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Scary Multiplayer Games
Your friends have got your back...or do they?

3. Pacify

Pacify Gameplay

After receiving a well-paying job with Paranormal Activity Helpers Inc., you're assigned to a haunted house with a daunting past. The broker recommends checking it out with at least three other friends. You can say the job is corny all you want, but it doesn’t explain the little girl staring at you from the window.

  • Search for evidence of paranormal activity within a century-year-old house
  • A little girl will switch between good and evil, depending on different circumstances
  • Once evil, she will chase you around the house and will get smarter and faster as time passes
  • Available on Steam

Collect the dolls and solve the mystery of the house

Run from the little girl who haunts the house or your fate will be uncertain

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