[Top 10] Black Desert Online Best PvP Classes That Wreck Enemies Hard! (Ranked)

Best Black Desert Online PvP Classes
Skills and Passion, Commitment and Competitiveness, Rank and Pride.

PvP plays a huge aspect in Black Desert Online’s whole gaming experience. This is where competitiveness will start and sometimes end. Whether you destroy the enemy guild’s Holy Artifact in Node War and Siege War or simply skirmish a head-to-head field battle amongst other players, PvP is kind of a big deal in Black Desert Online. And the recent installment of "Arena of Solare" makes PvP in BDO more enticing to its player base than it was before. That’s why we are here to talk about the Best PVP Classes that wreck enemies hard in Black Desert Online. Which, amongst the classes of BDO, shines in PVP with its current meta. Let’s find out!



10. Awakening / Succession Hashashin


Coming at number 10 we have Hashashin. Hashashin is one of the most popular choices for PvP by the majority of players in BDO due to its "assassin-like feel" gameplay. Its Awakening and Succession forms are both top contenders in PVP. BDO Devs recently fixed a lot of skill animation issues and added some sort of homing feature to one of its skills, making this class more comfortable and, not to mention, stronger in PvP in the current meta.

Why Hashashin Succession/Awakening is Powerful in PvP

  • Both have great mobility in the field. Mobility is very viable in PvP
  • Recent bug fixes have just made this class a lot stronger and more comfortable to play in any given scenario.
  • Easy to learn combo
  • Just the right combination of AOE and crowd control makes skirmishing with this class not that hard of a feat.
  • The blink-strike combo is just so satisfying to execute and will make your enemy very salty.



9. Awakening Sorceress

On number 9, we have the Awakening Sorceress. Considered as one of the S-Tier Classes in BDO’s PvP, Awakening Sorceress, together with its Succession form, is one of the classes that have a very high skill ceiling. It is very hard to master, but with the right player, this class will surely become a high tier of its own kind. Currently, Awakening Sorceress has decent PvP damage reduction buffs, making it a bit harder to kill this time.

Why Sorceress Awakening is Powerful in PvP

  • Glass-cannon class, It may be on the squishy side, but when left unnoticed, it can easily tear enemies fast and hard.
  • Very Decent AOE
  • Can DPS an entire crowd if played correctly.
  • Versatile skill combos and skill flows have the potential to outperform any class
  • The high skill ceiling makes this class a tier of its own.
  • I-frame Queen


8. Succession Nova

The last princess of Calpheon makes her appearance in the number 8 slot. Its mid-range skills and unique summoning effects make Nova a great class for PvP, either as a support or on the front line. Succession Nova is a must-have in mass PvP and with the BDO’s current meta, Succession Nova is buffed when it comes to its PvP damage, gaining an increase for players now playing this class. But due to that very same rise in popularity with BDO’s current meta, Succession Nova is starting to become a cliche class in PvP as players learn how to counter its skill combos and skill flows. Nonetheless, Succession Nova can still be seen climbing the ranks, especially in the Arena of Solare, making this class a good choice in PvP.

Why Nova Succession is Powerful in PvP

  • Good Survivability, built to survive.
  • Her command skills and summon skills are very powerful.
  • Can play defensively and offensively almost simultaneously.
  • A lot of crowd control
  • Based on the current meta, PvP damage is currently buffed.



7. Awakening/Succession Ranger


One of the oldest classes in Black Desert Online is the Ranger. You will never miss this class for any kind of PvP content in BDO. The Ranger, especially the Succession, is the player’s favorite for tearing down enemy numbers from afar with its long-range skills. It's no surprise that this is a crowd favorite in PvP. With high damage, AOE, and crowd control effects combined with easy-to-learn, easy-to-master skill combos and flows, it's no surprise that this is a crowd favorite in PvP.

On its awakening, the Ranger is a melee class instead, but still retains the high mobility signature. The Awakening Ranger becomes a more effective field skirmisher, tearing enemy backlines apart.

Why Ranger Succession/Awakening is Powerful in PvP

  • In Succession, a very long-range class with insane DPS while keeping a good distance
  • The damage of Succession's signature skill has been increased.
  • A wide array of dodges and crowd control effects
  • Awakening has excellent mobility and is an excellent skirmisher.
  • In Awakening, you get decent damage with a good AOE and a crowd control effect.
  • Satisfying skill combos flow in Awakening



6. Awakening Musa

At number 6, the Awakening Musa rushes to arms. This class gained popularity with the installment of Arena of Solare due to its insane damage. Every single hit of an Awakening Musa will surely chunk the enemy players’ HP regardless of class, like a true warlord of the battlefield. With its unique style of skill flow and wide mid-range AOE, Awakening Musa will surely make your PvP experience the best.

