Three Reasons Why There Will Be a Sims 5

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Sims is arguably the most popular simulation game out there

Who Doesn't Want a Sims 5?

The Sims is arguably the most popular and most loved life simulation game out there. Ever since it hit our computer screens back in February 2000. We have the luck to enjoy four whole generations of The Sims, each with its own specialised expansion packs to add hours of fun to each game.

Every time a new generation of Sims is announced, the world goes wild – how will they improve the game? What will they keep the same? What will be different? How will the Sims look? There are tons of questions asked, and slowly finding out more is extremely exciting stuff.

But, will The Sims 4 be the last game in the main series? Or should we expect The Sims 5 to come out at soon point? Well, as far as I’m concerned, I imagine there will definitely be a Sims 5 at some point in the future. There are three reasons why I think this.

1. The Sims franchise is simply too popular to stop making games for it

It’s probably safe to say that The Sims is the most popular life simulation game out there. Whether you have played it or not – you know of it and you know how popular it is. And when I read the update information when an update as released and I read the hilariously written update notes, you can tell that the producers absolutely love the game and they truly pour their hearts into every detail.

Why would they want to stop that? The Sims is simply too popular!

2. Gamers want it

We are talking about nearly 200 million copies of the games that have been sold around the world – it is a popular game, no doubt about it. And there would be a complete uproar if EA Maxis were suddenly to announce that they are going to stop producing more games for The Sims.

We also know the players are passionate about the game. Remember when The Sims 4 was first released without toddlers and without swimming pools? All I read online when they announced new updates was: “Yeah, that’s great, but what about toddlers?” – surely enough, they listened to us and they made us a (free) update with toddlers. The producers care about us too much to suddenly stop making more games!

Toddlers was a free expansion pack added due to the will of the players!

3. If we’re honest, they will make a ton of money from it

Love and passion for the game aside, we know full well that if (hopefully read as “when”) The Sims 5 is released, whenever that may be, EA Maxis and Electronic Arts will get a great deal of money from it. There won’t only be the main game, but there will also be expansion packs, stuff packs and gameplay packs that come along with it. It’s a guaranteed money maker, so they will no doubt be currently working on their ideas of The Sims 5 right now…

So let’s just hope that Maxis are indeed currently in the process of making The Sims 5 – I will definitely get it preordered on the first day it is announced!

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Liso's picture

Liso 5 years 4 months ago

It's not that I don't want a Sims 5...I just want it to be timed properly. There is so much left to do in the Sims 4, that I feel leaping into 5 would make 4 a waste of time. However...with the slip ups Maxis had with taking out cars and the open world concept of 3 (and not even having pools with the base launch?!), they're surely learning from their mistakes and noting what the players really want. Nonetheless, as a long time Sims appreciator...I'll certainly be buying The Sims 5 when it's ready! Great article :)

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