Hot Games: 51 of the Hottest PC Games Revealed in 2016

Here are the Hottest PC Games Coming in 2016 and Beyond

E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year. It is a conference that showcases what games studios are working on and what we will get to play. On top of that there are demos, interviews, and Q&A’s. Basically this was the most important weekend in gaming this year. We got to see so many cool and exciting games that I had to make a list of them. I wanted to keep the list small but I just couldn’t exclude so many cool games.
So with further ado, here are the 51 most exciting games at E3 2016.

NOTE: This is about games that have not yet been released and the information is incomplete. All of the information is based on the media that has been released at E3 and before.

1. HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age

Have you ever seen Penny Dreadful? If so, you will recognize the theme behind this game. If not, don’t worry.
You are a monster hunter in the 18th century. Imagine banding together with your friends for a night of witch hunting. HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age brings you all the aspects of monster hunting (without the psychological trauma) including the literal hunting, the minion killing, and the boss fighting. As well as the character building including abilities, items, and weapons.

Walking through a knee deep swamp completing missions and through that, finding clues that lead you towards your victim. You have to co-ordinate with the other people on your team and fight hordes of devil worshippers, the undead, and humans who have aligned with the forces of evil. After killing these you will find things that direct you to the entity controlling these minions.
Given the time period most weapons will be guns that actually existed in that time. But the producers have said that there will be some more weapons that don’t necessarily belong in the era. Such as the flamethrower. Some things that didn’t belong but were about to exist. They added these weapons to the game to increase the gameplay, that is the reason we play these games anyway. On top of that there will be character customization. These customizations will go beyond simple aesthetics. Will you carry healing items and abilities? Or will you be all damage? Maybe a mix? Neither? The choice is yours.
Good luck

2. Attack on Titan

If you have seen Attack on Titan feel free to skip this paragraph, if not then continue reading to find out what the game is about storywise. The manga, and thus the show, takes place in a fictional world where humans are confined to a city with several tiers of massive walls. Walls that keep out the Titans. The titans are exactly what they sound like, massive lumbering giants. No one knows where they came from, only that humans cannot venture beyond the walls without the threat of being eaten alive. Life goes on within the walls. But then one day a truly massive titan comes down and kicks down the gate leading to the first tier of the city. This battle is where the game takes place. The people fighting the titans are equipped with swords and contraptions that shoot hooks and let them zip around a Titan’s head. They have to be at that height because a Titans weak point is the nape of the neck.
Watching Attack on Titan made me wish that there was a game about this concept. It looked like it could be so much fun. Well I wasn’t the only one who thought that.
There was a fan made game based on Attack on Titan but this one is being made by a proper studio. Graphically it looks much better than the fan made version. Which it should.

The gameplay looks very fun. It seems that they have nailed the physics of swinging yourself around buildings. I am very curious how it is going to work with controls and stuff. Controlling all the complex movements required seems like it would be tricky to either make it too hard or too easy.
The gameplay looks like you will have missions in a large open area. There will be a primary objective and several secondary objectives. As usual you don’t have to complete the secondary objectives but they help with the primary. Nothing new going on there.
The video game will also feature story events that don’t occur in either the Manga or the show. Meaning that if you play the game you will get an alternate universe. The creators said that they did this to take advantage of how interactive video games are. They want you to feel like you are a part of what is happening.
You will take control of 4 characters from the main story. It seems like they each have special abilities or unique skills that make each suitable for a playstyle. So far we have only seen MIkasa gameplay; it is stated that she is one of the most powerful characters in the game.

3. Batman Arkham VR

Batman was a wonderful melee combat game. It scored incredibly well. You took control of Batman (obviously) and pounding hundreds, if not thousands, of criminals into submission. The setting was what you would expect. Dark, gritty but nevertheless a small glimmer of hope.
Now you can experience that in VR. I am incredibly curious if it is going to live up to expectations. Most E3 reports state that it will but don’t expect to be flinging yourself from rooftops (in VR) anytime soon. The VR game itself is more of a detective game than a beat em up. You strap on the batsuit and figure out who murdered people. What you do to them, we don’t know yet.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare HD

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare made the Call of Duty franchise an even bigger hit than it was before. It was the 4th iteration of the Call of Duty series and was a major departure. The other 3 had been in WW2 but this one brought you to our time.
The game told a fantastic story, had wonderful gameplay, was perfectly paced, and incredible graphics. One of the best games ever released. Now they are remastering it.
You can take control of `Soap` and `Jackson` all over again as they fight for their lives and for the security of the world. Battling terrorists and radicals as they fight to save the world from nuclear winter.
As to be expected from the Call of Duty game that started it all. The gameplay will be hectic and fast paced. But less so than the current Call of Duty games. There will be no sliding, wall running, or jet packing. And that is OK with me. Back to basics.

This version will have the full campaign. But will also have a fully dedicated multiplayer. You will have the same weapons and feel as the original game. But only 10 maps. That should be enough though. There will be rewards for progression allowing you to unlock perks, weapons, and weapon attachments. They have also included the ability to prestige. Basically it is a fully remastered version of the original.

I am beyond excited to play some of the original maps and redo the missions that I spent hours playing over and over again.

5. Battlefield 1

Some would say that this was the highlight of E3. It certainly was the centre of my attention. And DICE did not disappoint.
Battlefield 1 will go to the first world war in a massive departure from where we thought the series was headed.Before anything leaked about Battlefield 1 I, among many other people, believed that the next Battlefield would be set in the near future or distant future. Glad to see I was wrong. I didn’t know how Battlefield was going to make a WW1 game work but they nevertheless made it gorgeous and it seems to work. The game looked so fun. I can’t wait until October 2016.

A departure from the trench warfare we have come to associate with WW1 the game is still fast paced with lots of stuff going on. You may not be able to fly helicopters anymore but flying old school biplanes should make up for that. You are able to charge with a bayonet and the engagements are likely to be much closer than previous Battlefield games.

DICE has confirmed that there will be weapon customization but much less so than previous Battlefields. You will be able to suit each weapon to your particular gameplay style. They have stated that there will be a single player but we do not have very many details on what that single player will be like. Apparently you will take several different characters through the great war.
Many people got hands on with the demo at the conference and they were all playing 64 Player Conquest. Nearly everyone that played, including celebrities, loved the direction the game is going. There are a few complaints from people but overall everyone is excited for this game. I am incredibly excited to be able to have sea combat with battleships. Glad they are going back to that.

This looks more like Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2. Of which I am grateful.

6. Conan Exiles

Imagine being transported to the world of Mad Max and having to survive. Except there is no gasoline. Or imagine ARK: Survival Evolved but then in a desert wasteland.

Conan Exiles will take place in many different climates. But the first is most fitting for the brutal world of Conan. You start the game in a desert with nothing but your own will to live. The universe of Conan is a brutal one. One where the weak die and the strong survive. One where the good guy dies. One where nothing matters but survival. One where people are their worst selfs.
The Conan world is one of desperation, desolation, and domination.
First you are desolate and desperate. And then you dominate.

Conan Exiles will be an open world survival game where you must first fight the elements, your hunger and thirst. Then build a house, then a hamlet, then a village, then a city, and then you conquer the world.
Oh and you can sacrifice your enemies to the gods. I’ll buy it for that reason alone.
But there are other reasons to buy it as well. There will be hunger and thirst mechanics. You have to hunt for food and scavenge for water. True to Conan the Barbarians world, the combat will be brutal. You will dismember enemies, so if you swing and hit an arm then the enemy loses that arm. It will be interesting to see how that correlates with health.

7. Sid Meier's Civilization 6

This is the game that I was most excited for at E3. I love Mass Effect, Battlefield and all the other heavy hitters. But there is a special place in my heart for Civilization. There always will be. This year is their 25th anniversary so they are making some changes to the game.

They have unpacked the cities. Now you have a sprawling metropolis as opposed to a single incredibly important tile.  Instead of all your buildings being on one tile they are now going to be spread out. You will still have a single tile for your city centre that must be protected. However, if you want to have a productive city then you are going to have to build a factory district outside of the city. Creating that district will take up any room for other improvements, such as farms or mines on that tile.  This means that if you want to be the most advanced civilization then you will have a university campus district. That will take up one tile that you cannot improve.

