[Top 10] Persona 5 Best Accessories and How To Get Them

Persona 5 Best Accessories
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[Top 10] Persona 5 Best Accessories and How To Get Them

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By Chris Park

A possibly underrated and underused mechanic of Persona 5 is the accessory system, which allows the user to equip an item to every party member, each containing its own unique perk. While some can provide a nice boost in resistance to attack, there are others that can be debatably game-changing to have. Here are the top ten Persona 5 accessories, ranked from good to best.

10. Vajra Belt

Vajra Belt is an accessory that provides a defensive boost to wearers. It can be purchased by the street vendor for a fairly low price, early into the game.

Vajra Belt Stats:

  • Provides the wearer with Auto-Rakukaja

What Makes Vajra Belt Awesome:

  • Easy to acquire
  • Great for early game battles

How to Get Vajra Belt:

  • Can be purchased from the street vendor located in Shibuya Central Street 
  • Costs ¥24,000 to purchase
  • Requires Charm 2 to be unlocked


9. Knight Crest

Knight Crest is an accessory that provides a solid boost for early game players. Raising stats by one point, it can either be purchased at Untouchable or acquired as a drop item in Futaba’s Palace.

Knight Crest Stats:

  • Every stat +1

What Makes Knight Crest Awesome:

  • Raises every stat by one point and can be acquired rather early in the game

How to Get Knight Crest:

  • Purchasable at Untouchable for ¥100,000 once you unlock Futaba’s Palace
  • Untouchable can be found in the back alley of Shibuya Central Street


8. Regent

How to get Regent

Regent is a treasure demon that can be located and obtained rather early in the game. Offering buffs to strength and critical rate, this is a solid accessory for early game fighters who rely more on physical attacks.

Regent Stats:

  • Strength +3
  • Medium critical rate raise

What Makes Regent Awesome:

  • Raises strength and critical rate
  • Easily accessible

How to Get Regent:

  • Itemize Regent through the electric chair execution


7. Roland Medal

How to get Roland Medal

The Roland Medal is an accessory that you can purchase off the Darknet in Persona 5. While the cost is hefty, the five-point increase to every stat is more than a bang for your buck.

Roland Medal Stats:

  • Every stat +5

What Makes Roland Medal Awesome:

  • Raises every stat by five points

How to Get Roland Medal:

  • Can be purchased off Tanaka’s Shady Commodities for ¥500,000


6. Expedite Ring

The Expedite Ring is a participation reward given to you by Caroline and Justine if you fight and lose to them. Requiring NG+ to fight them, the ring grants you a 1.5x XP multiplier when equipped, allowing you to level up considerably faster.

Expedite Ring Stats:

  • +50% XP

What Makes Expedite Ring Awesome:

  • Allows you to gain 1.5x XP, making it easier to level up the wearer

How to Get Expedite Ring:

  • You must fight and lose against Caroline and Justine in order to get the Expedite Ring
  • In order to fight Caroline and Justine, you must be on New Game +
  • Talking to Caroline in Mementos will initiate the fight


5. Hope Diamond

How to get Hope Diamond

Hope Diamond is an accessory named after and created by itemizing the Hope Diamond Persona. Acquirable in Shido’s Palace, the Hope Diamond offers a 3 point raise to every stat, along with restoring 6% of max HP every battle.

Hope Diamond Stats:

  • Every stat +3
  • Regeneration 3

What Makes Hope Diamond Awesome:

  • Raises every stat by three points and grants the wearer Regeneration 3

How to Get Hope Diamond:

  • Itemize Hope Diamond through electric chair execution


4. Crystal Skull

How to get Crystal Skull


The Crystal Skull is an accessory named after and created by the Crystal Skull Persona. Being the last treasure demon, it is only acquirable after the seventh palace, making it a solid late-game item.

Crystal Skull Stats:

  • All stats +5
  • High Magic Evasion

What Makes Crystal Skull Awesome:

  • Raises every stat by five points and raises evasion rate for magic attacks
  • Can be acquired as soon as you unlock the Crystal Skull shadow

How to Get Crystal Skull:

  • Itemize Crystal Skull through the electric chair execution

3. SP Adhesive 3

How to get SP Adhesive 3


SP Adhesive 3 is the highest level SP restoring accessory, having the same effect as Invigorate 3. While restoring 7 SP per turn may not seem like a big number, this can allow you to continue fighting through Palaces for much longer, especially in early game when your levels of SP are lower.

SP Adhesive 3 Stats:

  • Restores 7 SP every turn

What Makes SP Adhesive 3 Awesome:

  • Is good for early game combat and can be acquired relatively easily

How to Get SP Adhesive 3:

  • Must have rank 5 Confidant with Tae Takemi and ¥100,000 


2. Divine Pillar

How to get Divine Pillar


Divine Pillar is an accessory and rare item that can be dropped after defeating the Reaper. Its quirk halves all the damage you take but makes you unable to dodge attacks in return. While this may seem like more a liability than anything, when paired with the right skills, you could be taking as little as 25% of the original damage.

Divine Pillar Stats:

  • 50% damage resistance
  • Nulls dodge

What Makes Divine Pillar Awesome:

  • Halves all damage taken

How to Get Divine Pillar:

  • Can be acquired by defeating the Reaper


1. Omnipotent Orb

How to get Omnipotent Orb

The Omnipotent Orb is debatably the best accessory in the game. While it does require a New Game Plus run along with defeating Caroline and Justine, the reward is quite worth the effort. Nulling every attack except for Almighty, you can stride through Palaces and Mementos without worrying about taking damage. 

Omnipotent Orb Stats:

  • Nulls every attack except for Almighty

What Makes Omnipotent Orb Awesome:

  • Makes you immune to every attack except Almighty, meaning the only damage you can take is when facing the Reaper or Caroline and Justine

How to Get Omnipotent Orb:

  • Defeat Caroline and Justine (Must be in NG+)

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