Why Musa Awakening is Powerful in PvP

  • One of the S-Tier PvP classes in the current meta.
  • Continuous wide mid-range attacks will surely wreak havoc on enemy lines.
  • A strong contender for large-scale PvP or 1v3 scenarios.
  • A popular choice in the Arena of Solare
  • Newbie-friendly, easy to learn, straightforward skill kit



5. Succession/Awakening Berserker


The Berserker makes a giant entrance on our list at number 5. Berserker, as one of BDO's pioneer classes, still demonstrates its titanic prowess in PvP scenes, wielding two large axes on Succession and a powerful hand cannon on Awakening. Great HP, sustainability, mobility, damage, you name it and this class has it. A well-rounded class fits any scenario. The Berserker can often be seen as the first charger during Node and Siege wars, but some players use it as a support backline DPS and it surprisingly shows effective results by doing so. Awakening Berserkers currently have damage buffs and PvP damage reduction as per recent patch notes in BDO.

Why Berserker Succession/Awakening is Powerful in PvP

  • Very Tanky. Very useful in Mass PvP
  • In Succession, all you have to do is spin to win.
  • You can also grab someone effectively, especially when trying to suppress a high-DPS enemy.
  • Above average when it comes to damage
  • Not complicated to play, easy to master.
  • Unlike other classes that are gear-dependent when it comes to PvP, this class is not. This class is already good as is.



4. Awakening Striker

Known as the "backline melter", the Awakening Striker is still one of the top PvP classes in Black Desert Online. The worst-case scenario will be 1v1 PvP with an Awakening Striker. Devastating skill flows and fast skill combo rotations, plus a grab, will surely melt a single enemy in one go.

Some players tend to choose the Succession over the Awakening of the Striker over the past years, but due to the current meta where Succession Striker suffered from a huge nerf recently, Awakening Striker became the people’s choice when it comes to grabbing plus combo damage type of class.

Why Striker Awakening is Powerful in PvP

  • Engage then Grab mechanics are still an effective and easy way to win a skirmish
  • The worst enemy of Glass-cannon classes
  • Spirit Echo Skills have summons similar to Succession Nova
  • Can easily disengage if the fight is unwinnable
  • Can sustain decently while providing fast skill combo rotations
  • A versatile class that can be played with a variety of builds, including non-meta builds.



3. Wizard and Witch both in Succession


The most viable classes to have in guild PvP are the Wizard and Witch classes. Fortunately, one of the best supports in damage, crowd control, and, most importantly, healing in both succession forms. Unlike the Shai class, the Wizard and Witch excel in damage, large AOE, and longer range when it comes to PVP, especially mass PVP. Many times, if a wizard or a witch was properly geared and built, it could solo a group of enemies in PvP. Both classes' "Slow CC" has proven to be very pesky amongst all players. Being hit by one will limit your movement dramatically. Simply saying, the Succession Wizard and Succession Witch can turn the tides of the battle easily.

Why Succession Wizard and Succession Witch are Powerful in PvP

  • Group Healing capability
  • incredible crowd-control abilities
  • Mass PvP monsters with a wide range and a wide AOE.
  • Great classes for taking up Node Wars and Siege Wars
  • Can deal damage to multiple targets easily



2. Succession Dark Knight

Now we have The Dark Knight on our list. Even being the most popular and most created class based on the Pearl Abyss database, the Dark Knight is also the most underrated class by most competitive players, especially in PvP. They label this class as "only good for aesthetics" and "overhyped" over the years, but with a lot of changes that have happened with this class, the situation seems to have changed. The Dark Knight gains popularity even with competitive players nowadays. Not to mention, recent improvements were made to Succession Dark Knight’s skill flow, effects, and animation. A Super Armor is even added to one of its skills "Prime: Air Strike" in this current meta.

Why Dark Knight Succession is Powerful in PvP

  • Can offer you a decent amount of Forward Guard and Super Armor in its kit
  • High mobility
  • Easy to execute skill combo
  • High damage with decent AOE
  • It has a lot of outplay potential in any kind of PvP scenario
  • 62% average win rate on Arena of Solare



1. Succession Ninja

Last but definitely not least is Succession Ninja. The Succession Ninja is still the best PvP class of choice among the majority of Black Desert Online's most competitive players, boasting insane win rate stats (73% average) in the Arena of Solare, even being top of the top 1 in the bracket for quite some time. The deadly combination of surprise attacks, insane damage, I-frames in skill combos, and stealth lay waste and wreak havoc on any PvP battlefield in BDO. You can see this class blink-striking enemies one by one. The Succession Ninja is undoubtedly the best PvP killing machine in Black Desert Online.

Why Ninja Succession is Powerful in PvP

  • Insane mobility
  • Can almost insta-kill a whole enemy group in one go
  • Stealth
  • When a skill combo is properly executed, the damage count is beyond imaginable
  • can take advantage of i-frame
  • In the current meta, he's been massively boosted. Damage buff and PvP damage reduction increase.



And there’s our list of Black Desert Online’s best PvP classes that wreck enemies hard. I hope I gave you useful information about the current PvP meta. Let me know your thoughts, and feel free to comment on this entry. Peace, thank you for stopping by!



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