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improve bethesda's fallout 4
Sometimes there are bigger issues than the impending nuclear Armageddon.

1. Reinstate Equipment Degradation

An early game weapon you can use indefinitely.

One awesome feature in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas was that your equipment broke down the more you used it. This meant you had to prioritize your weapons, upkeep them by repairing them with similar items, or replace them with newly scavenged equipment. This makes you feel like you really are in a post apocalyptic world scavenging what you can to survive. Gone is the immersive survivability effect in Fallout 4. Now you can use the weapon with the best stats all the time without fear of it ever breaking down.

Solution: Bring the degradation feature back. Make weapons and armor break down with use for a more authentic experience. Return the repair skill so players have a way to upkeep their favorite gear.

No game is perfect, and a dose of critique paves the way to improvement. What are your thoughts on the game’s pros and cons? Do you think Fallout 4 is fine as is, or could it use some improvements? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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