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Popular Indie Games 2015
Indie games that rose to popularity during the year 2015

7. Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Day 1 – No Commentary

This co-op sandbox survival game by Klei entertainment is one of the quickest ways to break up a friendship group, but you’ll at least enjoy the ride on the way down. Upgraded from its original single-player mode, you are dropped off in the middle of a treacherous wilderness and must harness the nature around you in order to survive—and not starve. The biggest difference is this time you get to bring your friends.

For anyone not familiar with the original game, Don’t Starve tests your limits with survival as you must build fires, structures, and cook food during the day in order to make it through the harsh nights. Occasionally you’ll find yourself attacked by foul creatures of winter, ravenous hounds, and perhaps standing too close to a swinging swamp tentacle.

Don’t Starve Together was a highly requested upgrade that finally came into effect with its beta testing in late 2014 and has since received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam for which is its main platform. Although it is still in early access, the game is fully functional and every few months offers a new and exciting upgrade to keep you coming back for more!

Spiders vs Axe.

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