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That Is Definitely Going to Hurt

4) The Evil Within

The Evil Within TGS 2014 Trailer

You play as, Sebastian Castellanos, a police detective investigating gruesome murders in a mental hospital. You must fight nightmarish enemies. Survive and progress in this psychological horror game.

Blood. Blood everywhere.

To beat The Evil Within, you must be smart. You will be able to use bombs, traps, and sometimes your gun to defeat the gruesome creatures. Sometimes, those creatures, will have traps for you to fall prey to. In one scene you will have to escape from hundreds of spinning swords. The horrifyingly violent deaths are abundant in The Evil Within.

People get hacked in half by terrifying humanoids. There are trip wires all over; you don’t want to set one off. Well, unless you want to be severed in half. There are switches on some of the walls. If you decide to pull the switch, there could be knives that rain down from the ceiling. Or perhaps, having a plague that appears as pus filled boils is more your style. There is no lack of horror and gore when playing either. The Evil Within is not for the faint of heart by any means.

Splash. Or Sploosh. Either way, it’s gross.

To promote the game there was a maze full of real versions of the monsters you face. The game was directed by Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil series, which definitely meant there were high expectations. Many critics received the game well upon release.

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5) Warhammer 40K : Space Marine

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Game Play Trailer

Whether it’s stabbing or shooting, you,  Ultramarine, must defend against the Orks and Forces of Chaos. Defeat them any way that you can.

Chainsword Doing Its Job So Well

Even with innovative names like, Melta Gun and Kraken Bolter the Ultramarines have the same outcome as any violent video game character. There will be a lot of blood and smashed limbs. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine mixes a shooter style of game with a hack and slash style.  

A staple for the Ultramarines is their Chainsword. It’s exactly what you think it is. It’s a fancier version of a chainsaw. It combine the swing of a sword with the horrifying cutting of a chainsaw. While playing the game you have devastating melee weapons to smash your foes into bloody pulps. Also, the many types of ranged weapons are pretty helpful too. Even if you don’t get a kill with a weapon, never fear! You can stomp an enemy’s skull into oblivion with your boot.

Mowing Down the Enemy

In Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, you can customize your armor and color of your armor. Sadly, this is only in PvP (online play).There is a new version, Warhammer 40K The Eternal Crusade on Steam. So you can keep your enemy crushing dreams alive! Though it is not technically a sequel as the developer, THQ, were forced to shut down. The video games rights of the Warhammer 40K series were sold to Sega.

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6) Lucius

Lucius Launch Trailer

You are 6 year old Lucius, the son of Lucifer. To fulfill your destiny you must kill everyone in your house.

Hello Father

Not many things are more unnerving than a young child murdering people. Lucius has supernatural powers that he can use to make one of his household members jump, happily, to her deaths. When playing Lucius you don’t always kill people the “easy” ways. Lock a maid in the freezer. That one is mess free. When it comes to your butcher, what is best way to kill him? Turn on the meat slicer of course! The butcher falls face first into the spinning saw blade. It is gruesome and violent.

The handyman, how should you take care of him? Break the legs off of the piano so it crushes his head. You get to watch as he panics, watching the inevitability of his death. Lucius must really dislike his school teacher. He possesses him and makes the teacher shoot himself in the head. All of Lucius’ kills never lead to him getting caught of course, being supernatural and all. Best way to get away with murder is convince the detective your father did them all.

He Still Has No Idea

Lucius was followed by Lucius II: The Prophecy. It has had mostly negative reviews from critics, but players received the game a bit better. There have even been whispers of a third installment to the series.

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