Hearthstone: 10 Best Legendary Cards That Will Crush Your Opponents

Hearthstone: 10 Best Legendary Cards That Will Crush Your Opponents

Crush Your Enemies With These Legendary Hearthstone Cards


Health swapping is a terrible nuisance.

Priest just isn't a very hot class to play right now, even with awesome cards like Vol'Jin it's hard to go from other powerhouse classes and decks to this. Vol'Jin can be a great asset if you're running with a few Holy Smite cards in your deck. Being only 5 mana gets him a spot on the list because there's not a much better way to spend 5 mana if you have this card in your deck.

Archmage Antonidas

A hand full of fireballs is a terrible thing to waste.

This card makes any Mage deck completely ridiculous. Archmage Antonidas is the best Hearthstone legendary for anyone wanting play a Mage. If you have a decent amount of low-level spells in your hand you can blast the board and come out with a hand full of fireballs. Couple that with something that lowers spell cost or ups spell damage and you win, game over.


Resurrection will throw off any opponent. 

The thing that makes Kel'Thuzad a special legendary is his 6/8 stats. This takes him out of the crosshairs of the Big Game Hunter while still keeping him in the deadly range. Sadly I won't put him higher on the list because you can't craft him. You'll have to run through Naxxramas if you want to get this legendary.

Grommash Hellscream

Don't even look at the stats, his face is scary enough.

Grommash is an essential card if you are playing a Warrior, especially if you're going to go for a Control Warrior deck. Get his guy enraged with Whirlwind or Cruel Taskmaster and your opponent will have to shift some focus. The only problem with Grommash is that he is such a large target when it comes to the best Hearthstone legendary cards he is predictable and easy to counter in some cases.

Tirion Fordring

The shine on that sword is enough to devastate. 

The best thing about Tirion Fordring is his defensive capabilities, most players will dump their side of the board onto Tirion in an effort to avoid his damage. If you can make a player defenseless with this card then you've already won unless they can Polymorph, Hex, or Mind Control you. Keeping that in mind is a reason why this legendary doesn't score a little better.

The Black Knight

It won't be just a flesh wound with this guy.

The popularity of cards like Sludge Belcher makes The Black Knight a very powerful card to have in almost any deck. The Black Knight can twist a game around real quick if played right. The great thing about The Black Knight is that it can waste through higher level defenders and open up your opponent for attack quickly.


How can you go wrong with a fire-breathing dragon?

This card can't do much but what it can do it does well. If you are building an Ice Mage deck or if you're hedging your bets on Grommash then this card is irreplaceable. Alexstrasza can turn a great combo into a game finisher if you play it right so if you know what you are doing with this card then you know how important it is. Plus it never hurts to have an 8/8 on the board.


Making spells spendy can kill a magic user.

Anyone who has had Loatheb played against them has probably cursed their opponent. The battlecry of adding 5 mana onto enemy spells for a turn for the low price of 5 mana of your own is a crazy turn burner. Play Loatheb at the right time and you can essentially get two turns for yourself, sadly this is another card you have to go through Naxx for.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Mind control is dangerous even if it's random.

You can pull some dirty tricks with Sylvanas Windrunner. With Mind Control costing a whole 10 mana some people would rather bust out Sylvanus for 6 and then Power Overwhelming her to grab their opponent's card. This is the best Hearthstone legendary card for grabbing the advantage right out of your opponent's hands.

Dr. Boom

Big bada-boom.

Couple this guy with a card like Baron Rivendare or any number of mech-buffing cards you can have in a deck and Dr. Boom is the most valuable in current Hearthstone. Even if you're losing it can be great to drop Dr. Boom in and watch your opponent scramble to fix what's spreading out on the board. Dr. Boom wins the top spot because he is craftable, versatile, and just plain fun to use.

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