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war-torn images of fallout 4

14. A Loot-Rich Raider Den

"Sic em, boy!"

Different companions give unique benefits in battle. For example, Dogmeat will temporarily distract enemies, leaving you to swoop in and deliver the killing blow. Companions can be given weapons and armor to boost their skills. 

13. Man’s Best Friend

"Good boy! Now who wants some iguana bits? You do! You do!" 

Be nice to your friends. If your companions approve of you and you treat them well, you'll unlock unique perks you can't get anywhere else. Plus it'll make you feel like a good person. 

12. Swarmed by Feral Ghouls

This would be a good time for V.A.T.S. Or a baseball bat. Scratch that, make it a Fat Man. 

Enemies such as ghouls aren't content with sitting back and letting you pick them off. If they see you, they'll charge you with all the speed of an angry flash mob. Melee weapons and a trusty companion will help you out in close combat situations.

11. A Sealed Airlock Leading Into a Vaul

Where it all began. 

Vaults, pre-war bunkers used to protect residents against the world's impending doom, dot the Commonwealth. Uncovering one of these hidden havens could land you with some nifty gear—or a strange situation.

10. Deterioration Found Inside Pre-War Buildings

Between raiders, super mutants, and the threat of radiation, no one has time to clean up anymore. 

Environments are gloriously decimated. Little details from scrap, to clutter, to skeletons, to rust can be found throuought the wasteland's interiors. Not only is the atmosphere tense and unsettling, it's detailed enough to explore, too. 

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