 The university campus district can be destroyed and it counts as an improvement on that tile, preventing you from getting food or production from that tile. Going into too much technical gameplay details. Too confusing for people who have not played the game. Remove or rephrase with something easy to understand.  For those of you who have never played a Civ game (you should), the map is split into hexagonal tiles, each tile can be improved based on what that tile is, a hill becomes a mine, a plain can be a farm. There are several available improvements for every tile and your choice depends on what your civilization needs and what it is trying to accomplish. So a District is essentially a tile improvement the same way a farm is. But these buildings used to be inside the city.  The game is giving you more choice in how to conquer the world. There is no one way.

Will you plant a farm, or will you create an production district?

Another new feature is that advancements towards unit, buildings and technologies are dependent on what your civilization is doing. If you are building a lot of fishing boats then the time to build those boats will decrease as your citizens become experts at that. Or if you are farming a lot then you will get advancements towards technologies that help you farm more effectively. It is a more dynamic system that enables you to gain achievements by simply playing the game the way you want to play. They want there to be more than one “best” way to play the game.
The art style has deviated from Civ 5, where it was gritty and realistic, it is now a little more playful and easier to identify things from a quick glance. They gameplay looks like it is going to be very different and I for one think that changes are great.

8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divide

I have never played that many Deus Ex games. I feel like its one of those games that when I play it I will be wondering what took me so long to get around to it.
This games looks like it could be the one that forces me to play Deus Ex games. Mankind Divided takes place 2 years after the previous game and immediately follows a terrorist attack. Beyond that we do not know too much about the game. All we know is that the police and population hate those with augmentations. Anyone with biotech improvements to their body. Augmented people have different trains to ride, different bathrooms. It’s a lot like segregation used to be. Beyond that we do not know what the story is going to be like.
Because of these movement restrictions, simply getting to an objective becomes a fun part of the game. If the police won’t let you walk down a street then you have to find some way around them, or through them. In order to facilitate this exploration of different possible routes the creators have implemented a lot of verticality into the game.

Players will take control of Adam Jensen, who has had extensive augmentation done to make him a more effective soldier. As an augmented individual there are many ways to neutralize enemies. You can stun them, knock them out, use a viro blade, or just shoot them. The game has a very interesting world that I would love to immerse myself in more fully.  

The game is designed as a first person RPG. They have character customization that lets you put an emphasis on whatever play style most suits you.
If you are really into sneaking your way around, then you can equip weapons and abilities that are most likely to let you not kill people. Or you can equip full armour and tons heavy hitting weapons and kill everyone and everything. Your call.
There is a big story that the game has to tell you. We don’t know what path the game is going to take but you do have many recurring characters.
The game looks like it is staying true to its roots and is on course to deliver a solid addition to the series.

9. Dishonoured 2

In Dishonoured 2 you get to play as either Corvo from the first game or Emily, the empress. They both have supernatural powers but each utilizes those powers into different skills. A playthrough with each character would let you experience the full Dishonoured 2 experience.
The game is in the same setting, old technology mixed with new technology. Think Bioshock style (with large dark themes). They said that the game is possible to be beat without killing a single enemy. Or you could select skills that let you swiftly crush your enemies.

Dishonoured sold itself as a game that has massive replay value. They tell us that no two walkthroughs are the same. Guards react differently each time, there are multiple ways of completing each mission, and multiple paths to take. In Dishonoured 2 they have also introduced weather dynamics. If a sandstorm blows in then the guards, and your, visibility is reduced.

Emily and Corvo have special abilities that can be used in interesting ways. One of those abilities is like a shadow jump. You teleport to a location with no one noticing. This allows you to get to places without being noticed allowing you to get the drop on enemies, literally as well as figuratively. Another one is the ability to throw things with your shadow grasp. You can throw things or people. In a gameplay example the player throws a canister of whale fat, causing an explosion that kills her enemies.

10. Elder Scrolls Legends

This is a strategy card game that is currently in beta. The Elder Scrolls universe has always been one full of lore and amazing stories. Become one of those legends in this game through the campaign mode. Completing the campaign mode gives you 5 pre constructed decks. You can then use those decks to build completely different decks and improve or tweak those decks with the other cards that you will earn through conquest.
Each move you make must be well thought out, otherwise you will perish and your foes will become a legend whilst you are simply forgotten.
There are 3 types of cards. There are creatures, characters, and lore cards. Each consisting of unique abilities and effects.

You start the game off with 3 cards. Each turn you pick up a card and earn one “magicka”. This magicka Magicka is needed to play your cards. The game is divided into 2 lanes, some of these lanes have conditions on them that affect you and your opponents cards. Each player has health and when you have an attack card you can choose to attack your opponent directly, or attack the card in that lane.

There are runes, or checkpoints, around each person’s health bar. When you take enough damage and one of those gets destroyed you immediately draw a card. This card has the potential to turn a defeat into victory.

Since this game is coming from the Elder Scrolls universe I imagine that the story will be wonderful and in depth.

11. Mass Effect Andromeda

This was my 2nd favourite showing at E3. Mass Effect Andromeda promises new characters, weapons, creatures, worlds, in fact it promises a whole new galaxy.

Set many years after the events of the Mass Effect series this new beginning will take humans to find a new home. To explore this new universe we have a couple of new vehicles. The Mako is back, but it may not be the Mako we remember, and the ship we travel is now called the Tempest. I hope that the names are foreshadowing a hectic fast paced game.
You are taking control of a human character (maybe there is an alien option) to explore the Andromeda galaxy and present humanities best side to new horizons and new species.
There isn’t a lot that is confirmed about this game. There is a frustratingly small amount of information.

However, from the trailer we can see what appears to be Krogan, and what is certainly an Asari. So we know that those are confirmed. The rest of the species, such as Turian, Solarian, Geth etc, are not confirmed but I would be shocked if they didn’t make an appearance. Another exciting tidbit from the trailer was a massive ship that appeared to be the Citadel combined with a Mass Relay. My guess is that that is how we get around the Andromeda galaxy.
Note that there is actually not a lot of information on this game yet.

12. Mafia 3

Have you ever wanted to set up your own Mafia? One that could rival the greats? The Mafia games strive to bring that dream to reality.
In Mafia 3 you take control of Lincoln Clay in New Bordeaux in the 1960s as you dismantle other mafias and set up your own crime family. You have to interrogate (torture), murder, sneak and talk your way to creating a merry band of brothers.
This game’s unique proposition is that there are many ways to go about creating your mafia. You can go guns blazing and blow your enemies away. Or you can gather information and stealthily, shall we say, influence the decisions of other leaders of the mafias as you take them apart from the inside.

One of the new features of this game is that you can interrogate people by putting them in a car with you and fulfilling every road rage instinct you have ever had. That’s a very interesting feature. I am curious to see what other exciting tidbits the game throws at you. All the confirmed vehicles and weapons look great though. I am a big fan of muscle cars. Shotguns and muscle cars really bring out the child in me, the one who loves awesome guns, loud badass cars and cool explosions.

13. EVE Valkyrie

For me, EVE: Valkyrie is a perfect example of what Virtual Reality can do and, if done properly, it could actually be enough to get me to buy a VR headset.
This game is designed as a separate entry to the EVE universe from the rest of the franchise. A game where you interact within the Eve universe but is not nearly as fully fledged as the EVE Online universe. In the Valkyrie version, you only fight. There is no bustling economy or any of the other aspects of a normally full EVE universe. But there are awesome ships, awesome visuals and you get to feel like you are there. Like you are actually physically there, in a space ship blowing other people out of space.

It was released for Oculus Rift on March 28th 2016 with a PlayStation VR release pending in October and an HTC Vive for the tentative date of 2016.
Once you don your VR headset you are put inside of a fighter craft and launched into battle. From there you can play against either humans or the AIeither. There are a couple of different maps that you can fight in. Within those maps you can play in a deathmatch and kill people until you are killed. The exciting prospect of this game is that you move your head to keep track of enemy ships in space and it feels like you are actually in the ship.

A note is that this game has been said to be the least puke inducing.

14. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 3

Relic is back with Dawn of War 3, and this time, The Space Marines, Orks and Eldar will be battling each other out for a mysterious weapon on the planet of Acheron. The creators have said that they will be bringing in elements of the first 2 games back. The scale of the battles is back to the first Dawn of War scale. Instead of the micromanaging of squads of the 2nd Dawn of War.

There are 3 factions. The Space Marines, the Eldar, and the Orks. This could be subject to change in DLC as that is a well-established method of delivering new content in the RTS world. In order to compensate for the scale of the battles they had to sacrifice some graphical detail. I personally would much rather be able to employ more soldiers than be able to see them in exquisite detail. However, the ability to do both would be nice.
If you played Dawn of War 2 then you know how the cover system there was very much like Company of Heroes. However, in Dawn of War 3 they are abandoning that system. Now units do not take cover behind logs and sandbags. Instead cover is very obvious and large but cover also has health. This means that it is much harder to turtle by placing units in cover. Cause the enemy can just focus the cover and destroy it.

