[Top 25] Sims 4 Body Mods You Must Have

Two best friends looking their best!

Body Mods can make your sims more unique than ever before. 

Have you ever tried to make a sim that you have never thought about making before? I have, and because of that, I wanted to find out how to make them unique; in comes body mods.

Body mods are CC or Mods that affect the look of your sim's body. For example, eyebrows, eyes, sliders, body presets, and skin details, just to name a few. 

It's important to have at least a few in your game, especially if you like to have a more diverse-looking cast of sims. These body mods can give you fresh-looking sims that are a bit more.

As I did my research, I looked for the top 25 body mods to find the must-haves. Here are the must-have body mods that will bring a new and fresh look to your sims. 

25. More sliders for the face from Obscurus-sims

Let the eyes have more depth to them. 

Your eyes and eyebrows tell a story, and with limited sliders in Sims 4, it can be harder to show those stories for your sims. More sliders for the face from Obscurus-sims brings more options for you to mold your sim's eyes however you want. 

These sliders work without having to go into detail mode and work for all ages and genders. For eye width, you will want to use the center spot, and it replaces the EA slider. 

What's Fun About More sliders for the face from Obscurus-sims:

  • One-of-a-kind eyes - Make a splash by creating one-of-a-kind eyes for your sims family that spans generations. 
  • Realistic - These sliders can give your sims more realistic eyes or even create your exact eyes to make your simself. 
  • More sliders - You will have more options to adjust your sim's eyes and eyebrows.

More sliders for the face from Obscurus-sims details: Download

24. Shoulder Height Slider

Shoulders can carry a lot. 

Some shoulders are higher, broader, or shorter than others, which is where the Sims 4 falls short. The body mod Shoulder Height Slider helps grant more options for the shoulders.

You can change the height of the shoulders on the sim's neck from the front. Make sure when you go to download the file, you choose the most recent. 

What's Fun About Shoulder Height Slider:

  • Unique shapes - Raising the height of your sim's shoulder can give them more unique shapes and looks. 
  • Realistic or not - This mod provides the opportunity to make a highly realistic sim, or the exact opposite. Choose wisely. 
  • Diverse - Bring more diverse sims to your world who are different and beautiful in their own ways.

Shoulder Height Slider details: Download

23. 3 Body Shapes - a collection of body presets

More fun body presets to play around with. 

The thing I love about body presets is that they make it easy to start the creating a sim process. A body mode with three lovely presets for pear-shaped bodies is 3 Body Shapes - a collection of body presets.

With this mod, you can pick which presets you want, and I recommend all three. It's fairly simple, each one has its specific thumbnails, and each one has its differences, which look amazing. 

What's Fun About 3 Body Shapes - a collection of body presets:

  • Body types - Instead of picture-perfect shapes, this mod gives you the beautiful pear-shaped female body.
  • Realistic - Realistically, there are many shapes of the body not truly shown in Sims 4, and this mode gives that realism.
  • Curves - More beautiful curves for the lovely ladies to show off.

3 Body Shapes - a collection of body presets details: Download

22. Leg Sliders

It's leg day!

Our legs have carried us through life, and the same is for Sims 4, though something is missing. Bloodmoon's Leg Sliders give you power over specific parts of your sim's legs.

The Leg Sliders work for all genders, teens to elders, and focus on the calf and inner thigh. To use, all you need to do is move your cursor onto the thigh or calf and drag it up or down.

What's Fun About Leg Sliders:

  • More leg - You will want to show off your sim's legs with this mod with a multitude of variations. 
  • Diversity - Diversify your cast of sims with new shapes and sized legs. 
  • Shape - Change your sim's legs to make them fit what you are wanting. 

Leg Sliders details: Download

21. Pack of Presets

More choices for more varity of sims. 

Needing more options for lips and body presets? Vibrantpixels made a Pack of Presets gives more options and diversity. 

There are three body presets and three lip presets that you can find in their respective categories. Vibrantixels gives a few sliders that she recommends with the presets; feel free to check those out.

What's Fun About Pack of Presets:

  • Realism - Adding in more presets that have a more realistic shape gives your game a sense of realism. 
  • Diversity - Provides you loads of diverse sims for your world.
  • Unisex - Made for everyone in mind, specifically the body preset N3.

Pack of Presets details: Download

20. Slider 04 - jawline and brow ridge curves

To the eyebrows to the jawline, she's got it in the bag. 

When Sims 4 came out, the sliders for facial features were amazing, and as time went on, it became the same thing every time. With Slider 04 - jawline and brow ridge curves, a whole new selection of sliders opens up. 

To use for the jawline, slide up and down from the forehead. For the brow ridge, you will want to go to the side of the forehead and slide up and down.

