[Top 10] Black Desert Online Best PvE Classes That Wreck Enemies Hard! (Ranked)

Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes
Just a normal day in BDO

Today we are going to dive in-depth into Black Desert Online Classes that shine, amongst other classes, in the PvE aspect of the game based on the game’s current meta and patches. Classes that wreak havoc on enemy mobs with ease and do PvE rotations like a total unstoppable grinding monster. These classes can make your farming routine in BDO more progressive than ever.

Let’s get started then.

10. Dark Knight Succession / Awakening

Let’s kick off this list with the most popular and most created class ever since in Black Desert Online, the Dark Knight. Dark Knight has been people’s choice ever since and I even remembered myself playing this class for a very long while due to its intricate character design.

Our beloved Dark Knight here seems to not receive any love from Pearl Abyss as the class hasn’t received any major changes on its kits this year. Despite that fact, Dark Knight whether in Succession or Awakening, this class still excels in PVE amongst other classes not included on this list. Who knows, in future patches, the Dark Knight may receive the love it deserves from Pearl Abyss devs.

Why Dark Knight Succession/Awakening is Powerful in PvE

  • Skill flows are easy to execute
  • Decent AOE damage with very aesthetic animations ( making grinding less boring )
  • High Mobility which is very good at doing rotations in PVE
  • Has a Decent amount of Immunity and Sustainability in PVE
  • Character customizations will make your PVE grinding worthwhile


9. Musa Succession

On our number 9, we have MUSA’s succession which in the last year is one of the worst-performing classes in Black Desert Online. I am surprised and not to mention happy also that our brother Musa now performs well.

Musa Received a buff in Reduced damage during cooldown for PVE on its 3 skills, Prime: Cyclone slash, Prime: Gale, and Prime: Blooming (August 2022 patch notes) making our brother here more sustainable in PVE rotations.

Why Musa Succession is Powerful in PvE

  • Skill combo is straightforward yet very effective
  • Intermediate to Veteran players can outplay most of the classes in rotations
  • Wide range of AOE skills perfect for those mobs that are separated from each other
  •  Decent PVE Damage with a lot of Crowd Control effects
  • One of the most satisfying Skill hit ASMR in BDO


8. Mystic Succession

Not only is Mystic Succession a bit ahead of its Awakening counterpart when it comes to junk farming, but PVE damage output is also more satisfying making rotations faster. 

Although Awakening is a bit tankier than the Succession making PVE farming of Awakening a bit on a “Chill mode”. But on a competitive and serious PVE playthrough? Mystic succession on its state with the current game’s patches will surely reign supreme over its Awakening counterpart.

Why Mystic Succession is Powerful in PvE

  • A bit on the squishy side but damage and skill combos will justify the difference
  • Combos are quite hard to master but highly beneficial in PVE once you do
  • Fast farmer of Junk due to fast rotations ( Time to get rich boys )
  • Versatile Skill combo


7. Warrior Succession

Raise your shields and swords as we welcome Warrior Succession to the list. As one of the flagship starting classes of Black Desert Online, It is satisfying enough that our original Turtle Tank class is still performing well in the game.

Warrior Succession even received a buff on last month's patch for additional DP increase duration. I’m pretty sure Warrior Succession mains out there are all loud and proud taking every frontline they could.

Why Warrior Succession is Powerful in PvE

  • Surprisingly high damage output with a wide range of AOE
  • PA just loves this class so much
  • High Survivability whether PVE or PVP
  • Self buffs, Self Immunity
  • Decent Mobility can do decent rotation runs on its own


6. Hashashin Succession

Next is the master of the Shamshir, Hashashin Succession. Also the king of FPS drop in the past. Yup! Been there folks, same with you.

Hashashin is still unstoppable when it comes to PVE and if PA will give this class PVE skill damage buffs in the future, I will not be surprised if this will rank higher or even become the Meta class of BDO.

Why Hashashin Succession is Powerful in PvE

  • Blink-Strike combos will surely make your PVE rotations faster than other classes
  • Massive AOE and Number of skill hits
  • It takes the word “Crowd-Control” in PVE to a whole different level
  • Skill kits can be played in a lot of ways. Easy to execute I must say but Hard to Master
  • Very versatile PVE class Can Adapt to most if not all popular farming spots



Kicking off the hard hitter tier at number 5, Striker Awakening. This class was outperformed by its Succession counterpart over the past year but since the Black Desert Online Reboot, this class received some love it deserved from PA devs.

Also to add, the heavy nerf to Striker Succession received on the last month’s patch (August 2022) made the Awakening Striker shine more than Succession.