Base building from Dawn of War 1 is making a comeback. Now you can build your own bases and control what kind of units you send out to the battlefield. And you get to decide how many units you send. Through this addition they have added potentially hours of gameplay. I do not like attacking unless I have overwhelming forces. So I always wait a long time before I attack. Now I get to build my force to be unstoppable and then move on to the enemy.

15. Everspace

Everspace as described on their website is a “new breed” of space shooter “combining rogue like elements with top notch visuals and a captivating story”.
The creators of Everspace wanted to make a game that stood out. Not one that was like many of the other popular space games. They had a vision in mind and that vision was fun gameplay. They didn’t want to be bogged down by whether things were actually possible or not. They simply wanted people to feel good playing their game
Their mission is to create a game that is easy to learn and fun to play. Visually stunning space fighting game. You get to pilot a ship as you take on bigger ships and stations. They state that there is a story but it will be non-linear.

When you first start in your ship you are in a zone where you can learn to control your spaceship and figure out how to do things. Then you warp into a new zone. In that zone there will be enemies, credits and minerals. Maybe later there will be other things. The game is still in Alpha. But you clear each zone.

Each zone you go to has new environments and enemies to deal with. The graphics are gorgeous. Not realistic, more cartoony but stunning nevertheless. You travel through the zones to get access to the next stage. Each stage offers harder zones.  You do this until you die.
When you respawn you get to keep your things. Any blueprints you found, the fuel you gathered and hopefully the credits you earned.

16. FIFA 17

Oh glorious Fifa, I am happy you are back for another year.

DICEs engine, Frostbite, is now used for the Fifa series. The visuals are great but I think more importantly the engine allows for increased dynamics and more finesse than ever before. Another interesting concept for the game is the addition of more story than ever before. You get to choose what the player says and how he acts. Will you be an arrogant player who panders to the crowd? Or will you keep your head down and work hard for the betterment of the team?

EA has said that there will be a new active intelligence system, meaning your teammates will be able to create gaps in the defence and capitalize on those gaps faster. This is opposed to the defensive stalemates that sometimes can occur when both teams are unable to create any offensive opportunities. This will likely result in a faster paced, higher scoring game.

Honestly though, you can expect the same amount of upgrades that Fifa 16 brought over Fifa 15. There is only so much a studio can do in a year.

17. For Honor

This game has so much potential. The trailers look incredible. They have implemented a 3 way system for blocking and attacking called the Art of Battle. Your opponent is either blocking/attacking top, right, or left. You then either have to attack to a weak side or block the side that the enemy is attacking from.
There are 3 factions, Knight, Viking, and Samurai, in the game fighting for survival and also fighting Apollyon.

We do not know much about Apollyon except that he/she is a bloodthirsty warlord. Because of the constant fighting between the 3 factions none of them see that they are being influenced by Apollyon. Beyond that we do not know how Apollyon is going to play out.

That is in the singleplayer. There will be a large multiplayer component as well. The multiplayer will feature pitched battles with npc's running around slaughtering each whilst 4v4 human players wade through the destruction killing npc's and the other humans as the desire or have the ability to.
In order to use the Art of Battle you have to lock onto an enemy. When you are in a pitched battle you will not be able to lock on to all enemies. There are weaker enemies that are easy to kill but can be tough to deal with in large numbers. But spread throughout those weak enemies are tougher enemies. Mini bosses shall we say. With these enemies you can lock on and activate the Art of Battle. Once you enter that mode you forget about the rest of the battle and the only thing that matters is you and the person you are crossing swords with.

The moments where you meet another great warrior seem straight out of a movie. You know, the scenes where the antagonist and protagonist meet and the entire battle seems to stop to watch this epic showdown. That’s how those moments feel. Especially in multiplayer.
So why even fight the npc's? Why not just go straight for the other human players? Because killing npc's gives you perks such as health buffs and other group buffs. But it also gives you the ability to call in a catapult strike.
Another interesting aspect is that For Honor will have friendly fire. So an outnumbered enemy may still have a chance against 3 or 4 people if they play their cards right. No matter the situation you have to be careful.
While the game looks really stunning it is very difficult to tell what the final game will be like with Ubisoft.

18. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent originated in Witcher 3. It is a card game that you can play in taverns throughout the game. It was so popular that they are now making a standalone game based on the Witcher card game.
Within the Witcher you are able to collect card decks and a deck that you can use to destroy opponents. The game itself is very easy to learn and you can start playing within 15 minutes with a reasonable chance of success. But there is also a high skill ceiling that can transform the game from a quick gimmick to something truly spectacular.

The game starts off with 10 cards. You play those cards to get more combat points than the other player. The person with the most points at the end of the round wins. Winner of 2/3 rounds wins the match.
Gwent is a game that puts you into the position of commanding an army against your opponent. One on one. Mano e mano. Set up your forces in 3 positions. Close combat, Range combat and siege combat. On top of that you have some control of the weather and elemental forces that can change the course of a battle.

Use your cunning and a little luck to turn a loss into a dramatic victory.
Basically this new game is a more thought out fully fleshed version of what is in the Witcher 3.

19. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord puts you in charge of a medieval army as you siege castle after castle to establish your kingdom. But you are not only in charge. Bannerlord gives you the ability to take charge of individual soldiers. This allows to take down pesky soldiers with an archer. Or help ram the gates with a battering ram.
Before you do that you have to have an army.  This is an Action, Strategy, RPG. It fills a lot of boots, and it fills them all quite well. Watching 40 minutes of gameplay got me quite excited for this game. The world has an economy, each faction has a different culture, you can do a lot of exploration, and there is a very interesting interaction portion of the game. You have to foster relationships with lords and maintain good relations so that they don’t kill you outright.
Since it is an RPG they have added a very robust and in depth character customization tool. One of the funny things that they have done is they added random character creation that resembles real people. So they created Albert Einstein and George Bush. You can play as both of those guys. I love producers with a sense of humor.

Staying true to the Mount and Blade series is their unique movement mechanics. Since it is also a strategy game the way you move is very important. You click on the map to move. But when you move so does everyone else. When you aren't moving time is effectively standing still so you can make your decisions.

You have the ability to garrison an army, or any number of people, in cities or towns. But you have to go pick them up when you want them to join your party. The benefit of putting them in your towns or cities is that if someone else attacks your town then the garrisoned soldiers will help defend it. You don't want to be walking around with all of your soldiers. You need a good defence.
While keeping track of your military forces you have also have to manage the economy. Each town can produce different stuff and a certain amount of wealth. This lends a strategic importance to picking your target.

There are several factions in the game. Each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some have unique units and others have economic benefits. Most have both.
There are so many features to this game. It will take up many hours of my time when it releases.

One of the new features is that if you are in a city and you come across some thieves hustling a street you have several options. You can either pay them and continue on with your way. OR you can fight them, or you can turn around. Now if you do fight them and kill them you have another couple of options. You can put your own men there in place of the thieves. This would give you some income but will hurt your relationship with the lord of the city seeing as you are effectively stealing from his citizens and committing crime in his town. Or you can simply continue on with your way, sacrificing your income but helping your relationship with the lord.

I could write for hours and never get all of the information about this game onto paper. It is a very ambitious game with many different paths to victory.

20. Quake Champions

Quake Champions is the first new Quake game since 2005. The game will not be a MOBA. In every interview, the guys from iD were adamant. It will not be a MOBA.
They will still have rocket jumping, strafe jumping and all the old school fast paced moves. Essentially ID Software says that the game will have a Quake III style gameplay. But they will also have heroes with unique abilities. We don’t know how that will work but iD has said that they are committed to creating an experience that will please the older fans as well as bring in new people. They want those new people so that they can have a competitive mode with high replayability.

There is very little known about this game. But it will be PC exclusive. They have done this because they want "no limitations, no excuses". The game will have a 120 hz refresh as well as an unlocked frame rate both of which will prevent any blurriness on the screen when you spin around really fast. Basically the refresh rate and FPS determine how many times the screen can change in a second. Having a high number is very important in fast paced games like Quake.
Another feature (unconfirmed) is that players will be able to pick up any weapon. Weapons won’t be hero exclusive. Or at least picking up weapons is allowed. We don't know yet if anyone can use any weapon.