What's Fun About Slider 04 - jawline and brow ridge curves:

  • Realistic - You can make more realistic faces with this jawline and brow ridge sliders mod. 
  • Chiseled jawline - Give your male sims the chiseled jawline they deserve.
  • Variety - This mod gives you more variety for a diverse genetic pool for facial structure. 

Slider 04 - jawline and brow ridge curves details: Download

19. Breast Slider

People with boobs usually have cleavage. Sims should too.

Sims 4 doesn't have great boobs, sure, you can make them bigger, but you can't give your sims cleavage or move the breasts apart. The Breast Slider from Vibrantpixels gives you the ability to provide your females with the best breasts.

Simply move the neck slider up and down from the front for the desired look. Keep in mind that this mod will conflict with any other slider that uses the neck for the mod. 

What's Fun About Breast Slider:

  • Cleavage - Your females can now out cleavage, or none at all. You get to choose.
  • Realistic - No set of boobs are the same. Why should the sims be perfect? This mod is more realistic for the diversity in boobs.
  • Variety - You can have a variety of female sims that all have different-looking boobs.

Breast Slider details: Download

18. Slider 14 V2

Realistically better boobs.

Boobs come in different shapes and sizes. Some are medically made, and others sag, but you don't have that in Sims 4 unless you are an elder. There's a mod for that; Slider 14 V2 brings you those various boobs. 

Take control of your sim's boob, and change the shape by sliding up and down on the right side. For large boobs, go to the left side and move up and down. 

What's Fun About Slider 14 V2:

  • Further adjustment - Takes the default slider and expands on it, adding different shapes. 
  • Better boobs - You can have more natural-looking boobs even when they are extra large. 
  • Realistic - Some boobs are not perfectly round, and this mod brings in that realism. 

Slider 14 V2 details: Download

17. XS Body Presets

Curvy in all the right ways. 

Women have curves with dents and rolls, but you won't see that detail in Sims 4. Hi-land brings the curves with their mod XS Body Presets.

These two beautiful presets are for the female form and can be used for young adults to elders. Simply download and add to your game. Enjoy the fantastic details. 

What's Fun About XS Body Presets:

  • Curves - This mod is about the curvy goodness of the female form, and Hi-land made them so beautiful. 
  • Realistic - There is a level of realism added when you bring more diverse body types into the game. 
  • Booty - These presets bring the booty into light in a tasteful manner. 

XS Body Presets details: Download

16. Slider 12 - cheeks and cheekbone

How sharp or chubby would you like your cheeks?

Some people have chubby cheeks that your aunt may or may not pinch, but the Sims 4 doesn't portray that too well. The body mod Slider 12 - cheeks and cheekbone give you control of chubby and skinny cheeks. 

Going into the detailed mode, you can control the cheekbone. From the front, slide left or right on the cheekbone to adjust. Slide up and down for the skinny or chubby cheeks. 

What's Fun About Slider 12 - cheeks and cheekbone:

  • Realism - Cheeks should be more diverse than they presently are, and this mod brings it with a splash of realism. 
  • Defined - Get more of a defined look with these sliders, whether you want skinny or cute round cheeks. 
  • Complete control - Take more control over the cheekbones and cheeks. 

Slider 12 - cheeks and cheekbone details: Download

15. 5 Female Body Presets

No body looks alike; pun intended.

Having more presets for your sim's body is never a bad thing. Obscurus brings you 5 Female Body Presets to add to your collection. 

This collection of five presets is for female sims and can look weird with some clothing. Simply add to your game and get to playing. 

What's Fun About 5 Female Body Presets:

  • Options - Five options for amazing looks for your teens and up. 
  • Variety - Skinny, lean, fluffy, or chubby, this mode will give you those natural curves with tons of variety.
  • Realism - Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and this mod brings more of those diverse types into your game making it more realistic.

5 Female Body Presets details: Download

14. Body Sliders

Sliders galore, giving you more.

Do you want more flexibility when it comes to making your sims? The body mod Body Sliders give you more than just more flexibility; you will have a multitude of sliders added to your game. 

These sliders are for teens to elders and both male and female, except for the belly and breast slider. Those are only for females. Download what sliders you want and have fun.

What's Fun About Body Sliders:

  • Customization - More customization is at your fingertips.
  • Sim self - Make a very detailed version of yourself with these sliders.
  • All directions - You can see the change with these sliders from all sides; no more hiding that pregnancy.

Body Sliders details: Download

13. Faerie Body Preset

Let's dress-up like a fairy princess or prince together. 

When I was a child, I loved to hear stories about fairies and watch movies about fairies. It is a shame that you can't be a fairy in the Sims 4, but with the Faerie Body Preset, you can at least look like one.  

