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Quiet, the barely-dressed sniper, and your new best friend
Who is this gorgeous sniper? and why should we care?

5. Quiet's outfit choice is causing a lot of controversy online

After the first screenshots of her were revealed, gamers and nongamers alike were pointing out that Quiet was the epitome of video games objectifying women. A woman running around a forest whilst shooting bad guys in a tiny black bra, ripped stockings and a thong? That totally sounds logical. But this point of criticism has been met with extreme disagreement by other fans on the grounds that the Metal Gear Solid series has been known for its outrageously dressed characters, male and female alike. However, the announcement that Quiet’s action figure will feature squeezable breasts has not helped this argument at all.

PlayArtsKAI's Quiet is coming soon. Yoji, a supervisor says some soft materials enables to be pushed & lifted. lol



The Quiet Action Figure
At least the sculpting looks nice

6. But there's a reason for her clothing choice

Regardless of the opinions on how Quiet should be dressed, Kojima has tweeted that once the reason for her outfit has been revealed, fans will feel guilty for criticizing this character, and they will see how it fits into the overall theme of MGSV.

Quiet, fully clothed and being drowned
Some fans believe that her outfit is tied into her strengths and weaknesses

While the actual reason has yet to be revealed, fans speculate that in order for her to run at high speeds and turn invisible, Quiet needs to absorb as much sunlight as she can through her bare skin. As a result, less clothes would allow her to absorb more sunlight, while putting more clothes on her could cut her off from her power source. 

Another fan theory suggests that she has to wear revealing clothing because her bare skin is what’s allowing her to turn fully invisible. This theory is a bit problematic since Quiet can still turn her underwear completely invisible.

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