[Top 5] Phasmophobia Best Ways To Get Money

You can be the rich friend here.

You can buy new items of various kinds and this is where the money becomes a key resource to your ghost hunting career.

The items on Phasmophobia each hold their unique function and ability. It is a must for ghost hunters to equip themselves with these items not only to complete their contract but also to ensure their survivability.

It is also important for players to aim at getting more money as players will lose the equipment added if they die before completing a contract.

Here are the top 5 methods to get money on Phasmophobia.

5. Completing all the objectives

Pay attention to the objectives listed either on the whiteboard in the truck or in your journal. 

Each objective, if completed, rewards you with a certain amount of money.

The main objective is to identify the type of ghost while the rest of the objectives are given randomly. The three (3) optional objectives often require you to get interactions with the ghost and take a photo of the ghost. 

How it works:

  • Objective #1 - $10 (Small map), $30 (Medium map), $50 (Large map)
  • Objective #2 - $10
  • Objective #3 - $10
  • Objective #4 - $10

More information regarding the objectives here

4. Picture of fingerprints

Taking Photos is SUPER Important! - Phasmophobia Photo Guide

The fingerprint is one of the pieces of evidence to identify Banshee, Demon, Goryo, Hantu, Jinn, Myling, Obake, Phantom, Poltergeist, or The Mimic

The photo rewards are gained through collective points that will be converted to in-game money according to the set value.

Taking photos of fresh fingerprints gives a lot of points that will later be converted to money as photo rewards. It gives among the highest points and can be taken multiple times.

How it works:

  • 15 points (1 star), 30 points (2 star) & 50 points (3 star)
  • Take multiple photos of  fingerprints for more points

3. Photo of the ghost

Taking Photos is SUPER Important! - Phasmophobia Photo Guide

There is only one slot each hunt for a perfect ghost picture. A 3 star quality picture will award a decent amount of points. 

How it works:

  • 70 points (1 star), 85 points (2 star) & 100 points (3 start)
  • Multiple ghost pictures would not count
  • Take a photo during ghost events for a clearer view

2. Photo of interactions

The NEW Way To Make Money FAST - Phasmophobia

In this video, you can see how to get the interaction photos using the Ouija Board.

While you are enticed by the ghost interactions, do not forget that you can make money out of every one of them. Gather more points by taking photos of multiple interactions.

Interaction photos are also easy to get as they happen more often than ghost events.

How it works:

  • 20 points (1 star), 30 points (2 stars) & 40 points (3 stars)
  • List of interactions counted:
    - Phone ringing
    - The radio turned on or off by itself
    - When the ghost answers your question on the Ouija Board
    - Fuse box being turned on or off
    - Musical instrument
    - A moving rocking chair
    - The television turning on by itself
    - Items or pictures being moved
    - Light switches turning on or off
    - The knob of a running shower

1. Go on more advanced difficulty

You are given four (4) difficulties to choose from and doing contracts with higher difficulty will reward you more. 

Each of these gives a different time for setting up, grace period before the hunt, hunting phase and ghost activity occurrence among other features.

The total of money you get at the end of each contract will be multiplied accordingly with Nightmare having the highest multiplier value. 

How it works:

  • The total amount of money rewarded will be multiplied by 1x for Amateur, 2x for Intermediate, 3x for Professional and 4x for Nightmare difficulty.

More details regarding the difficulties here.

Hopefully, you can utilize these methods and make the most out of them. With great difficulty comes the great responsibility to be well-equipped and successfully survive your ghost hunting contracts. 

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