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In The Witcher series, you control Geralt of Rivia, a human imbued with magical powers whose job it is to battle monsters for pay

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)

The final game in the saga of Geralt promises the largest and most epic experience to date

The final entry into The Witcher franchise is undoubtedly its most ambitious, and well recieved, to date, and has placed C.D. Projekt at the top of the RPG franchise.

Geralt of Rivia is nearing the end of his questing days, opening the game with a final, personal quest to track down and locate Yennefer of Vengerberg. While this quest proves successful (Yennefer actually finds him), it turns out to merely be a stepping stone in the main questline of the game, which is to find and save Ciri, the emperor’s biological daughter and Geralt’s ward, from the Wild Hunt, a horde of spectral elves that seek to harness Ciri’s special powers for their own purposes. Along the way, Geralt meets friends both old and new as he tracks down the girl, and the player gets to experience Kaer Morhen, the Witcher school Geralt hails from, for the first time in the series.

After their humble beginnings using BioWare’s Aurora engine, The Witcher 3 runs on REDengine 3, which was designed specifically for nonlinear role-playing video games set in vast open world environments. It seems like it paid off, with the game achieving perfect 10’s from many gaming review websites and selling millions of copies across a plethora of platforms. Additionally, The Witcher 3 garnered over 800 individual awards, including over 250 “Game of the Year,” starting before the title was even released. The news that this would be Geralt’s last big adventure saddened many, but C.D Projekt wasn’t done quite yet, for just a few months later, they released…

It's hard not to appreciate how far the developers have come when it comes to detailing the cities in the game

With all the new weapons at your disposals, enemies are going to be tougher than ever, including this werewolf

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