already affected by electro, then they will start the spread or aggravate reactions that deal damage.

Catalyze is great for: 

  • Increasing character speed
  • Dealing flat damage
  • Dendro attack bonus


5) Swirl

Anemo plus another element makes swirl

Like catalyze, swirl is a reaction that works with multiple different elements. When anemo is used along with pyro, cryo, hydro, or electro, it will create a swirl reaction.

Due to how many elements work with anemo for the swirl reaction, it’s useful for most teams. Characters like Kazuha are useful for most teams and are also great for gathering enemies andcreating a swirl reaction. This will deal huge amounts of damage and make fighting easier.

Swirl is great for:

  • Dealing elemental damage
  • Based on elemental mastery and character level
  • Useful for most teams
  • Helps aid other elemental reactions


6) Vaporize

Hydro and pyro vaporizes enemies

Vaporize happens when players use hydro and pyro elements together. Depending on which element starts the reaction, the damage of the attack will increase by a different amount. If vaporize is started by pyro, the attack will deal 1.5 times more damage. But if the reaction is started by hydro, it will deal twice as muchdamage.

Vaporize is great for:

  • Hydro damage
  • Pyro damage
  • Damage boost to both elements


7) Superconduct

Cryo and electro superconducts enemies

A fantastic reaction that will reduce the resistance of enemies is superconduct. To create a superconduct reaction, players need to use electro and cryo on an enemy.

When superconduct is activated, it creates a small AoE of Cryo damage, which will make enemies less resistant to physical damage for twelve seconds.

Superconduct is great for:

  • Reducing enemy resistance
  • Cryo damage
  • A small AoE for damage to multiple enemies
  • Damage ignores the enemy’s’ defense


8) Electro-charged

To electro-charge enemies you need hydro and electro

To start an electro-charged reaction, players need to use electro on an enemy who’s wet. This means players may not even need to have a hydro character on their team since enemies and characters get wet if they’re in water.

Electro-charged is great for:

  • Amazing electro damage
  • Damage increases based on elemental mastery and character level
  • Ignores the enemy’s defense
  • Deals damage once a second until the reaction ends


9) Over-loaded

Pyro and electro will over-load enemies

To trigger over-loaded players, they must use pyro and electro elements together. This elemental reaction will cause pyro AoE damage to enemies nearby. This will knock back nearby enemies as well as deal pyro damage. Over-loaded can also be used to shatter frozen enemies since it is considered a blunt attack.

Over-loaded is great for:

  • Knockback
  • Pyro AoE damage
  • Shatters frozen enemies
  • Deals more damage based on character level and elemental mastery


 10) Burning

To burn enemies players need to use pyro and dendro

The final elemental reaction added to Genshin Impact when dendro characters were introduced is burning. Burning occurs when dendro and pyro are used.

When burning happens, it deals AoE pyro damage to nearby enemies. This reaction has a short cooldown, unlike other reactions. Burning will deal 0.25 times as much damage.

Burning is great for:

  • AoE pyro damage
  • 0.25x damage increase
  • Increases based on elemental mastery and character level
  • Deals pyro damage until the reaction ends

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