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10 Things Every Horror Game Needs To Be Good
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5. Atmosphere

A surefire way to keep a player uneasy is through a game’s atmosphere. An unnerving atmosphere will flood players with the feeling of dread.

Everything looks cozy

What would Silent Hill be without the town’s iconic rust, metal, gore, and decay? A lesser town for sure. When the Silent Hill games take a visual shift from a normal creepy town to the traditional nightmarish atmosphere of the horrific Silent Hill, this is a terrifying change that shakes players to their core.

The game’s atmosphere sets the tone of what is to come for the player. A nice field of flowers is going to freak out players far less than an abandoned mental hospital will. Playing a first-person game will make things even more intense for players as they are forced to look through the eyes of the character and directly face the game’s terrors.

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