This mode makes your sim into a smaller version, but it can only be used by female sims and is for ages teens to elders. Moony-bonbon has this preset in one file, so download and add it to your game. 

What's Fun About Faerie Body Preset:

  • Fantasy - Create your fairy and use other mods to have a real fairy in your household. 
  • Variety - You get to have more variety with a short sim because there are plenty of wonderful people who are short as well. 
  • Height - This preset shrinks your adult sim into a small fairy-like version of themself. 

Faerie Body Preset details: Download

12. Details for Male Faces

Men have more than just one look. They can look worn out too.

It's hard getting a male sim's face just right when you go into creating a new sim. Obscurus' Details for Male Faces provides you with more details for your sim's face. 

This set has lips, contours, and eyebags for a more in-depth look. You can download them all at once or separately. 

With the lips, you have Lips N37 and N38 that have 25 colors and work with all genders and ages. Lips N39 has 28 colors, and Lips N440 has 32 colors. 

What's Fun About Details for Male Faces:

  • Realistic - This mod helps your male sim look a touch more realistic than normal. 
  • Depth - Provides more depth in character creation for your male sims. 
  • More for males - There is more love for females, most of the time, and you can now show your male sims more love. 

Details for Male Faces details: Download

11. Kate’s Body Preset

Diversify the body type for a less cookie-cutter image, and look good too.

Something about the body types in the Sims 4 that just sims cookie-cutter to me; they are all slightly different sizes to one body type. Kate's Body Preset from HuiEn brings a new body shape into the preset collection. 

With a slender figure, but not too thin, this preset gives your sim a curvy elegant body. It is for female physiques only and is available for adults up to elders. 

What's Fun About Kate’s Body Preset:

  • Diverse - No two bodies are the same shape or size. This body preset provides even more diverse body shapes for your sims. 
  • Realistic - You will have a more realistic shape for your sim's body rather than the cookie-cutter presets for sims. 
  • Elegant - Not too thick, not too skinny, but elegantly unique. 

Kate’s Body Preset details: Download

10. Skin N14 - Face Presets/Glowing Eyemask

Glitter in her eyes, and a soft glow on her face. 

Not all skin is one-dimensional, and sometimes you want to add a little bit more to your sim's look. The Skin N14 - Face Presets/Glowing Eyemask adds in the much-needed addition. 

With a new skin tone, Skin N14, and Skin N14 Fantasy, you can create that fantastical creature, complete with two ear presets to go with. You will also get presets for cheeks, nose, lips, and eyes for an all-new look. 

What's Fun About Skin N14 - Face Presets/Glowing Eyemask:

  • Sparkles - There are sparkles in the whites of the eyes. 
  • Added flair - This mod adds some flair to your sim's story, especially for a fantasy setting.
  • Out of this world - With different skins and additions to the face, you can give your sim an otherworldly look. 

Skin N14 - Face Presets/Glowing Eyemask details: Download

9. Plasticity eyes (Default)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Personally, the eye colors in Sims 4 fall short; eyes are the windows to the soul, after all. That is where Plasticity eyes (Default) comes into play. 

This mod overrides the EA eye colors and adds in additional colors, totaling the choices to 43 colors. It is recommended to use only one default eyes mod at a time. 

What's Fun About Plasticity eyes (Default):

  • Realistic - Plasticity eyes look more realistic and beautiful for your sims to show off. 
  • Different shades - Brings new shades of the base game colors. 
  • Default - These eyes replace the EA default colors and change them to Plasticity. 

Plasticity eyes (Default) details: Download

8. Pouty Lip-Slider

Sliders come in handy when you are creating a sim, though it is not unusual to be blocked in specific styled looks. Miiko created the Pouty Lip-Slider, which opens up new possibilities. 

This mod does not work with Obscurus Lip Slider N3 but does with their N1 and N2 sliders. This slider works for all ages and genders.

What's Fun About Pouty Lip-Slider:

  • Attitude - Giving your sim a pouty lip can show more attitude, which you can use for storylines. 
  • Details - It's the little details that can bring a character to life. 
  • Variety - This slider brings a new look to your sims, giving you more variety. 

Pouty Lip-Slider details: Download

7. Skin Detail - Vitiligo Set

Inclusion matters for others to feel seen. 

In society, people have unique appearances that are not represented in the Sims 4 currently; though they are trying to make it more inclusive, they sadly fall short. Modder Saruin brought a body mod into the sims community that showcases Vitiligo with the Skin Detail - Vitiligo Set.

Skin Detail - Vitiligo Set has four different styles and two opacities with each pattern. You can find it in the freckle section of the skin details, and it works best with medium and dark tones.

What's Fun About Skin Detail - Vitiligo Set:

  • Realistic - It brings a splash of realism and brings inclusivity into the game. 
  • Beauty - Differences make us all beautiful, and body mods like these bring in more beauty.
  • Variety - You can have more variety of sims in your game with this skin detail. 

