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For those new to Scp Lab  you can take on many different human classes, but you can also assume many different roles within those classes (which have diffrent equipment and weapons.)

Whether you want to be a silent ninja, rogue scp hunter, or a one man army you’ll need the appropriate attachments for your weapons. Otherwise you’ll just be mowed down at the first sign of trouble.

1. Short Barrel [Logicer] 

Ever want to become a living turret? well with a short barrel and a logicer you can.

Short barrels are weapon attachments available to a few guns in the game, With a short barrel attached to your logicer you’ll become a living weapon, a somewhat mobile human turret. 

Aiming can slow you down and get you killed, with hip-fire you can instantly deal with threats somewhat sloppily (the large magazine of the Logicer compensates for that and the lower damage of the short barrel.)

  • -Increased mobility 
  • -Great hip-fire accuracy and spread 

/Negative Stats/

  • -5 Damage and Penetration

/Positive Stats/

  • -0.35s Equip Time
  • +43% Hip-Fire Accuracy 
  • -10% Weight
  • -10% Length 

2. Low-Cap AP Mag [E11]

Should you be pushed to a rock and a hard place you'll want some Armour Penetrating rounds.

The Low-Capacity Armor Piercing magazine is a weapon attachment for the E11, you trade magazine capacity for increased penetration. While keeping the E11’s impressive damage you pump up your penetration and can chew through pretty much anything besides a select few Scps. 

  • Incredible damage output 
  • Still boasts a respectable sized magazine 
  • Keeps base damage 
  • Slight mobility increase

/Negative Stats/

  • 10 Magazine Capacity 

/Positive Stats/ 

  • +20% penetration 
  • -3% Weight 

3. Extended Barrel [ShotGun]

Ever want to blow away the competition? With a shotgun and a extended barrel you'll be able to.

The extended barrel is a weapon attachment available to a few guns, with it you can increase penetration and spread. Two things vital to a shotgun build as the gun already has a massive damage output and poor accuracy. 

  • Great penetration at no cost to damage 
  • Stabilizes the shotguns spread pattern landing you hits far more often 
  • Costs very little to implement 

/Negative Stats/

  • +0.1S Equip Time 
  • +17% Length
  • +23% Weight

/Positive Stats/ 

  • +10% Penetration 
  • -10% Spread

4. Suppressor [Vector] 

Ever want to slip and slide throughout the facilitiy like a ninja? Well with a silencer you can. 

A suppressor is a weapons attachment available to almost all guns, it works best on guns that can deal a steady stream of damage. You need to stop other people from shooting. Otherwise, they'll ruin all your hard work and alert players with their unmodified loud guns. 

  • Reduces gun noise
  • Can snipe people from other rooms without them knowing where they’re being hit
  • More Accurate shots 
  • Flash Suppression 

/Negative Stats/

  • +0.15S Equip Time
  • +29% Length
  • +13% Weight

/Positive Stats/

  • +25% Bullet Accuracy 
  • -65% Gunshot loudness

5. Telescope [E11] 

Sometimes you just need to blow your enemies heads off without ever being seen and with a telescope you'll be able to. 

A telescope is a weapon attachment available to a few guns, it works best on penetrating rifles with good damage. You’ll need to attach stabilizing elements along with it to your weapon platform of choice. 

  • Long area of attack 
  • Easier Headshots 
  • Land more shots (“Anyone can shoot a gun fast when they’re browning their pants, it’s actually landing those shots that matters.”)
  • Engaging and ending a human target very fast 
  • Good for scouting 
  • ADS Zoom 6x

/Negative Stats/

  • -0.08S Equip Time
  • -30% Aiming Speed
  • +32% Weight

/Positive Stats/

  • +33% Aiming Accuracy 

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