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In Miitopia, when it comes time to set out on your journey to quite literally save face, it isn’t enough to choose your Job (check out our guide to those if you haven’t already), but also your Mii’s personality. In addition to altering the dialogue among your party, albeit without affecting the story, your personality also plays a role in your moveset, adding in a few abilities that function automatically and at random. A total of seven exist in the game, all available from the start. Each Mii gets one, but you can switch their personalities whenever you wish.

Each personality has its own upsides and downsides, which will be detailed in our comprehensive guide below!

#1. Kind

They say you should love thy neighbor... or in this case, love thy party member.

No party would be complete without the heart of the group, the noble one who always goes out of their way to help their partners out when they’re in a pinch. Any Miis set to this personality are prone to drop everything for the sake of their teammates, but they sometimes forget that such kindness shouldn’t be directed at enemies too.

What Kind Miis Excel At:

  • Can donate a spare recovery item to a party member who has run out.
  • Can step in front of a party member who is low on HP and take a hit in their place.
  • Can stop in the middle of attacking a non-boss enemy and attempt to spare their life. This can prevent the team from having to face a powerful enemy but also prevents them from gaining items or EXP from that enemy. It only has a 50% success rate, and if unsuccessful, the Mii will take a hit and irritate a teammate.

Why You Should Be Kind:

  • If you prefer to put your teammates before yourself.
  • If your Mii is an Elf, Thief, Warrior, or Tank.
    • The latter two have high defense stats, making the second and third bullets less risky.
  • If you consider yourself a kind soul.

Kind Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Kind 

#2. Energetic

He's like a kid in a candy store... which works out well, since some of the enemies drop candy upon defeat!

Miis who are given this personality tend to be hyperactive and passionate about almost anything. This translates almost seamlessly into battle, where they love to boost the team’s morale as best they can and never give up, no matter how bleak the outcome may look. Such liveliness also leads to a bit of recklessness, however.

What Energetic Miis Excel At:

  • They have a Charge move that replaces their usual moveset for one turn; the Mii rams into an enemy, dealing 1.3x the damage of their standard attack but also resulting in some minor recoil damage. Only 10% likely to occur.
  • Can sometimes cheer for a party member, restoring their MP. Never happens more than once per battle.
  • Can revive themselves with 1 HP after being killed; only 50% likely to occur.

Why You Should Be Energetic:

  • If you enjoy the risk vs. reward style of gameplay, but don’t want it to be too extreme.
  • If your Mii is a Pop Star, Cat, Princess, Imp, Vampire, Warrior, or Tank.
    • Since Vampires can already revive themselves, making them Energetic can double the odds of them doing so.
    • The former four can already restore party members’ MP, so being Energetic would make that more likely to happen.
  • If you’re teamed up with a Mii whose moveset costs a lot of MP, such as a Tank or a Mage.
  • If you consider yourself energetic.

Energetic Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Energetic 

#3. Laid-Back

Look at that adorable stretch!

Despite the dire circumstances impacting the land of Miitopia, some of its residents just can’t bring themselves to get too stressed out. The hippies of the game, laid-back Miis bring an element of calm onto the battlefield, preferring pragmatism over brute force, but such an attitude usually does a good job of getting on the party’s nerves.

What Laid-Back Miis Excel At:

  • Can hide behind a party member to avoid an attack, but irritates said party member as a result. Only occurs 10% of the time.
  • Can swipe a recovery item from a party member, irritating them in the process. Player-controlled Miis do not have access to this move, but it’s important to keep in mind when picking the CPUs’ personalities.
  • Can shrug off certain status effects, namely the ones based on various emotions. Works 50% of the time.
  • Can channel more energy into their chosen attack during a single turn, making it more effective (dealing twice the damage, restoring more HP, etc.).
  • Can let loose an attack at only half the MP cost, but also has the side effect of halving the move’s effectiveness.

Why You Should Be Laid-Back:

  • If you prefer to be more pragmatic in combat.
  • If you enjoy the risk vs. reward playstyle.
  • If your Mii is a Cat, Mage, Pop Star, or Scientist.
    • Cats and Mages are glass cannons, so being able to avoid attacks can add some extra protection.
    • If you have a Pop Star on your team, they can resolve any infighting that stems from some of these abilities.
  • If you consider yourself laid-back.

Laid-Back Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Laid-back 

#4. Cool

A level of coolness that comes straight out of the 90's.

Cool Miis add an element of attitude and theatrical flair to combat, but they’re not all talk. If you choose this personality, you’ll function similarly to the Laid-Back temperament. But if you have some reservations about that, then worry not, because you’ll be just a little bit smarter.

