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elder scrolls 6
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9. An Epic Setting

Dive on in, the water's great!

The alien mushroom forests of Morrowind’s marshes. The golden fields of Cyrodiil. The snow-capped mountains and wild forests of Skyrim. Without a doubt, every Elder Scrolls game has taken place in an amazing world that whisks us away on a grand adventure.

The Elder Scrolls IV must continue this trend. We need a setting that’s both exciting and entirely unique. Such as the blazing deserts of Hammerfell. Or the elegant beauty of the Summerset Isles.

The story and conflict needs to rival that of Dagoth Ur, oblivion gates and daedric invasions, and massive death dealing dragons. That’s no small task! But Skyrim alluded to increased tensions between man and mer in the future. An all-out war with the high elves, nords, imperials, and whoever else gets pulled into the battlefield would make for an epic playing field.  

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