[Top 10] Yakuza Kiwami Best Healing Items (And How To Get Them)

Just an average day in the life of Kiryu.

Today we’ll be looking at the best healing items in Yakuza Kiwami.

The Yakuza game series is famous for many things. Substories, Side-Activities like Karaoke, engaging stories and many more. But there’s another thing that this series is famous for. Well, it’s their over-the-top boss fights. Especially in Legend difficulty where one hit can knock off a lot of health. 

So, where would one try to escape this type of situation? The answer’s items! They would surely give a boost or an edge during combat and especially boss fights! But where would one try to find the best items?

Let’s find out!


10. King Smile Burger Set

Behold, the McDonalds of the Yakuza franchise.

What’s Yakuza without their famous fast-food chain? Smile Burger is your go-to place for eateries and take-outs as well!

It’s got a wide array of items on its menu but its signature “King Smile Burger Set” is enough to satiate that hunger!

I wouldn’t advise stacking it up since there are better items to stack Kiryu with but this would surely make it worth your while! Unless you run into Majima (which you surely will.)

King Smile Burger Set stats: 

  • Health Up

How to get King Smile Burger Set: Visit the Smile Burger shop in Kamurocho.


9. The Premium Malt’s

Fun fact, it’s based on a real-life product.

This famous beer brand is next on the list! Surprisingly enough, it’s based on a real-life brand as well.

The great thing about this drink is that you can get your health up from this as well as your drunken status (duh, given that it’s an alcoholic beverage.)

What’s advantageous about the drunken status is that when in this state AND in Brawler mode, you get to take less damage from enemies! So this might come in handy as well!

The Premium Malt’s stats: 

  • Health Up
  • Drunk Up

How to get The Premium Malt: Buy it from these outlets: Poppo Nakamichi/Tenkaichi, M Store, or Don Quijote.


8. Toughness ZZ

That ZZ is pretty sus.

And next in the spot, we have Toughness ZZ! This is the healing item which is famous throughout the whole game.

This one’s gonna help you here in the sense that if you’re going to go out for the count in a normal, casual encounter or if you’re on a budget, this here’s your go-to item.

Trust me, this item will surely help you if you want an extra health boost in the game.

Toughness ZZ stats: 

  • Health up moderately

How to get Toughness ZZ: Buy it from these outlets: Don Quijote, Kotobuki Drugs or avail them via Random Encounters.


7. Toughness Emperor

What is this? A picture for ants?

Next on the list, we have Toughness Emperor that’s a step up from the Toughness ZZ. How is it a step up, you may ask?

Well, you see, this energy drink restores a large chunk of health compared to a moderate one which is definitely helpful in those lengthy combat sequences!

The thing about this is that it’s relatively more expensive than Toughness ZZ, so either you have to grind some yen via Ebisu Socks or get into more fights to stack up these items!

Toughness Emperor stats: 

  • Health up a large amount

How to get Toughness Emperor: Buy it from Kotobuki Drugs, via Coliseum Points at the Coliseum or attain them via Random Encounters.


6. Toughness Infinity

Again? Seriously? With the I instead of the E?

And here’s the top of the healing items with Toughness Infinity! Now, what’s so special about this item that makes it a class apart?

It fully restores your health. Complete. From start to finish. Surely to be used in those tough boss fights like the 2nd Shimano boss fight at the boat.

Now, here’s the catch. It’s very tough and rare to find this like ANYWHERE AT ALL IN THE GAME. You’ll find this at the casino via playing some blackjack and mahjong or shogi which are a pain to play or via random encounters which is another rare find.

Toughness Infinity stats: 

  • Health max

How to get Toughness Infinity: Get it in Casino as reward or via Random Encounters.


5. Tauriner +

It’s Energy time.

Veteran Yakuza fans would surely recognize this bottle (and previous bottles). This here’s the Tauriner+!

What this bottle does is it increases your Heat bar and gets your blood pumping with those Heat Actions! You can say it acts like an energy drink as well.

This one’s the budget-friendly version so it’s more common and easier to come by. Helpful in small combat sessions as well.

Tauriner+ stats: 

  • Heat up moderately

How to Tauriner+: Buy it from these outlets: Don Quijote, Kotobuki Drugs or avail them via Random Encounters.


4. Tauriner ++

Ah, yes. The upgraded version.

Next up, we have the Tauriner ++ which is the upgraded version of the Tauriner+. (Duh. The ++ indicates it.)

This one restores a large chunk of Heat so that you can execute those combos and Heat Actions with a better finesse and a jump start to getting that Kiwami Heat Action as well.

This one is a tad bit more expensive than the previous one so make sure you have those yens stacked up to get these items.

Tauriner ++ stats: 

Heat up a large amount.

How to get Tauriner ++: Buy it from Kotobuki Drugs or attain them via Random Encounters.


3. Tauriner Maximum

Looks blue. Or green. Or turquoise.

As the name indicates, Tauriner Maximum is a premium energy drink.

This item fills the Heat bar to the max and gets you pumped and ready for those Kiwami Heat Actions and Special Abilities (provided you’ve unlocked them) against bosses and tougher enemies.

Like the Toughness Infinity, this one is a rare find as well unless you’ve got some mighty high stacks of cash with you.

Tauriner Maximum stats: 

  • Heat max

How to get Tauriner Maximum: Attain it via Random Encounters or via the Chapter 12 Weapons Shop.


2. Staminan Royale

Oh, what a blissful sight to see.

On #2, we have the Staminan Royale! Veterans would definitely recognize this.

It’s on a regular and fills up both the Heat bar and Health bar which is ideal and the best of both worlds!

This one is probably my go-to item throughout the game, it may cost a lot but it is definitely worth it!

Staminan Royale stats: 

  • Health and Heat up a large amount

How to get Staminan Royale: Buy it from Kotobuki Drugs, via Coliseum Points at the Coliseum or attain them via Random Encounters.


1. Staminan Spark

This rare find sure does bring a spark.

And on the top of the list, we have the Staminan Spark! There’s a good reason this is on top.

This item takes the Health bar and the Heat bar TO THE MAX! Fills it up completely. Ideal and perfect for almost every single situation you can find yourself in-game.

You can get this as reward from the Casino and the Gambling Hall. Yes, it’s a pain but there’s a saying that rings true to all this, “No Pain No Gain.”

Staminan Spark stats: 

  • Health and Heat max

How to get Staminan Spark: Get it as reward via the Casino or the Gambling Hall.


And with that, we conclude our healing items list for Yakuza Kiwami! I really hope it helped you. That’s about it. See ya.


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