[Top 10] Phasmophobia Best Questions to Ask: General, Spirit Box & Ouija Board


For a more efficient and thrilling hunt, it is important for you to master the questions you can ask to lure you to the ghost.

Communication on Phasmophobia relies heavily on the use of your voice, not only to interact with your fellow ghost hunters but also the ghosts. 

The ghosts are always listening and it is your job to trigger the ghosts and let them respond to your questions. Other than simply interacting with the ghosts to seek their reactions, the Spirit Box and Ouija Board are mediums you can use to deliver your questions. 

These are the top 10 questions you can ask as well as how they are great for the said objective.

10. How old are you?

Get to know the dead by using the Spirit Box to ask the ghost of its age, or rather its age when it perished! 

This can also trigger a hunt or more ghost interactions, therefore, it helps you to gather all the evidence needed. 

Note: Not all ghost types respond to the Spirit Box

9. Where is the bone?

The bone locations are often tricky especially on bigger maps. Asking this question on the Ouija Board could help you to retrieve the bone quicker.

8. Are you friendly? (Spirit Box)

Ask this question on the Spirit Box to figure out whether the ghost is up for a friendly chat or the opposite. Answers range from “Hurt”, “Kill” to “Death". Figure out your fate with the ghost!

Note: Not all ghost types respond to the Spirit Box

7. What do you want? (Spirit Box)

As you intend to clear your objectives and gather all the obtainable rewards, the ghost’s intention may vary. 

This question is great to hear what the ghost has planned. “Kill”, “Attack” and “Hurt” are some of the possible answers and it is always thrilling to hear. 

Note: Not all ghost types respond to the Spirit Box

6. Am I insane?

This question can be asked on the Ouija Board and the ghost will show your sanity as the answer. 

This will save you a trip to the van to check on your sanity level or for when the monitor does not work on Nightmare difficulty. 

It is always important to keep your sanity in check as lower sanity can cause the ghost to hunt aggressively.

5. Are you here? (Spirit Box)

This question is great to help you trigger the ghost into leading you to its spawning location for further pieces of evidence and interactions. 

Note: Not all ghost types respond to the Spirit Box

4. Where are you?

Similar to some of the questions on this list, this question is great to make your hunt run smoothly and quickly. 

This question will lead the ghost to give hints of its spawning location using nearby items such as opening the room’s door, dropping plates, turning the light on/off and many others.

3. What is your favorite room? (Ouija Board)

Some ghosts may be shy and unresponsive to when you are casually asking where they are.

Use the Ouija Board to ask for the ghost’s favorite room at the cost of your sanity to quickly determine the exact ghost room. 

2. Can you show yourself?

This question will trigger the ghost to give interactions by showing its physical self. This is helpful to gather bonus rewards by taking both pictures of the ghost and the interaction itself. 

1. Can you give us a sign?

The ghost almost always responds to this question and regularly hints to you its exact location. 

Asking this question can also trigger the ghost to show its physical self. This can help you to get bonus rewards by taking a picture of the ghost and lowering your sanity quicker. 

It is important to know how to trigger the ghosts for interactions and clues in order to start gathering the needed pieces of evidence.

Asking the right questions using appropriate tools helps to make your hunting experience more efficient and exciting.






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