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Quiet, the barely-dressed sniper, and your new best friend
Who is this gorgeous sniper? and why should we care?

7. Quiet can be deployed in-game through the buddy system

In game, Quiet can be summoned to help you through MGSV’s Buddy System. This system allows you to call different NPCs to your aid during missions. Quiet is able to scout enemy locations and snipe enemies from a s
afe distance.

Requesting Quiet for help
Mail-order snipers are on sale today!

8. Stefanie Joosten provides the voice, face and motion capture for Quiet

According to Kojima, Joosten was very skilled when it came to performing action sequences, but since she had never held a sniper rifle before, he asked her to practice at home for this part. 

Stefanie Joosten at work in the studio
Take that floor!

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