We have 4 confirmed heroes. Ranger, Scalebear, Visor, and Nyx, or Nix (not sure how it is spelt). Two of those are returning characters.  
Hopefully they nail this game. I would love to see Quake come back to fame. Just like DOOM.

21. Prey

Apparently this game is neither a remake nor is it a sequel of Prey (2006). It is instead an entirely new game.
It is set on a space station where you, Morgan Yu, must survive against a mysterious alien force that has taken control. These aliens are capable of shapeshifting. It would appear that their mission could be to learn how to replicate human objects, or humans, so that they can take control of Earth. This is purely theoretical of course.

One confirmed fact is that the station will consist of open areas and you are free to return to areas and explore at your own pace. It seems to me that the game will not quite be open world but will instead be several very large areas where you can kill enemies and scavenge to your hearts desire. It will not be mission driven. The mission is to survive.

Morgan Yu was part of morally dodgy experiments to improve the human race. Now he must survive. The developers haven't revealed a lot of information but one thing that they have revealed is that you will be able to scavenge and have to survive based on what is on the station. This hints that there will be a crafting element included in the game.

Beyond this, the only information we have is the trailer. No gameplay, no interviews, nothing released to the public.

22. State of Decay 2

This is the sequel to a very popular Steam Greenlight game. It will be a Microsoft exclusive, meaning it will be available on Windows 10 and Xbox.

State of Decay 2 is a zombie survival game where you control the survivors in a colony. It is a 3rd person survival game but you do not have control of only one person. You control everyone within the colony. The game is built around the idea that no one survives alone.
There will likely be a story, there was in the first, which will advance the game but the most important thing to do is simply survive. Make sure you have enough food, water, medicine and other supplies to get through the day.
Then you can go and make your little colony bigger and improve things.

Each character has a back story and has special things that they are good at. Some are great fighters, others are good at scouting, or driving, or scavenging, or any other number of skills. So you have to choose the right people for the situation.

State of Decay 2 has many additions to the original State of Decay. The most immediately obvious is the graphics. They have improved tremendously in that area. In the trailer it looked like everything had achieved a proper level of decay. What most caught my attention was actually the grass. I don’t know why but the grass looked so good.

The game is designed to be a multiplayer co-op game. But one interesting thing is that it doesn't have a dedicated server.
Undead labs have stated that the game is not an MMO, you don’t even have to be online to play with your friends. You do your thing, they do their thing, if you want to co-ordinate you can. But you don’t have to. You can simply turn on your PC for a few minutes, kill a few zombies and log off. No problem. They have said that it is not supposed to be session based.

One of the revamped features is the base building. From the trailer it looked like the bases were going to be much better designed and allow more customization.
All in all the game looks like it will be a solid sequel. A sequel that improves on the original without changing what made the first one successful.

23. Titanfall 2

Titanfall is back. And it is bringing many new features. The most anticipated feature was probably the swords followed closely by a singleplayer. Both of these have seen extensive coverage now.
There will be a singleplayer campaign that will focus on the relationship between Jack Cooper and BT 27274. A titan and a rifleman. We don't yet know what they will be facing but it looks like the enemies will be varied and exciting. One of the main purposes of the singleplayer campaign was to inject more personality into the game. This personality will carry over into the multiplayer as well.

The multiplayer is the bread and butter of Titanfall. There are improvements coming to this aspect of the game as well. The titans will now be 6 unique characters. We so far have only seen 2, Scorch and Ion. Each different character not only have  a different personality, but also different weapons that complement that personality. For example, Scorch is a big burly robot that tackles any problem head on.

 He also has weapons that shoot fire and other large manly weapons. Ion is a precision character with a less brute force personality and more precision weapons, requiring finesse more than brute force.

Another change to the multiplayer is that they have reportedly slowed the game down. They tried to minimize the chaos factor. Players were frustrated because it seemed like living or dying depended on circumstances more than skill. For example, It was frustrating when you reloaded in a safe zone of the map, which very quickly becomes a death zone simply due to how fast gameplay was. Respawn Entertainment slowed the game down by literally slowing movement, shooting speed, and other aspects of the game.
They have also introduced a grappling hook. Because what game isn’t made better with a grappling hook? The hook will add another level of battlefield movement. It will allow access to otherwise unreachable places, letting you grapple an enemy in mid-air, and swing from titan to titan to close in with the enemy.

One interesting change is that Respawn has gotten rid of the custom loadout and will offer several different sets of classes. Each class with have different weapons and gadgets. The rifleman has the grappling hook, the sniper has a vortex that pulls enemies towards it. Those are the only 2 that are confirmed so far but we can certainly expect more abilities.

We were told that these abilities were added to make an individual foot soldier more effective against titans. So that you don’t get killed the moment you walk into the open with titans around.
This game promises to have more replay value than the original Titanfall. You are supposed to get attached to the characters. They want to add more emotion to the game.

24. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Another 3rd person game from Ubisoft. This is the latest tactical shooter bearing the name Ghost Recon. The game takes place in the wilderness of Bolivia as you cross the open world map hunting down the Santa Blanca drug cartel. The idea behind the game is that there are no missions beyond the destruction of the cartel. There are objectives but you get to choose both how and when you complete those objectives.
You are a ghost. You do not exist, officially. You are part of a special forces unit that has been sent to Bolivia by the United States Government. You are there with no oversight and no rules. You decide who lives and who dies. Ubisoft has created an open world with objectives placed all over the map. You decide what order to do the missions, how to get to them and whether or not you want to just leave midway through the mission.

The experience is designed for  co-operative play but the game will also have single player capabilities. When you are in single player mode you will have squad mates who you can give orders to; in multiplayer those squad mates are replaced by real people.

Unlike previous Ghost Recon games, this one takes place in current times. There will be no futuristic gadgets. But the drones will be in the game (we all know that small drones are no longer futuristic). The weapons will be realistic, the vehicles will be current and the gameplay will be up to you. Do you want to go stealth and kill enemies before they even know you are there? Or do you want to stay in the hills and leave people guessing as you pick them off one by one from long range? Or you can just blow everything up.

This is a very interesting idea but there are already a few hitches that show this game might not be all that the trailers make it out to be.
The graphics have had a massive downgrade, the game mechanics appear to need work, and the gameplay seems a little boring and less tactical compared to previous Ghost Recon games. According to the gameplay videos we have seen,  the graphics look like they were made for the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 2. The zooming in and out of 3rd and 1st person seems clunky and unrefined. The open world doesn’t seem to be very well implemented. There appears to be no reason to explore.
My verdict on whether this will be a good game or not is still very much in the air.

25. Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor: Martyr

Yet another Warhammer 40K game on this list. There sure are a lot of them but each one is a different game genre. This one is an action RPG. You control an Inquisitor, one of the secret agents for the Imperium. The best of the best. These guys are the best equipped, best trained and deadliest soldiers that the Imperium has. And that’s saying something. The Imperium has been under threat of war for centuries. With untold numbers of those years actually at war with a multitude of enemies such as rebels, religious fanatics, heretics, and the forces of darkness. From that warfighting experience was born the Inquisitors, the secret service of the Imperium.

The creators have implemented a cover system which adds a new tactical layer to every engagement. With the cover system they state that they have created maps that will require thinking to be able to vanquish the enemies of the Imperium. From the gameplay I saw it seemed that you control where the character goes, what items they use, when they take cover, which weapons they use, and which enemies they shoot. The damage done is based on your weapons and the enemy armour, health and what kind of enemy. Different weapons are more effective against different enemies. Not your personal headshotting ability.

As it is an RPG there will be customization options so you can create your character the way you want to. There will also be better weapons to pick up along the way so that you can defeat your enemies with more ease. Items are sure to play a role, giving you that health boost you need right before a boss fight or increasing your speed to mop up the last enemies.

There will also be a base building element to the game. You can build an Industrial Fortress to help the empire and then attack the fortresses of other people in an indirect PvP mode. It is not yet stated how the Industrial Base will help you in the campaign. But it may help you in the co-op mode where you can team up with up to 4 friends to complete missions. They are also adding a unique World Event aspect where occasionally there will be something for you to complete that you will only have a limited amount of time to finish. And then you can never attempt it again. These events are said to have consequences that influence an entire sector, for better or for worse.

26. Batman: A Telltale Series

This game is being kept very much under wraps. They do not want to let too many details out.
But we do know that the game will be separate from any other Batman story. The writers want as much creative freedom as they can get.  The game will feature many villains including Mr Penguin, Joker, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn. We can expect more villains to make an appearance as well.

