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Popular Indie Games 2015
Indie games that rose to popularity during the year 2015

2. Broforce

Broforce – Gameplay [Pink Version Arrives]

In Broforce you’ll find yourself on an epic journey as a super macho 80’s action hero type that goes out to, well, collect bros. Yes, Broforce is game where you must use your ultra-American manliness and finesse your way through the game so that you can save your bros from captivity.

Broforce received rave reviews from fans as it parodies the ‘Murica subculture of explosions and hyperbole of Hollywood action films. It’s not uncommon to find yourself raising a US flag in celebration after defeating your enemies, the evil “foreign devils”. With such a theme, it isn’t all that a surprise that Broforce has such a large cult following.

Bro exploded by Bro-cannon.

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