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Popular Indie Games 2015
Indie games that rose to popularity during the year 2015

3. Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest (No Commentary) Part: 1 of 4

Ori and the Blind Forest is a remarkable visually beautiful puzzle platformer by independent developers, Moon Studios. Although it had a boost in representation by Microsoft picking it up as a publisher, it still has all the charm and organic creativity of an indie game. One of the most unique things about its production is the fact that it was created internationally from developers on opposite sides of the globe. Austria, Israel and Australia are only a few of the countries these developers hail from.

The story of the game follows Ori, an orphaned guardian spirit, as he must help resurrect the dying forest he calls home. The player will use Ori to solve puzzles, build talents, fights enemies and bring balance to the elements. This much buzzed about game will be an experience you’re not likely to forget.

Like playing in a dream.

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