As for the gameplay, it is likely a point and click game where you will have to make decisions for Batman and he does the rest. The game is not gameplay heavy but instead walk the line between movie and game. Almost a choose your own adventure movie.
There are very little details except a possible release date this fall.

27. Batman: Return To Arkham

This is not a new Batman game but rather the remaster of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. The first game came out in 2009 and was a massive hit and the second one followed with resounding success.
The only changs to the games is the graphic quality. Otherwise they have left the games to be their best. But the graphic changes are actually shocking. Not in how good they are but in how little changed. The new graphics aren't a whole lot better than the original graphics.

The remastered edition will also include all available DLC for the 2 games. So you can get both games for a total price tag of $50.

28. Call of Cthulhu (2017)

Some of us may have read H.P. Lovecraft’s story titled Call of Cthulu or played the pen and paper RPG bearing the same name. If you have then you are sure to get excited about the official video game adaptation. Even if you have neither read nor played either book or game you should still get excited, if you love horror, stealth, and mystery games. This one promises to include all 3 elements.
We have only seen a trailer at E3 and 2 screenshots since the game’s announcement in 2014. But according to Cyanide, the studio making the game, all is well and the "the stars are aligned".

The trailer promises intrigue and a world consuming terror that is about to awaken. When you, a detective, is sent to investigate a seemingly simply murder you realize that there are dark forces at work. And it is up to you to stop him.

Who is him? He is the dreamer and he is about to awaken.
You play as private investigator Edward Pierce who goes to Darkwater Island to investigate the mysterious death of renowned artist Sarah Hawkins and her entire family. It seems that it would be a normal investigation. But there is nothing normal about the island and all of the craziness happening at the island will start to erode your Sanity. And yes Sanity should be capitalized. Apparently it will be a mechanic within the game that you need to watch out for.

I normally am not a fan of anything to do with the horror genre but this one is intriguing.

29. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

I personally do not follow Dragon Ball at all but I do love fighting games. And after seeing the trailer for this game I may have to give it a try. Not for the Dragon Ball universe but more just for the gameplay.
The game is a fighting RPG. You create a character who is a Time Patroller and must protect this universe from enemies all over time that wish to destroy the world. You do so by working with other Time Patrollers, using Condon City as your hub. Condon City is said to be 7x bigger than Toki Toki City from the first game.

DBZ Xenoverse 1 had a character customization system and DBZ Xenoverse 2  will reportedly improve on that, giving the character even more options to make the hero his own. We do not know how in depth that customization will be but it should be on par with most RPG’s nowadays.
On top of the new character customization and hub city there will also be a new transportation system. Players will be able to use hoverboards to navigate. It is unsure if that will be faster than flying or not. Only time will tell.

As for the meat of the game. The actual gameplay. It will be very similar to the first one with some slight confirmed changes. Changes like Ki blasts will now curve in the air as opposed to travelling in a straight line and dashing to enemies has been improved.
Certainly a game to check out. Especially if you like Dragon Ball.

30. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency is a high octane realistic multiplayer first person shooter. The idea behind the game came from Andrew Spearin who wanted a game that was closer to his experience in the Canadian Military. It started its life as a popular Half Life mod but eventually became its own game. It was no triple A title but it has garnered a steady following with a dedicated community.
Now it is coming to the Unreal engine and consoles. Insurgency: Sandstorm is a mixture of a remaster, rebranding and sequel. Not sure what to call it actually. But it is something more than a simple update.
Insurgency: Sandstorm will be coming to consoles and the PC version will get a massive visual update.

Along with porting the game to console and upgrading visuals New World Interactive is giving the game a single player campaign that will take place during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. They are also trying to get the game to become larger in the eSports scene. Not sure how they are going to do that but I imagine it will follow Counter Strike will you in structure. Hopefully they can add something new to the world of FPS shooters.

31. Kingdom Come – Deliverance

Kingdom Come – Deliverance is a realistic historically accurate medieval RPG. Or at least that is what the creators are aiming for. Whether it actually achieves it is yet to be seen. But they seem to be on track.
The game takes place in an incredibly large and detailed plot of land. You take control of a small nobody during the Papal Schism, which was a real event that rocked Europe from 1378-1417. How large a part you play within that event depends entirely on you. If you kill everyone that you run into then the NPCs will not respawn resulting in a much smaller population that you interact with.

The biggest aspect of the game is the fighting. It is a very intense experience. The idea behind the combat was to make it as realistic as possible. You do not see any stats on the other character, you don’t know his health, stamina, or any other clues to his physical state. You have to use audio and visual cues to guess what the opponent’s stamina is like and how they are doing in regards to health. This makes pressing for the attack or the decision to defend always a slight gamble. But the clues are always there. If your sword is drenched in blood then you have a good chance of winning the fight. Or maybe the opponent is breathing very heavily or stumbling occasionally, he could be tired. You have to keep an eye out for those clues and take advantage of your enemy’s weakness. That is how you win. But even then, you may still lose.

Similar to For Honor, you are able to select what position to hold your sword. You use the wheel to select straight up, straight left or right, diagonal up left etc. The opponents maths your position to block and uses a different one to attack.  The combat is dictated by a wheel where you choose where your sword is, be it diagonally right and up or left. Or you can stab. And some sword holding positions require more energy than others. For example holding the sword above your head will deplete your stamina bar more quickly.
Your stamina bar determines how fast you move, how well you see, and how much damage you can inflict. But don't worry, the enemy also has to contend with his stamina bar. With the stamina bar inclusion there is a lot of stuff to watch for in a duel as it becomes far more than just how much health you have and how much damage you can do to the enemy.

This game is huge and will have far more than individual duels. You will also be able to take part in large scale battles where the outcome is not entirely dependent on how well you fight but rather on many other aspects such as how well your allies fight, the land, whether you are on high ground or not, weather, and the leaders. You are not the end all be all of a fight. But doing well in a battle can most certainly help your side tip the balance in their favour. Death is more likely to come in this game than in others. While skill does play a major role in duels you can still die from arrows or other such projectiles or objects that you have little control over. It is rather hard to duel, watch for flying arrows, and watch out for other enemies that may wish to help your opponent.
This is a very ambitious game set to come out in 2017. It was recently delayed and we do not yet have a confirmed release date.

32. NBA 2K17

2K is the competitor of EA when it comes to sports games. They are mostly active in the NHL and NBA sports with EA struggling occasionally in those sports. So if you are looking for your next (or first) Basketball game then look no further. This game is sure to be the most in depth and rewarding game.

2K introduced the face scanning technology in previous iterations but 2K17 promises to enhance that feature and make it more accurate. They have also added more control of the player with new moves that will allow you to dominate the court with a flourish.
As with every annual game. There can only be so many changes, especially when the premise must be the same (NBA can only be basketball). Every annual iteration of a game only allows for a few changes in gameplay every year. Especially when you cannot dramatically change the theme of the game. This version however, promises to honour Kobe Bryant. They have made Kobe the cover player on the limited edition and if you order the limited edition you also get an exclusive Kobe poster.

33. Riders of Icarus

This is a free to play MMORPG that doesn't do anything drastic to the genre but is most certainly worth a play if you happen to enjoy MMORPGs. Especially considering that it is free to play so there is no upfront investment.
The game is centred around mounted combat. But you start the game off with no mount. That is something that you have to earn. But once you get a mount, the game becomes more exciting and exhilarating. You can upgrade your mounts and each mount has different abilities and characteristics that can help you in a fight.
There are currently 5 different classes. This will change in other updates but as the game stands now there are 5 classes. The Berserker, the Guardian, the Assassin, the Priest and the Wizard. Obviously each suits a different style of play. They each have different abilities, attack moves and combos that facilitate a way of playing. If you like healing then go for the Priest but if you like being in the enemies face then you should go with Berserker for the crazy health. Each class allows for a very different style of play, there is something for everyone.

The classes also have standard character customization that allows you to create a character in whatever likeness you wish. The default gender is female but that can be changed to male.
The Unique Value Proposition comes in both the world and the combat. The combat has very interesting mechanics. When you are mounted you can combine your abilities with your mount for some devastating attacks.There are so many different kinds of mounts. You have your typical ground mounts such as unicorns or bears but then there are also flying mounts, from small birds to dragons. You can tame and mount a dragon. Yes. A freaking dragon.

You combine these abilities in combat to defeat enemies in order to survive and complete your crusade  that begins when you break out of jail. This journey will take all over the world of Riders of Icarus, starting in the city of Hakanas. The amount of exploration is up to you.
This free to play game is most certainly worth a try.