What Cool Miis Excel At:

  • Can shrug off status effects, just like a Laid-Back Mii. 50% likely to happen.
  • Will sometimes cancel the attack chosen and perform a stronger version of their standard attack, hitting an enemy’s weak point and dealing 1.5x the damage. 50% chance of occurring.
  • Can dodge an enemy attack with no side effects or downsides. Only occurs 30% of the time and only works against direct attacks, not projectiles.
  • Can refuse to cover a vulnerable teammate, letting them take the hit. Acts as an inverse to the Laid-Back hiding ability, but does not harm relationships.

Why You Should Be Cool:

  • If your Mii has a Job with low defense, such as a Mage or a Cat.
  • If you like the concept of the Laid-Back personality, but don’t like the risks that come with it.
  • If you consider yourself cool.

Cool Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Cool 

#5. Airheaded

I know we just said the Energetic personality is childish, but this one's a contender too.

It’s a seventies sitcom cliché: the childish dullard who isn’t very bright, but sometimes has bursts of brilliance and is able to notice things that the others don’t care to. Airheaded Miis are in the same boat, sometimes inconveniencing their teammates, but they’re really good at serving as a distraction and catching opponents off guard. You may be sick of this trope, but it isn’t often to see it occur in a JRPG, so that’s something, right?

What Airheaded Miis Excel At:

  • Can abruptly switch targets mid-attack, dealing 1.5x the damage to their new target. The new target will always be whichever enemy has the highest HP. 50% likely to occur.
  • Can walk up to an enemy and play with them, distracting both themselves and the chosen enemy. Player-controlled Miis cannot use this skill, but it is important to keep in mind when choosing your CPUs’ personalities.
  • Can sacrifice one turn to fall asleep and regenerate HP. 30% likely to occur, but only at low health. Can and will be woken up by enemy attacks.

Why You Should Be Airheaded:

  • If your Mii is an Imp. This personality works with pretty much any Job, but the Imp’s unique abilities complement it better than the others.
  • It is also useful with Jobs that excel in strength, such as Warriors, Cats, and Tanks.
  • If you prefer to stay above the fray and act as the team’s wild card.
  • If you prefer to take out the strongest enemies first.
  • If you consider yourself airheaded.

Airheaded Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Airheaded 

#6. Stubborn

Fun fact: this is the personality that this article's author chose for his Mii!

Miis assigned this personality will act as hardened fighters, digging their heels into the ground and taking almost anything aimed at them without fear. However, they are a little too sure of themselves, and their reckless attitudes can cost them crucial assistance and risk creating drama among party members.

What Stubborn Miis Excel At:

  • Can brace for impact, halving the damage taken from a single attack. 20% likely to occur.
  • Can attack twice in one turn; will always be a repeat of the same attack. 30% likely to occur.
  • Can refuse aid from a party member. While it can stave off emotion-based status effects, which can take away the Mii’s ability to choose their next attack, it can also cost them a chance to regain HP or MP. It’s only 20% likely to occur, but it always works and can cause drama among the party.

Why You Should Be Stubborn:

  • If your Mii is a Chef. This personality works with any Job, but the Chef’s moveset is best complimented by these abilities.
    • Healers such as Clerics and Flowers can also benefit, being able to heal twice or even revive multiple fallen teammates. They also won’t need to worry as much about refusing healing from others.
    • Being a Pop Star or having one on the team can quell any disputes resulting from your Mii’s stubbornness. Being partnered with one can potentially increase the number of times you can attack.
  • If you like to focus on defensive gameplay.
  • If you enjoy being able to deal extra damage.
  • If you enjoy the risk vs. reward playstyle.
  • If you consider yourself a stubborn person.

Stubborn Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Stubborn 

#7. Cautious

This looks straight out of a 50s horror movie.

It just wouldn’t be a team without the voice of reason. The one who takes every possible outcome into account and applies pragmatism and logic whenever possible. Cautious Miis are rather nebbish and always make sure they’re prepared for the situation at hand, but it doesn’t take away from their ability to kick some monster tail.

What Cautious Miis Excel At:

  • Can make their regular attack deal 1.3x the damage. 50% likely to occur after choosing a standard attack.
  • Can delay their move until the end of the turn, doubling the effectiveness of their chosen attack. Only works in Autobattle mode, in which attacks are chosen at random, and the player has limited input.
  • Can retrieve and use a spare HP or MP recovery item after running out. 30% likely to occur.

Why You Should Be Cautious:

  • If your Mii is a Flower, Vampire, or Warrior.
  • The latter, alongside the Tank and Cat, are known for their high attack stat, so delaying until the end of the turn can make their attacks even stronger.
  • The former, alongside the Chef and Cleric, can also make use of this ability to increase the amount of HP they can restore.
  • If you’re focusing on grinding EXP (or simply bored with the gameplay) and spend a lot of time in Autobattle mode to speed things up.
  • If you like to be pragmatic when playing RPGs.
  • If you consider yourself a cautious person.

Cautious Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Cautious 

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