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Popular Indie Games 2015
Indie games that rose to popularity during the year 2015

10. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Run 1 – No Commentary 60 FPS PC Gameplay

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a remake of a popular 2D dungeon crawler by the same name. It is loosely based on the biblical tale and follows Isaac as he is imprisoned by his fanatically religious mother. Once Isaac learns his mother is trying to kill him, he must flee to survive her canonical Old Testament wrath.

The original game received rave reviews but was too limiting on its original Adobe Flash software. The developers then spent the next few years rebuilding the game from the ground up, creating a fresh updated game that still remained true to the original. Since then, downloadable content has been added to the game throughout 2015 to keep people playing and putting it as one of the top-sellers for indie games for the year.

Battle of the brains. Literally.

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