34. Sea of Thieves

Have you ever wanted to a pirate on the high seas hunting for treasure and sinking anyone in your path? If yes then this game is for you. If not then this game could still be for you. It may be a desire that, while currently unrecognized, soon becomes a burning wish.
Rare has taken a break from making Kinect games and is now making Sea of Thieves, a game that takes you and a crew onto the high seas with a pirate ship. We have seen the trailer and the gameplay trailer. Beyond that there is very little information. The actual gameplay consists of working together with a crew to pilot a ship as you battle it out on the seas with other player controlled pirate ships. And the ships really do require a crew that is actually working together. You need one to steer, one to tell the driver where to go, one to be on the lookout, others to get things set up. And then when combat starts in becomes even more hectic. You need someone to patch up the ship when you take a hit. You need others to be shooting the enemy, and you will need people loading cannonballs.

However, beyond the fun gameplay we do not know much about the game. There are some big questions that need to be answered before I buy the game. Questions like, is there an economy? How will playing alone work? Will there be a ranking system? Will there be customization of both the character and ship? Is there treasure? Is there a story? Is there an economy?
Basically I want to know what the game is like beyond fighting other players.
But if Rare can keep up with what they have already shown us then this game promises to be a very worthy purchase.

35. Lawbreakers

Are you ready for a new fast paced first person shooter that introduces new, chaotic, elements to the bloated genre?
Lawbreakers features a class system where every class uses different guns and has different abilities that reinforce a style of play. The Assassin is the quick, low health, high damage character. The Enforcer is the assault rifle running around soldier, the Vanguard has a flight suit and a rocket launcher. The Titan is exactly what it sounds like, the tank.

Each of those classes has unique weapons and special abilities that will keep the game exciting and new. The biggest change in the typical FPS formula is the fact that the game has massive verticality with grappling hooks and jetpacks and wall running among some of the movement mechanics. But most differently, the game features the ability to mess with gravity. You permanently change the way that the map is played by flipping the gravity to slow down enemies as they push their way through a choke point. This could force the enemy to go around said choke point, buying you and your allies a few precious seconds.

This gravity manipulation is possible due to the destruction of the moon. And the new technology is being used by 2 different factions. The Law and the Lawbreakers. Good guy vs Bad Guy. The matches will be 5 v 5 and as of now players will be able to pick several instances of the same character; meaning you could face an enemy team of all tanks or all assassins. How the balancing works on that and whether the game will be completely balanced remains to be seen.
It started out as Free to Play but it will no longer be that. You will have to pay to get the game. But there is a lot of ground between 0$ and 60$ meaning the game could go for $30 or 40$ much like CS:GO and Overwatch. They did say that there will be cosmetic items that they could monetise but that remains to be seen. The tentative release date is summer 2016.

36. Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter

Who doesn't want to have a mind like Sherlock Holmes? The greatest detective ever created.
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments was a wonderful game that did exactly what I wanted a Sherlock game to do. It made me feel like I was solving the puzzle. And the best part was that you could get things wrong. This gave you a feeling of satisfaction when you did get it right.

But Devils Daughter seems like a step back. The action sequences are clunky and there are too many of them. The puzzles aren’t all that tricky and special.
However, I shouldn't be too hard on the game. There are many wonderful aspects to it as well. The solving is still wonderful and you walk away feeling like you are the smartest person on the planet. I do like that the story revolves around a character that Sherlock cares very deeply about as well. It makes him seem more human, more believable.

In the game you have to walk around a highly detailed London to find the clues that will allow you to solve the mystery. Then you have to get inside Sherlock’s head and deduce what those clues mean.
You can deduce it completely wrong.
There is also an interrogation mechanic. If you poorly interrogate a suspect then you can miss out on clues permanently making the game that much trickier.  

37. Sniper Elite 4

The Sniper Elite games feel like a studio’s guilty pleasure that have since turned into full production games. Sniper Elite 4 is a very ambitious and large addition to this unique series.
The trademark shot cam is improved, meaning you can watch exactly what damage you do to enemies in slow motion and either feel disgusted or thrilled. The binoculars give you extra information about your enemies when you watch a soldier for a long time. For example you can learn their weapons, name and maybe some more personal information about them such as why they joined the army, or if they are married and have kids. That sort of information could mean you go for a non lethal solution as opposed to just blowing his brains out.

The maps themselves are much bigger than they have ever been. The biggest map in Sniper Elite 3 is smaller than even the smallest map of this 4th instalment. The game isn't quite open world but is instead several very large sandboxes. The maps are designed so large so that there are several objectives in one map and more than one way to get around to an objective. In the gameplay trailer we saw that the objective was a train mounted artillery gun that was sitting on a bridge. But they also showed that there were many other objectives within the same map area and you could choose to prioritize the objectives as you saw fit.

They have also added much better stealth mechanics and parkour abilities. This allows you to spare the soldier who joined the military to escape his abusive father. You don't have to snipe because you use the bushes, ledges, cover, and your brain to avoid killing him. You have to ability to hang off of ledges, climb walls, and generally sneak around. Sniping is still a very large part of the game. I imagine most missions would be impossible to complete without sniping but there are also other aspects of the game now.
Very much looking forward to this game.

38. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The previous South Park game, the Stick of Truth, was a game that I really thought would flop but was actually a genuinely good game. And not just good in a funny way but actually good.
Hopefully Fractured But Whole can work the same magic. The trailer makes it look like they may have the same formula for the 2nd game. Part of that formula is terrific - witty and funny writing. The story has our heroes turn into, well, heroes. Not just any hero though; they are superheroes which can indicate that the game may introduce brand new combat mechanics. I have no idea what those mechanics would be like.

We do know that you will play as New Kid once again. And we also know that the plot has the South Park characters fighting amongst themselves, almost like Civil War. Which is exactly what they say in the E3 trailer. They became superheroes to make money and there was a disagreement on how to best go about making a billion dollars. That leads to the civil war.

We also got a look at some of the potential heroes will be in the game. There was Mysterion, Tupperware guy, a girl who had a lot of cellphones and many others that we got to see on a board. The heroes are exactly what you would expect from Southpark, they seem useless but are likely to actually have cool powers. For example, Tupperware guy could potentially spawn Tupperware, which we all know is almost invincible.
Beyond that we have yet to see any actual gameplay so there is a lot of speculation on how the game will actually play. But it is likely to be a large improvement on the first game.

39. Space Hulk: Deathwing

Space Hulk is another tabletop game coming to the video game universe. This game is heavily steeped in lore and takes place in the Warhammer 40K universe. As opposed to a dark mystery game this one is an FPS sci-fi shooter.
This game puts you in the boots of massive space marines as they explore massive ships that have seemingly been abandoned. You must eradicate the Genestealers lurking within the Space Hulk. It is a massive ship that has miles and miles of claustrophobic tunnels that will force you to fight desperate battles for your life.
You are a soldier from the Deathwing of the Dark Angels, the most fearsome Space Marines unit ever created. The Deathwing soldiers work in squads, and so you must also work in a squad in order to survive. These squad mates can either be AI or your friends in a co-op mode.

You will face many different types of enemies. There are the hybrids that use weaponry that has been stolen from other human warriors that failed to survive their encounter with the Genestealers. There are the small enemies that will run at you and try to do melee damage to you. And there are also the large aliens, the bosses. These are the ones that will be the toughest and require perfect teamwork to kill.
Little is known about this game but it is said to be released in 2016.

40. Spellforce 3

Spellforce 3 will come as a prequel to the first 2 games but the developers have said that you do not need to have played the first 2 to understand the plot behind this 3rd game. They say that fans will be able to make connections to the other 2 games but new players will get enjoyment from the game as well.
The first 2 Spellforce games combined RPG and RTS elements allowing you to macromanage economies and armies but also allowing you to micromanage heroes and create a character that you can control in battle. It combines all of these elements in a fluid and dynamic way. The combination of both macromanagement and micromanagement provides a unique perspective in battle, allowing you to combine massive armies but also giving you the attachment to individual soldiers.

There is one major change to the games that we know of. In a traditional RTS there is instantaneous movement of goods across your empire. If you mine gold on one side of the world you can spend it on the other immediately. Spellforce 3 is doing away with that. The map will consist of sectors and each sector will have its own economy and population. You can still move goods across entire maps but you will have to use caravans to physically transport goods across sectors. This means that you need to be smarter about where you build your bases and what each sector should specialize in.

