Phasmophobia: How To Find The Ghost Room

You've come to the right location if, like many other people, you want to play Phasmophobia but can't locate the ghost room. Knowing which room the ghost is in is essential to being an investigator. You'll discover that the room is where the majority of interactions and evidence take place.

The best way to find the ghost room is by using certain equipment around the house,  it won’t be long before the ghost starts showing you its location.

So, what is the best way to find the ghost room? 

Step 1: Buying The Correct Equipment 

Before you even attempt to enter the contract, make sure you and your team have at least these.

  • Thermometer 
  • EMF reader
  • Torch
  • Spirit box
  • Video camera 

Step 2: Selecting The Right Equipment To Start Off With 

Right now, you're picking which equipment to use first while inside the van. Here are some of the more straightforward equipment, though all have benefits in terms of finding the ghost.

  • Thermometer- This is one handy tool to have when you are looking to find where the ghost is going to be. Start by finding where the lowest temperature is and if it's below three Celsius it means you are close. 
  • EMF Reader- The EMF reader is another great equipment you will want to use when you are going to find the ghost room. If the EMF reader starts to go off, it means you are either in the ghost room or the ghost has just interacted nearby. 
  • Spirit box- The spirit box is quite valuable to use in phasmophobia. If you have an idea where the ghost might be, start asking questions. You never know they might be listening and decide to talk back. If they are talking it means you are most likely in the ghost room. Be careful though, only certain ghosts will use the spirit box. 
  • Video camera- If you are in the house using a video camera, make sure to look out for ghost orbs. If they appear while you are searching it means you have found where the ghost room is. 

Step 3: Listen To Audio Clues

Make careful to listen closely for any audio interactions as you go around the house and take in your surroundings. Hearing strange noises indicates that you are near or inside the ghost room.

What audio clues should you look out for? 

  • The door opening
  • Phone ringing 
  • Radio playing
  • The TV turning on 
  • Hearing a tap going off

Step 4: Look Out For Visual Clues

I firmly believe that the ghosts won't be happy if they find you inside their home. You might start noticing some visual cues, so don't be shocked. If you notice any interactions, you are either nearby or inside the ghost's room.

What visual cues am I supposed to watch out for?

  • Objects thrown
  • The Tv turning on
  • The shower being on
  • Seeing dirty water
  • The rocking chair 

Step 5: Using The Ouija Board

If the cursed item in the house has decided to be the Ouija board, then you’re in luck. By asking the question ‘where are you? ', it should start to spell out where the ghost room is. Make sure to deactivate the board after use!

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