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Black Desert Online Best Class, BDO Best Class
Black Desert's Witch In Her Full Glory

A fantasy-oriented MMORPG produced by Korean game developers, Pearly Abyss, Black Desert Online (BDO) is a sandbox and action-themed that mainly revolves around a rigorous combat system along with its stunning open-world feature which surely won’t get you bored as you will have a large world to explore. 

With 17 different classes to choose from, BDO brings you a plethora of adventures and today we’re here to give you some tips and tricks on what are the top 5 classes to use in the world of BDO. 

5. Witch

"Your trusty Witch, ready to cast any spell!"

My first class when I started playing BDO, the Witch is a DPS class and ranged caster that is focused on elemental attacks that can cause quite the damage despite the long casting time for spells. I find the Witch to be quite beginner friendly in all aspects for players who are starting out and want to make a dent damage-wise. 

Why choose Witch?

The Witch is quite an easy character to use especially if you come from an MMORPG which has skills bound to hotkeys. In BDO, I quickly found out that skills and spells come from a combination of keys and not with the usual press of the F1-F12 keys. A big plus for me would be how the Witch is virtually indestructible in all aspects, I was quite used to any DPS class being flimsy, especially if it’s a full-on caster, but surprisingly enough the Witch class comes with over 5 different potent healing spells which meant I could almost never die. 

I managed to quickly adapt to the game despite the challenges and with a good combo, you’re all set from PvE to PvP. 

Pick Witch if…

  • You’re new to the game.
  • You’re used to everything from skills to buffs being on a hotbar or macro.
  • You lean more towards DPS but want the kick of being indestructible

"Darkness is no foreign thing to me."

4. Dark Knight

A rather well-balanced character in my opinion, the Dark Knight is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to PvP and PvE play as the class is able to wield both magic attacks and element-based weapons. 

The Dark Knight can be a bit of a challenge for most new players and it is recommended that this be a secondary class as it requires precision and more experience to play a Dark Knight more effectively. What they lack in defense is ultimately gained back in mobility.

Why Choose Dark Knight?

In all honesty, if BDO had decided to host another season server, I would have gone for Dark Knight as my secondary character instead of Shai. I had enough experience with Witch and I found Dark Knight to suit my next class preference as the class worked well with both melee and ranged attacks. The only thing I had to take into account was watching where to go as Dark Knight defenses are weak but are able to execute quick attacks in succession.

Pick Dark Knight if…

  • You’re into end-game content such as PvP or Node Wars, Dark Knight works best in groups of 5 due to their speed and skill execution.
  • Since the Dark Knight is best in groups, she has quite the helpful skill set when it comes to crowd control or PvE.
  • You are focused on speed, stats, and overall mobility. Being quick is your thing and the Dark Knight has it.



"Thinking about my next target for the night."

- Screenshot by Emiliegh

3. Valkyrie

As with all tanks, the Valkyrie class is stunning with damage, the right AP, and an arsenal of support skills, but lacks in movement and speed; which is quite normal when it comes to pure damage classes. The typical “sword and shield” class, Valkyrie is an easy class to learn, just as with the Witch, but to maximize efficiency, one would need to invest time in studying her mechanics and seeing which rotations work best to fully utilise the damage a Valkyrie offers.

Why Choose Valkyrie?

Mainly a class categorized as a tank, Valkyries can be considered to be an offensive class and at the same time a support on the battlefield. Her healing skills and buffs are quite the asset and even more so, Valkyries make up for their flimsy early to mid game grind for stunning late-game damage at coveted level or item grinding locations, it’s a plus as well on how Valkyries can defend themselves quite well should the need arise.

Pick Valkyrie if…

  • You’re into end-game content such as item and level grinding, the damage and defense a Valkyrie possesses makes her perfect for long grinds wherein you wouldn’t need to leave a spot for hours.
  • You’re patient enough. Since Valkyries are pretty flimsy for the most part of leveling, her assets can come out to be pretty rewarding once she reaches higher levels.
  • Damage is delicious. Some people love seeing those damage counts rise and if you’re into that kind of high, then the Valkyrie would suit you well. 

"Cute faces don't always mean good things."

- Screenshot by Emiliegh 

2. Lahn

A class focused on elegance and martial arts, the Lahn are equipped with pendulums to fight with and focus on mobility, speed, and damage. She glides across the field in quick succession and eliminates mobs all too easily while relying on the occasional grab if needed be. Lahn are graced with both movement and attack speed, making her well-suited for breezing through PvE’s, but be warned as Lahn can come off as a little flimsy if faced with dire situations.

Why Choose Lahn…

Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable classes to play, the Lahn can jump from one place to another, quite literally. If you’re looking for speed and damage, then the Lahn would fit your bill quite nicely. The only catch is how weak she can get once caught in a CC, but worry not, if you’ve the right combo and speed to match, the Lahn can quickly eliminate any enemy in its path without so much as lifting a finger.

Pick Lahn if…

  • You like working fast. Lahn are undeniably blessed with more speed and damage, despite it coming with a price. Still, one can’t ignore how fast she can get with the right combo.
  • She can fly. Quite literally, her skill titled “Nimbus Stride” allows for her to fly through sticky situations and is one of the most reliable skills a Lahn would ever have and need.
  • PvE is your thing. Since not everyone adapt to PvP well and would rather enjoy the casual manners of PvE, the Lahn can come as effective in PvE fights due to her mobility and being able to eliminate everything quickly. 

"Ah yes, would you like me to play you a song?"

1. Shai 

Adorable. Cute. Small. Kawaii. The Shai class makes up for her cuteness in tenacity and full-support buffs which can level the playing field at an extreme advantage if you’re on the right side of a Shai. My secondary class which just hit level 56, I find the Shai to be quite adorable and unique in terms of class selection, stats, and overall role in the game. 

Why choose Shai?

For most people, what attracts them to the Shai is the sheer cuteness of the class, but that’s besides the point. A Shai is often recommended as the starting class due to her upper hand when it comes to “Life Skills”. I refused to make a Shai (despite constant insistence) as my starter and opted for the Witch straightaway only to come full circle and make a Shai later on for the sole reason of Alchemy (and she’s cute. I hate it.).

Aside from that, if you wish to take on a more full support role, the Shai is quite perfect for you. Even more so if you’re in a guild and dabble with end-game content such as PvP. 

Pick Shai if…

  • You have the intention of focusing on “life skills” such as Alchemy. Shai automatically holds a Professional 1 level in Alchemy compared to other life skills such as cooking, fishing, etc.
  • You are in a guild. Shai are meant as full support roles and shouldn’t be left alone on the field as they’re quite weak when it comes to PvP; but they do make up for a barrage of buffs and debuffs. 
  • You like adorable little humans who play instruments aside from being a walking timebomb if you’re on the wrong side of the battle. 

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