Why Striker Awakening is Powerful in PvE

  • Very tanky with very high damage output
  • One of the frontline takers in PVP, making PVE an easier grounds for this class
  • Very high sustain
  • Large Number of hits due to the Djinn’s summon
  • Skill combos are quite hard to master and get familiar but once you get the hang of it, repeatable skill combo lines are very devastating either in PVE or in PVP



Gliding to the spot of number 4, we have Lahn Succession. Lahn over these years in Black Desert Online already been in a good spot for metaclass. Even right after this class release? You have nothing to ask for.

Recently both Succession and Awakening received a lot of skill tweaks on their kits making them more sufficient in PVE or PVP. No skill damage buffs tho’ but it will be broken on this class if ever PA included one.

Why Lahn Succession is Powerful in PvE

  • One of the top mobility classes which are very good in PVE rotations. Air gliding anyone?
  • High Raw Damage output, Decent to High Skill effects based on the combo you used.
  • Fast Clear on PVE rotations. More kill, more junk, more money.
  • Pretty straightforward skill combos and AOE
  • Newbie friendly



On this part, it will be going to be a huge one as this class just received MASSIVE damage buffs on the last month’s patch notes and boy ain’t it broken.

Ninja Succession just received damage buffs on his 3 skills. Red Rain, Dark Frenzy, Blade Spin. The skill Prime: Red Rain alone just received a 252% increase on skill damage. Even Ninja Succession and Hashashin Succession (TOP 6 on this list) shared similar gameplay, especially on PVE, this current damage buff for the Ninja Succession sets them apart making this class higher in the current PVE tier list in BDO.

Why Ninja Succession is Powerful in PvE

  • Everything is fast in this class even with average AOE, it still farms fast in PVE
  • High mobility, can blink over different clumps of mobs during PVE rotations quickly
  • Current damage buffs made this class farms way faster than ever before
  • Easy to play, easy to execute but on a squishy side
  • Skill combos and skill flows are not so hard to understand and are very straightforward



And on our runner-up spot, Succession Guardian. After bullying Drakania on her very own release video, Guardian Succession still reign supreme as the META Female Class in Black Desert Online.

Both Succession and Awakening Guardian received skill damage buffs on the most recent patches and both are very good classes to play. But Awakening Guardian shines more on the PVP content than the PVE area wherein the more mobile Guardian Succession is the most preferred choice due to its fast yet wide skill combo kit.

Why Guardian Succession is Powerful in PvE

  • Just received major skill damage buffs which are absolutely insane
  • Currently enjoying a minimum of 300% increase in skill damage on 3 of her skills on BDO’s current patch
  • Survivability, sustain, and now damage buffs
  • Decent mobility, can clear and jump PVE farm rotations with ease
  • Hits like a truck, enough said



Sage Awakening / Ascencion is currently worth checking out on BDO’s current patch especially the Sage Awakening since it received Skill Damage buffs and an increase in the number of hits.

Kunoichi Awakening went through a lot of changes after the patch of August 2022. Skill animations are now faster and they improved the visual effects of Kunoichi Awakening. Also a bit of Damage reduction rate.

Maehwa Awakening/ Ascencion also had some minor skill adjustments and tweaks. This class could be a great meta class in both PVE and PVP sadly the skill kit is too hard to master and I only saw a few players who shine out using both of these classes on the current patch notes.

Lastly, Sorceress succession received buffed PVE and PVP damage and added Crit hit rate on PVE. Again, the same case with the Maehwa, Sorceress especially succession is one of the highest SKILL CAP classes on BDO. Regardless of damage skill buffs if it requires intense skill to master, it won’t shine nonetheless. If it does, it will be on the PVP side for sure.



The one with horns still wins the throne! The “Spin-to-win” King of Black Desert Online is still the undoubted Meta Class up to date in the game.

Not only that this class is very easy to use but hits like a bulldozer only spinning like a Beyblade, Berserker Succession also received a buff for PvE. Adding Critical Hit Rate +15% on Feral Rage.

Why Berserker Succession is Powerful in PvE

  • Very Tanky
  • Very easy to play, easy to master
  • Straightforward like a truck raging through enemies
  • Some may find this class hard to play on some popular PVE grinding spots but in my experience, it can do MOST of it without problems.



There you have it! Here’s my current Top list for Black Desert Online’s Best Classes that wreck enemies hard. If you think I overestimated or underestimated some of the classes, please let me know in the comments below and I will surely love how you feel about this as a fellow player of BDO. Thanks. Be safe. Peace!



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