[Top 5] Black Desert Online Best Fairy Skills

Best Black Desert Online Best Fairy Skills
Your adorable and pretty little companion! I'm not talking about the Black Spirit, of course.

Hi folks! On this list, we are going to discuss our fairies' skills. Our adorable, tiny little companion proves a lot of use during our adventures in Black Desert Online, providing us with highly beneficial skills along the way. But which of the available skills should you prioritize and aim for? Re-rolling for fairy skills has proven very expensive, so you really need to know your fairy’s skills and what to get first. Let’s go straight ahead and dive in.

We will be discussing skills that are available during the Fairy’s Tier 4 stage, the Radiant. Whether your fairy is Serene, Joyful, Prim, Aloof, or Meticulous, you will find this guide very useful, especially if you are a new adventurer in BDO. The Fairy Skill: Morning Star is automatically excluded from the list because its purpose is to illuminate the surroundings and provide an aesthetic display for various fairies' personas.



5. Fairy’s Tear

I want to talk about it first and get it out of the way. Over the years since the release of Fairy in BDO, it is highly debatable if this fairy skill is important and a must-have. During the game’s phase back when fairy was released, I will straightly say yes but on BDO’s current meta, a solid no. This skill is already irrelevant if you are a long-time player because I’m sure you have a stockpile of Elion's blessing lying around your inventory. If it is irrelevant, then why is it still included in the list? It is due to the fact that it is still useful to those players who have just started playing BDO. It is a must-have for new players, but for veterans, not anymore.

Fairy’s Tear stats:

  • Tier I - Instant Resurrection without losing EXP. 12-hours cooldown
  • Tier II - Instant Resurrection without losing EXP. 6-hours cooldown
  • Tier III - Instant Resurrection without losing EXP. 3-hours cooldown
  • Tier IV - Instant Resurrection without losing EXP. 1-hour cooldown



4. Tingling Breath

Whether you are new or a veteran player of BDO, I’m pretty sure you will be spending more time on the ocean than the great desert, and this skill will surely come in handy for you. The benefits you can get from this fairy skill are very beneficial, especially for those times you missed hitting the right spot for that underwater ruins gate.

Tingling Breath stats:

  • Tier I  - Underwater Breathing +5 sec
  • Tier II - Underwater Breathing +10 sec
  • Tier III - Underwater Breathing +15 sec
  • Tier IV - Underwater Breathing +20 sec
  •  Tier V - Underwater Breathing +30 sec



3. Feathery Steps

This one is a no-brainer. Beneficial from your early up to your late game progress. Especially when you are grinding, like a real hardcore grinding session. Players tend to spend a lot just to get this skill for their fairy. Some even go to the massive extent of spending to get tier V. That is how valuable this skill is.

Feathery Steps stats:

  • Tier I - Weight Penalty Reduction up to 105%
  • Tier II - Weight Penalty Reduction up to 110%
  • Tier III - Weight Penalty Reduction up to 115%
  • Tier IV - Weight Penalty Reduction up to 120%
  • Tier V - Weight Penalty Reduction up to 125%



2. Continuous Care

Now, this skill reminds me of pain and sorrow as I, as a BDO player, spent a lot on this. For the same reason why players get this skill as well. This decent skill serves as a macro for your food, elixirs, and scrolls.No more click here-click there kinda stuff because with this skill, all your food buffs, elixirs, and scrolls will be automatically used as long as this is turned on. The higher the tier of this skill is, the more items you can select for auto-use. I’m still frustrated though, and maybe some of the players too because this is quite hard to get, even at around a 7% chance.

Continuous Care stats:

  • Tier I - Auto-use from 5 selected items.
  • Tier II - Auto-use from 8 selected items.
  • Tier III - Auto-use from 12 selected items.
  • Tier IV - Auto-use from 16 selected items.
  • Tier V - Auto-use from 20 selected items.



1. Miraculous Cheer

Of course, it's a must-have skill for fairies. Literally, this should be the very first skill you should aim for. It is literally vital to both your PvE and PvP experiences in BDO and also vital if you want to maximize your unli-potions. Speaking of unlimited potions, they are surprisingly easy to get nowadays compared to the old patches. It is just time-consuming, but definitely worth it and will synchronize very well with this fairy skill. For the settings of the auto-use potion with Miraculous cheer, I use 60% HP and 35% MP if you are still using the NPC potions. 90% HP and 60% MP if you already have both the unlimited potion variant.

Miraculous Cheer

  • Tier I - Auto-use potion when HP/Resource is depleted. 6 seconds Cooldown
  • Tier II - Auto-use potion when HP/Resource is depleted. 5 seconds Cooldown
  • Tier III - Auto-use potion when HP/Resource is depleted. 4 seconds Cooldown
  • Tier IV - Auto-use potion when HP/Resource is depleted. 3 seconds Cooldown
  • Tier V - Auto-use potion when HP/Resource is depleted. 2 seconds Cooldown



And that’s our [TOP 5] BDO Fairy Skills! I hope you learned something and found this guide useful for your adventure in Black Desert Online. I hope your fairy skill reroll is RNG-carried and you get the fairy skill you have always wanted. If you have questions or suggestions, or simply want to tell me how you feel about our guide list today, feel free to use the comment box below. I’ll see you next time. Peace!



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