Skin Detail - Vitiligo Set details: Download

6. Maple Syrup Body & Face Freckles

Little freackles, big freckles. Tons of freckls, or none at all. 

Many people have freckles all over their bodies, and with Sims 4, you cannot showcase that amount of freckles on your sims. With Maple Syrup Body & Face Freckles, your sim can have freckles everywhere. 

Creator Pralinesims considered the realism behind freckles and focused on finding the places the sun hits the skin the most. The face freckles have five versions with five swatches and can be found in skin details. 

The body freckles are in three intensities with the same shades as the face and can be found in tattoos. Both the body and face can be used for males and females of all ages. 

What's Fun About Maple Syrup Body & Face Freckles:

  • Diversity - Some people have a small amount of freckles, while others have a ton. With this mod, you can show that diversity. 
  • Variety of freckles - Your sim can have a light amount of freckles, a medium amount, or a heavy amount.
  • Tones - You can have different colored freckles to look good on any skin tone. 

Maple Syrup Body & Face Freckles details: Download

5. Northern Siberia Winds’ Eye Presets

New shapes and colors for your sim's look.

The Sims 4 eyes don't always look the way you want. Northern Siberia Winds' Eye Presets gives more variety for you to achieve the ideal look for your female sims.

This pack of body mods gives you new eye presets, eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, eyeshadows, and eye colors for your sims style. You can download all of the files or specific ones for your game.

What's Fun About Northern Siberia Winds’ Eye Presets:

  • Maxis Match - If you are looking for Maxis Match, this mod works very well with the style. 
  • Eyelids - Change your sims eyelids with 75 colors and five overlay swatches found in the eyeliner.
  • New colors - Over 100 different colors to choose from for your sims of all ages.

Northern Siberia Winds’ Eye Presets details: Download

4. American Boy Body Preset

Sometimes being average is perfection.

Not all men are built like a tank or have a dad-bod. The American Boy Body Preset brings an average look to the male form. 

This preset only has one file and looks amazing in the game. Most subtly, your sim will have slight muscle definition, giving a different look at the male form. 

What's Fun About American Boy Body Preset:

  • Diversity - This preset adds a more diverse selection to your current default presets. 
  • Simplistic - With a simplistic design, it is simple to adjust to fit anything you desire. 
  • More choices - With more choices comes more possibilities for creating any sim that you think of.

American Boy Body Preset details: Download

3. Bounce Body Preset

So many body types, so llittle time.

All bodies are not the same. Some are curvy, thick, skinny, hourglass, pear, square, and many more, but in the Sims 4, there is only so much you can do with the presets and sliders. 

Once again, Hi-land has created a beautiful preset for your female sims called the Bounce Body Preset. With a simple download, you can quickly add this preset to your game and get creating. 

When you are in the game, you can go to CAS and go to the body presets. You will find an amazing thumbnail showing off the beautiful curvy preset.

What's Fun About Bounce Body Preset:

  • Diverse - This preset gives you a more diverse body type than the default. 
  • Curvy - Gives a more curvy look to the female form. In turn, makes the sim look more natural.
  • Dresses - Makes wearing dresses have more volume and look amazing in all. 

Bounce Body Preset details: Download

2. 3D Lashes for Ladies

Beauituflly luscious lashes for any sim out there. 

Sims 4 eyelashes are cartoonish and blocky, to say the least. Obsurus gives us 3D Lashes for Ladies that bring more choices to the lack of lashes available for your sims. 

There are three types of eyelashes found in the glasses category. You have three files for the different variants with 105 swatches and five styles for each variant. 

What's Fun About 3D Lashes for Ladies:

  • Depth - With lashes that look more realistic, your sim's eyes have more depth and look more natural. 
  • Not EA’s - Get away from the thick clay lashes and gain 3D lashes that make your sim's eyes pop.
  • Styled - Much like false lashes, there is a variant for a more stylized lash for those who prefer a bit of flair. 

3D Lashes for Ladies details: Download

1. Palm Body Presets

Ready for the beach with his ideal bod. 

Getting ready for the beach can be a shore, especially the diversity the presets provide to your Sims 4 gameplay. The Palm Body Presets body mods are perfect for heading to the beach or just living your life.

You can choose which one from the link to download or download each one. There are two male and two female presets, with them being slightly different from each other. 

What's Fun About Palm Body Presets:

  • Beach bod - These presets are beach bod ready and ready to hit the waters of Sulani. 
  • Chiseled - With two presets for the male form, your male sims give your men chiseled features. 
  • Detailed - Based on EA's own presets, creator Hi-land gives you more simplistic body types. 

Palm Body Presets details: Download


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