Subway Surfers Tips and Tricks (25 Best Tips)

Subway Surfers Tips and Tricks
Subway Surfers, the iconic endless runner game that has infected the phones of many.

You’ve doubtlessly seen it everywhere. Minecraft parkour on the screen, and an infuriating text-to-speech voice reading out the latest story they’ve undoubtedly nabbed from Reddit’s AITA page, subtitled wrongly a ploy for you in your arrogance to comment “haha, typo” to boost their engagement.

Oftentimes, this background footage changes. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Minecraft turns to cake turns to oddly satisfying compilations turns to the greatest game of all time: Subway Surfers.

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You’re wrong, you say. Subway Surfers is not the perfect game. Au contraire, imaginary contrarian I made up to make this argument. It is the perfect game. The only game ever. The nonpareil of all games. Why else would it strike such a chord in the cultural zeitgeist—it is more than a game, it is a reflection of our diminishing attention spans, a symbol of the new generation.

Kidding aside, it is all too apparent that Subway Surfers is a game that is of growing interest in the public eye, and as a member of the casual gaming club, people of all ages and walks of life find it fun. Its popularity even allowed it to have an animated spin off. However, it is not a very daunting video game, so it is a game that most people don’t seem to take seriously. However, you can still try hard it, as with any other game, which is exactly what this guide is for.

1. Familiarize yourself with the game

If you’ve never played Subway Surfers (and also, live under a rock), it is an endless runner, similar to Temple Run. It is a largely mindless playing experience, so let yourself fall into the game, because playing Subway Surfers should feel as if you are on autopilot.


2. Gain as many coins as possible

It’s important to gain as much money in the early game, since it’ll be useful for the later parts of this guide. The game is simple, but earning coins at this stage will make your life easier later on. Just like real life, try to become more fiscally responsible, and not spend all your money on superfluous purchases like the next aesthetically pleasing character that the game slides your way.


3. Know your power ups

Like most games, Subway Surfers has power ups. These power ups are the 2X Multiplier, Coin Magnet, Jetpack, Pogo Stick and Super Sneakers. Getting to know how to use these in your gameplay will make your longer runs easier.


4. Max out your your power ups in the store

With the exception of the Pogo Stick, the power ups can be upgraded 6 times using coins. Upgrading them lets you extend the duration of the power ups, to a maximum of 30 seconds.


5. Jump canceling

When using super sneakers, you can cancel your jump halfway through if you swipe down midway through your jump. This will be useful in certain segments of the game, and learning how to do so can make or break a run.


6. Know your power up combinations

Power ups can stack if you collect them at the same time during a run. Combining them can be beneficial, like jetpacks and coin magnets.


7. Practice making your runs longer

Training yourself to have longer runs will be extremely useful once you have a higher score multiplier, so being comfortable with 10+ minute runs this early on will be helpful once you start committing.


8. Look at the track

As the game progresses, it gets faster, and obstacles get closer quickly. Looking at the track instead of your character means you’re keeping an eye out on obstacles.


9. Stay above

Stay on the trains or rooftops, if you can. It’ll be easier to keep an eye on obstacles and trains upcoming if you are above.


10. Jump instead of duck

If you have the option to jump or duck, always jump. It’s easier to do two consecutive jumps than it is to duck twice.


11. Complete the missions

You are always given a set of three missions at any given time. If you complete them, your multiplier increases by one for every set you complete. It also gives you an objective for every run you do, giving you an incentive to keep playing.


12. Keep an eye on your multiplier

Increasing your multiplier means you do less for more. Shorter runs, with a higher score. As much as possible, collect those 2x multiplier power ups.


13. Hoard your score boosters and head starts

Score boosters increase your multiplier, and head starts, well, give you a head start. Keep them for now, and save them for later runs once you have a better feel for the game.


14. Always have hoverboards on hand

Hoverboards essentially give you a second chance if you hit an obstacle. They don’t last forever, but it’s a great safety net for your longer runs. I usually have a stock of 30 at minimum, just in case.


15. Familiarize yourself with the different hoverboards

There are a lot of different hoverboards in the store. Some are only for aesthetic purposes, but some have different upgrades and boosts that are worth grabbing, such as speed, or a similar effect to the super sneakers. They will often cost coins, so use those coins you saved up from your runs on these upgrades.


16. Never be afraid to use your hoverboards

The game can be very generous with giving hoverboards, and once you get to a point where you have gained enough coins, you will pretty much have enough cash to burn to keep nabbing hoverboards. Don’t be stingy with them, especially on runs you want to keep.


17. Watch the ads

No, seriously. It may seem intrusive and invasive at first but the ads can give you items and you can watch ads for free revives when you die. You can keep doing this a certain number of times. Also, if you watch 10 ads, you get a bonus mystery box, which is always good to have.


18. Don’t be afraid to use keys to revive yourself

If you don’t want to watch ads, the game lets you use keys to revive yourself. Don’t be afraid to use your keys for this reason. The game is pretty generous with items, so don’t worry about it.


19. Reviving has a limit

You can revive yourself a few times, but you can’t keep doing it forever. Make sure you can get back into the swing of things as soon as you revive yourself.


20. Stack your headstarts and score boosters

You can stack up to three headstarts and score boosters at the start of a run, or when you revive yourself. Don’t worry about doing so at the start of your run, unless you’re gambling that the run will work out. I usually keep a few in my inventory at all times.


21. Keep an eye on achievements

Finishing your achievements gives you free keys. Make sure you collect these keys, since the game doesn’t automatically give them to you, and you have to redeem them yourself.


22. Play daily

Like any other mobile game app designed to lure you in playing over and over again, the game gives you daily login rewards. If you’re really serious about the game, this is hardly a challenge.


23. Join season events

Joining season events gives you more coins and other useful items. Usually a season would last for a month, and you can gain event tokens that are used to unlock rewards for each day of the month. You can also unlock limited characters this way.


24. Try not to get fatigued

Playing the game for an extended period of time can feel tiring, especially on your wrist. One of my longest runs was an hour long. As long as you’re committed, you can do it. Getting carpal tunnel on Subway Surfers of all games would be rather embarrassing to admit to, so do take care of yourself.


25. Enjoy the game

At the end of the day, it is an inconsequential endless runner. Don’t stress over it, no one will care whether or not you’re bad at the game. If you don’t enjoy the game, there’s no point in playing. Having fun is the point of gaming. If you’re having fun, that’s all that matters.

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