The developers have said that there will be a 30 hour campaign set 500 years before the events of the first 2 games. This means that Spellforce 3 will once again be set in the medieval era. There are also some slight fantasy elements to the universe. You are able to play as humans, orcs or elves, each with their own special units and abilities that can change gameplay drastically.
That is all we know except for the fact that the game is coming out at the end of 2016.

41. The Dwarves

Dwarves are a very prominent character in the fantasy genre. However they are usually cast as supporting characters. Not the main characters of the story. That is, until now.
The Dwarves is based on the best selling novel by Markus Heitz. He crafted a rich fantasy world and now KingArtGames has taken that world and created a tactical RPG within that universe.

KingArtGames has said that they wanted to create something that had realistic (as realistic as you can be in a fantasy world) physics based combat. But they also wanted it to be fun. Which can be a fine line to walk. From the trailers it looks they have managed to do it. They have introduced a flocking AI which means that the Dwarves will always be surrounded and outnumbered forcing them to use their brain and the environment to survive.
The art style will not be hyper realistic but will instead be slightly cartoonish. It looks good but is more like Civ 6. The graphics serve its purpose beautifully without trying to be incredibly realistic. It does look detailed nonetheless.

This game has been largely under wraps but from the trailers we know that there will be 15 playable characters which means you can play the campaign 15 times essentially. Hopefully they make the campaign different enough for every character to warrant a new playthrough. In the trailer we could also see the units moving on a large map which makes me speculate that there will be a large world and hopefully the story isn't completely linear.

42. The Technomancer

The Technomancer is an ambitious sci-fi RPG set in the future on Mars. Mars is run by corporations with each city owned by corporations and the companies fight each other for the scarcest resource of all. Water.
You control a Technomancer, the elite soldiers and police of the corporations. Technomancers have abilities that ordinary humans do not have; making them exponentially deadlier than ordinary humans. The game is very combat heavy and thus the combat systems are key.

There 3 different stances that the player can adopt, . Each stance supports a certain playstyle and uses different weapons. The staff supports a fluid quick style of combat, the pistol and blade is a very agile and smart way of fighting, and the shield and club support a brawler style of combat. The staff involves flipping and sweeping enemies off of their feet; never being in one place too long and keeping the enemy on their toes. The blade and pistol is a style of fighting that uses deception, poison, and assassination to keep enemies back. And the club and shield is pretty self explanatory.

Because you are a technomancer you do not fight with just weapons. You can charge your weapons with electricity to give them more damage and other unique abilities. But you yourself are a weapon. You can shock enemies with lightning, create a shield around yourself or stop enemies in their tracks by shocking them with force lightning. Or flinging them away from you with lightning.

Since it is an RPG it has character customization. There is nothing crazy about the character customization options. But the combat abilities leveling feature seem interesting. There are several branches and you can either go deep into one combat style or become a generalist. With pros and cons for each choice. Each style is a skill tree that you spend experience points on to upgrade. In the trailer it looked in depth.

43. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs explored what could be done with hacking in the real world. Watch Dogs 2 will take this premise even further. The original was in Chicago and only certain things were able to be hacked. But it looks like Watchdogs 2 have increased the hacking ability to include just about everything, from cell phones to cars to entire cranes. This gives you the ability to tackle any problem in many different ways. If you need to sneak past someone you could call their cell phone to distract them. Or you could run them over with a remote controlled car. Your call.

Instead of taking place in dreary old Chicago (that’s what the game made it feel like) the sequel takes place in San Francisco, the land of sun and tech. Which makes it a natural home for Marcus Holloway, hacker prodigy and hacktivist with Dedsec. Dedsec is a hacktivist organization that is working on freeing humanity from being mindless drones that are being influenced by a social media called Invite. The plot revolves around a senator who is rigging a election through Invite and it is up to you, and dedsec to preserve democracy.

On top of being a hacker extraordinaire Marcus is a parkour expert who can clamber up and over buildings efficiently, as well as being pretty decent at fighting with improvised weapons. The main weapon being a pool ball attached with a chain to a stick that he wields with practiced proficiency. But Marcus has many other weapons at his disposal such as a 3D printed stun gun. If they are introducing 3D printing to the game it would be fun to see if you could design your own weapons. But we do not know if that will be a feature.
On top of a plethora of weapons there is also an abundance of vehicle variety. So far we have seen many different kinds of cars, helicopters, cranes, and drones. The drones seem like they will be a large component of the game.

All of this variety takes place in a large San Francisco map that will give you the freedom to complete objectives in the manner that you think is most suitable, or the most fun. Ubisoft seems to have taken the criticism of the first game and applied their learnings to the 2nd game by making the characters have actual personalities and the main character, Marcus, is said to have more personality than a wet blanket. Which we cannot say about Aiden Pierce, the protaganist in the first game.

44. WWE 2K17

I personally do not watch wrestling but have played some of the WWE 2K games. And you know what, they are actually fun. Critically they are not awesome games, but they are quite a bit of fun to play.

What makes them so fun is that they know exactly what they are and they embrace their source material perfectly. They don't try to be serious simulations of real wrestling. Instead they simply focus on making a fun game that lets you beat the snot out of someone.

2K17 is not doing anything revolutionary. You can expect exactly what you got with 2K16, which is awesome moves, controls that always feel slightly off, and slightly bad graphics. But it will hopefully still be fun.

Concerning the wrestlers, there are no major changes except that in order to play Goldberg you will have to pre order the game. They are also offering the NXT edition which brings you many goodies including a signed poster of Nakamura.
Beyond that there is not a whole lot of stuff going on.

45. World Rally Championship 6

Have you ever wanted to drift through a snowy track, throwing up snow and spinning your tires. Now is your chance.
World Rally Championship 6 walks the fine line between driving simulation and an easy to pick up and play game. They want the physics to have depth to them, so that the more you play the more you understand and the harder you can push yourself the faster you can go. They wanted depth, but they also wanted it to be fun for having a few beers with your buddies and ripping around the track.

The graphics are quite amazing, they have redone their particle effects system so the dust hangs low over the track obscuring your vision and making corners even more precarious then they usually are. If you like the PoV of the front bumper then you may find that your vision will be obscured by low hanging  dust or fog; forcing you to switch your PoV to above the car and making the game more interesting and challenging.
The damage system has been redone so that if you take a corner too close and hit your right back panel, then that panel could potentially fall of. However, the damage does not seem to influence the performance of the car. Simply cosmetics. So you can run into a tree as many times as you want and the car will still run. But the hood will not look good.

There is also VR compatibility that means that you can sit in the car and feel like you are competing in the World Rally Championship. This will be extremely exciting. Driving games are the biggest reason I am excited for VR. I love cars but am not good enough at driving to push my vehicle to its limits on the track. But I will happily push virtual vehicles to their limits, and beyond.

46. The Surge

The Surge is a sci-fi attempt at Dark Souls. The studio behind The Surge would disagree with me but it is in the same genre and everyone knows about Dark Souls. That is why the comparison is there. But the game will add new things to the Action RPG genre.
You play as a very average normal guy who gets a job. For said job he is outfitted with a civilian grade exo suit. Then he blacks out. When he awakes  he is the only human around, and the only company he has are murderous robots. It is your job to survive in this harsh new reality. A reality that may not be too far away as the game is set 60-70 years in the future. Close enough that the writers can draw parallels between what is happening today and implement that into the story of the game.

The combat will be similar to Lords of the Fallen, which is a fancy way of saying that it will be super tough. It will be slow, deliberate, and punishing. With either you punishing the enemy or the enemy punishing you. All it takes is one mistake and the battle becomes that much harder to win. And that much is often a very large amount of added difficulty. And yet, in the name of fairness the creators have also made you a hard hitting individual. If the enemy makes a mistake then you have the opportunity to punish them hard for that mistake.

Just because you are outfitted with a civilian exo suit does not make you an unstoppable individual capable of wonton destruction. But you can be. The game will have a modifying mechanic where you can collect tech and supplies and improve your suit. You can gain this tech by chopping the limbs off of enemies that have fancier equipment than you. Cutting off a limb is much easier said than done. You will have to target a limb multiple times to cut it off. But then the battle becomes much easier to fight and you get free tech. It’s a win-win. If you are good enough.

The studio has said that they are working hard on not being labelled as a Dark Souls knock-off.

47. Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 1 was a RTS game designed for the Xbox 360 set in the Halo universe. It was the first attempt at a strategy Halo game and many people, myself included were skeptical that it would be fun and stay true to the Halo universe. Combine that problem with the issue that RTS and console have always been tricky to marry together and you get a tough to make game that could easily be horrible. Ensemble Studio somehow managed to get this game right.

Now 343 studios and Creative Assemblies are getting to make the sequel. With Ensemble having done the leg work on marrying RTS and console it is up to 343 and Creative to carry the mantle in regards to getting the game to still feel like Halo. And hopefully they can make the game even better, how? I don't know. That’s why I don't make video games. But I am sure it can be done.
The game will be a Windows and Xbox exclusive. It will be a Play Anywhere game meaning if you buy it for Windows you can play it on Xbox and vice versa. But it will not support cross platform multiplayer. So you cannot play everyone. But your game will likely still be saved cross platform.

Within the studio they like to refer to this game as an Action-RPG. Combining the fast paced Halo games with the traditionally slower paced RTS games. 343 did realize that RTS is a very daunting genre to get into but it also has a very large following. 343 wanted to appease both the hardcore RTS gamers and welcome the newcomers with open arms. They did this by having the traditional RTS game modes. Where the objective is to conquer the map and eradicate the enemy. The game will also have other modes that they have not yet spoken about but 343 and Creative have said that these modes will make it easier for newcomers to jump into the game and just have fun with Halo Wars 2. The graphics look great with lots of bright visuals that let you know what is happening on the map in the midst of the chaos of a battle. This is very important as you need to be able to understand what is going on when there are so many units on the battlefield. But Halo Wars 2 will look very much like the first and it will feel like the first in the way that the controls handle. They did not deconstruct the game but instead built on top of it. Which I am very happy with. If it isn't broken or stale, don't fix it.

The game has a plethora of units, buildings and abilities that are at your disposal to destroy the Covenant, humanities enemy throughout the Halo universe. You must use those units and abilities to destroy the splinter group of the covenant that is now attacking your soldiers. The game will follow Spirit of Fire, your ship, after its crew awakes from cryo sleep. They were forced into that sleep because they had to use the ship’s hyperdrive to defeat the Covenant in the previous game. Now, after 27 years asleep,  they must fight for their lives as they explore the planet that is below them. Hopefully this game can deliver the same amazing cutscenes and story that the previous game was known for.  

48. The Guild 3

Have you ever watched a drama about the medieval times? Have you ever wanted to be a part of that story? Helping to direct the course of history? So do the creators of The Guild 3 and they have done something about that want.

Canadian Developer GolemLabs has been hired by Nordic Games to bring The Guild 3 to life and put us into this incredibly unique world. This game could be classified as an RPG but that simple genre classification doesn't do it justice. It is more of a simulator and an RPG. You must create a financial basis that will fund your quest for power. Then you have the option of setting it to automatic so that you can focus on other forms of power. But if you choose you can also manually manage your economy and become an economic powerhouse that even todays corporations would envy.

You will play as an avatar of your creation. You will reside within the city, and it is from that residence that you can manage your economic opportunities and maximise your potential. In order to let you reach the lofty goals that you have set for yourself, there will be a skill tree. This will determine what your character can and cannot do. For example if you decide to become a handyman then you will be able to own and operate workshops. But if you specialize even more then you can become a carpenter or blacksmith. But that specialization is available for many things. You could become an artist and specialize in Sculpting for example.

The game promises great depth. Part of that depth is obviously the way that you dress. That is standard for an RPG but The Guild 3 promises to go even further. The way you dress will influence interactions that you have with other people. Looks matter.
Since the goal of the game is to climb the social ladder, so to speak, there should be a spot that is the top of the ladder. That is the Sovereign. People below the Sovereign will do everything within their power to dethrone him or her and claim the spot for themselves. In order to get to the top of said ladder you must ascend ranks through offices. These are held within the Town Council. Each council has different offices with different splits of responsibilities. So in one time the treasurer may hold tremendous power but in the next one they may simply be a figurehead. It is up to you to determine which path is most appropriate and recognizing the true holders of power.

Don’t worry, if you die you the game continues in the form of a dynasty. Any skills that you learn as one person are carried over to the next. This is because they are your family. And it enables you to create a truly lasting dynasty.
A dynasty to stand the test of time like no other.

49. Tekken 7

For those of you who do not know, Tekken is a legendary fighting game series that has been running for a very long time. It originated in 1994 as an arcade game but eventually got ported over to Playstation. Recently Tekken 7 was reintroduced as an arcade game and now is getting its port over to Playstation, Xbox, and Windows. Many old fans are very excited about the series return but I am more interested in how the series will get new fans.

The new game will have many new features that intend to reinvigorate the series. This article would be incredibly long. But I will touch on the highlights of what makes this game worth checking out.
Old fans may remember that in the earlier games it was possible to bound a character during a combo. That no longer applies. Just as in Revolution you are not able to bound a character during a combo. But in order to compensate for that they have added new combo potential moves. I will leave it to you to figure which moves have what potential. That’s part of the fun.

They have introduced a new mechanic called Power Crushers. A Power Crusher absorbs damage from a mid or high attack, but doesn't stop it. The move continues. But doing that can leave you vulnerable to a low attack.
And for the first time in Tekken’s arcade history there will be online mode for arcade players, and other players but that isn't new. So players from one arcade can play players from another arcade. There are a couple of cool things that can happen because of this. For starters, both players can be using a different camera angle. For example, a player could be seeing their character on the left and their opponent could be seeing his character on the left as well. They are both playing on the left side of the screen. But since they are using different machines it doesn't matter what side they are on because the game will simply display the other character on the opposite side of the screen.

Tekken 7 will hopefully return this series to its original glory. And then some.

50. Styx: Shards of Darkness

Styx is an entirely respectable stealth game. It isn't as good as like Splinter Cell, but its still a good game. And now it is back with Shards of Darkness.
In this sequel, our character, Styx, is forced to steal the Amber that gives its drinker incredible powers. That is your task but it is up to you to decide how to do it. This game will likely not be as open ended as many other games this year claim to be, but it will offer you several paths through levels giving you a reason to come back and play it through a couple more times.

There are a couple of new things with this game. It is a sequel after all, and while the original did nothing special it was nevertheless fun and worth a buy. Perhaps not at $60 but certainly a lower price. Styx: Shards of Darkness promises more. It promises a bigger budget, better graphics, and better features. Styx will now be able to zip-line using his knife to quickly get around the large areas that the game promises.

In order to ensure that Styx does not get caught by the Elves, Dwarves (who have teamed up) and humans he will have to use each of his abilities and his brain. Those abilities include temporary invisibility, heart palpitations (yea that can be an ability, but if you have it you should get it checked out). The way the heart works is Styx's heart will begin palpitating when an enemy gets too close which helps you remain undiscovered by allowing you to constantly know whether you are in a safe position or not.
Hopefully the story holds up and they can deliver another solid addition to the stealth genre. It would be nice to see something ground breaking but I would not hold my breath on that.

51. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

PES, or Pro Evolution Soccer, has always been FIFA's biggest rival for soccer games. And in my opinion, the best soccer game out there. FIFA has many great things going for it but PES always seemed to have a better grasp on what makes soccer such an exhilarating sport to watch.
Little things such as first touch control are what separate the good from the great in the real world. And it is the same in the virtual realm. PES 17 will be introducing many aspects that will make old fans, myself included, very happy. For one thing, the goalkeepers have been very improved. No more 12 goal games.

Another thing that PES has always excelled at is the tactical decision making. You can change strategies on the fly much easier than FIFA and PES gives you more control over how your NPC's play, where your players will be when you need to make a pass. Or what plays they will attempt to make will depend on you as a tactician.They have also added the ability to have pregame tactics decided before you even set foot on the pitch.

One thing that Konami has added, or claims to have added, is intelligent AI that learns how you play. Take this one with a grain of salt as it has been claimed before. But Konami says that the AI will react to your playstyle. If you play down the wings a lot then the computer will give their fullbacks more coverage to force you to the middle. Or if you pass to one superstar a lot then they will double mark him to force him off the ball. Hopefully this system can be implemented properly as it would make the game more fun. But we have heard this before and no system has delivered well enough for my taste.
PES will not overtake FIFA this year but this iteration is certainly a step in the right direction.

This sums up the 51 hottest games at E3, these are the games that I am most excited for and we at Gamersdecide are most looking forward too. 2016 and 2017 promise to be very good years for gaming. We are most certainly not going to be lacking games to buy in the coming year. What are you most looking forward to from E3? Let us know in the comments.

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