[Top 10] The Division 2 Best PvP Builds (Post TU9.1)

The Division 2 Best PvP Build
10 of the best builds for PVP in The Division 2.

With The Division 2 title updates, many aspects of the game can change either to benefit the player or bring players at a more difficult disadvantage. 

Weapons are often “nerfed” or “buffed” when it comes to these updates and builds that were exemplary before now have different stats in an attempt to balance out gameplay. 

If you are trying to look for builds that would be perfect for tu9.1, then this will probably help you get started. 

*Note: Title Update 10 is the next big upcoming update, and Ubisoft has initiated PTS or, public test servers for TU10. Players who own The Division 2 on PC can join the test. 


1. Hybrid DPS Hazard

Hybrid DPS Hazard Stats:

  • Armor: 1.2M
  • Health: 308.0K
  • Weapons: Tactical Vector SBR 9mm, Marine Super 90, Firestarter
  • Specialization: Firewall
  • Brand Sets: 2 Ceska | 1 Gila Guard | 1 Yaahl | 1 Grupo Sombra | 1 Badger Tuff

What Makes the Hybrid DPS Hazard Build Desirable:

  • This build’s sidearm has an amazing talent, Primer Rounds, which causes damaged enemies to lose 50% of their burn resistance for 5 seconds. 
  • This build has overall critical hit damage of 123.4%.
  • The PVP weapon damage for this build is a little over 30K. 


2. High SMG and Survivability

High DMG and Survivability Stats:

  • Armor: 1.3M
  • Health: 287.9K
  • Weapons: Tactical Super 90 SBS, CMMG Banshee, Firestarter
  • Specialization: Firewall
  • Brand Sets: Coyote’s Mask | 1 Ceska | 1 Gila Guard | 1 Overlord | 2 Badger Tuff

What Makes the High DMG and Survivability Build Desirable:

  • The critical hit damage for this build is killing it with 130.3%. While there are many players who perhaps have this higher, this build is perfect for those who are just getting their footing when it comes to high level features in the game. 
  • Overall weapon damage is over 600K, which is pretty formidable but can always be improved. We would not be looking at this build if it was for damage alone, but for its armor stats that make this a great survivability build. 



3. Sticky Bomb Burn Build

Sticky Bomb Burn Build Stats:

  • Armor: 726.0K
  • Health: 278.0K
  • Weapons: Everlasting Gaze, Surge, Liberty
  • Specialization: Firewall
  • Brand Sets: 2 China Light | 2 Wyvern Wear | 2 Hana-U

What Makes the Sticky Bomb Burn Build Desirable:

  • Despite the nerfing to burn and bleed damage that came with tu9.1, this build wrecks in status effect for the burn on this build. 
  • The talent on the Wyvern backpack is perfect for this build; Creeping Death. When you apply a status effect, it is also applied to all enemies with 8m of your target. 
  • Tag Team talent, which is very underrated, is on the Hana-U chest piece for this build. The last enemy you have damaged with a skill is marked. Dealing weapon damage to that enemy consumes the mark to reduce active cooldowns by 6s. 
  • Damage on the stick bomb skill is over 4K, with a duration of 35s.


4. Status Effect Crit Build

Status Effect Crit Build Stats:

  • Armor: 704.9K
  • Health: 280.0K
  • Weapons: The Grudge, Pyromaniac, Liberty
  • Specialization: Firewall
  • Brand Sets: 1 Golan  | 1 Ceska  | 2 Sokolov | 1 Fenris Group | Imperial Dynasty holster

What Makes the Status Effect Crit Build Desirable:

  • This build has a max on critical hit chance. 
  • The Trauma talent is vital for this status effect build, and it makes this build really useful. 
  • You are still expected to cause high bleed damage with this build even after tu9.1.  


