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Top 10 Hottest Final Fantasy Babes
Yuna from Final Fantasy X

3. Aeris

Aerith after losing Zach.

Poor Aeris, or Aerith I suppose. I don’t understand why the spelling of her name changed in translation. Aerith is the orphaned flower girl that takes care of the broken down church in the Midgar Slums. Secretly she is a powerful ancient that can communicate with the planet though… So yeah that’s pretty cool.

Aerith is one of the few Final Fantasy females that is never sexually exploited on the screen. She never becomes a victim of “Japanese Dress Syndrome” but wears a modest dress throughout all of her appearances. Unfortunately only the good die young and she is penetrated (see what I did there) by Sephiroth’s massive (alright I need to stop) sword. She dies. It was tragic. Everyone cried and some people haven’t gotten over it. Moving on:

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