5. PVP Hazard Protection Build

PVP Hazard Protection Build Stats:

  • Armor: 1.4M
  • Health: 353.9K
  • Weapons: Tactical Vector SBR 9mm, Custom M870 MCS
  • Specialization: Firewall
  • Brand Sets: 3 5.11 Tactical  | 1 Yaahl  | 2 Ceska

What Makes the PVP Hazard Protection Build Desirable:

  • The weapon damage for the Ceska gloves is maxed out. 
  • This build is running at 112.8% critical hit damage, which really brings this out as a desirable build to consider.
  • This build is using the Tactical Vector SMG, which is a great weapon that is rising in popularity among various players. It is a quick and powerful weapon, that is a lot of fun.


6. Shotgun System Corruption

Shotgun System Corruption Build Stats:

  • Armor: 1.5M
  • Health: 279.5K
  • Weapons: Rock n’ Roll, Pestilence
  • Specialization: Firewall
  • Brand Sets: 4 System Corruption | 2 Badger Tuff

What Makes the Shotgun System Corruption Build Desirable:

  • What makes this build so cool, is the way they have utilized the Perfectly Unbreakable talent; a great talent for those who are trying to create an armor intensive build. Perfectly Unbreakable is when your armor is depleted, repair 100% of your armor. 
  • Armor regen is over 22K, which is just enough to be safe and in cover. 


7. Clutch PVP Build

Clutch PVP Build Stats:

  • Armor: 1.3M
  • Health: 352.9K
  • Weapons: Tactical Vector SBR 9mm, IWI NEGEV
  • Specialization: Firewall
  • Brand Sets: 1 Richter & Kaiser | 2 Ceska | 2 5.11 Tactical | 1 Sokolov

What Makes the Clutch PVP Build Desirable:

  • The critical hit damage in this build is incredible and will really hit hard for anyone who considers making this. 
  • The Tactical Vector in this build has the Fast Hands talent, which really utilizes the already fast RPM of the weapon, and making sure you are unstoppable. 


8. Shotgun PVP Build

Shotgun PVP Build Stats:

  • Armor: 2.1M
  • Health: 280.4K
  • Weapons: Rock n’ Roll, The Apartment
  • Specialization: Firewall
  • Brand Sets: 3 Golan | 2 Badger Tuff | 1 Gila Guard

What Makes the Shotgun PVP Build Desirable:

  • This build, as it is ran, will melt tank builds with the Rock n’ Roll and The Apartment that has Perfectly Measured. 
  • The Versatile talent is on this build, which means that total weapon damage is amplified for 10s when swapping between your primary and secondary weapons if they are different. 


9. “Blind Fury” Build

“Blind Fury” Build Stats:

  • Armor: 1.3M
  • Health: 284.8K
  • Weapons: Tactical Vector SBR 9mm, Urban MDR Replica, Liberty
  • Specialization: Sharpshooter
  • Brand Sets: 1 Golan | 2 Solokov | 1 Grupo Sombra | 1 Murakami | Imperial Dynasty

What Makes the “Blind Fury” Build Desirable:

  • The stats for the Grupo Sombra mask is all god-rolled.
  • The duration of your skills and status effects are increased with this build because of the Murakami armor.
  • The Murakami armor for this build is running with the Galvanize talent. Applying a blind, ensnare, confuse, or shock to an enemy grants 40% of your armor as bonus armor to allies within 20m of that enemy for 10s. 


10. Legendary Rifle Build

Legendary Build Stats:

  • Armor: 716.8K
  • Health: 302.9K
  • Weapons: Baker’s Dozen, Military P416
  • Specialization: Demolitionist 
  • Brand Sets: 1 Overlord | Coyote’s Mask | 2 Providence | 1 Ceska | 1 Grupo Sombra

What Makes the Legendary Build Desirable:

  • The critical hit damage for this build is 138.4%.
  • 70% headshot damage, which is perfect for the Baker’s Dozen. 
  • The Perfectly Lucky Shot talent, for the Baker’s Dozen. 

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