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That Is Definitely Going to Hurt

7) God of War: Ascension

God of War Acension Launch Trailer

Kratos is done with Ares. But he broke a blood oath, the Furies imprison him. To finally be truly free from Ares, Kratos must defeat the Furies.

Choking Her Is A Less Messy Way To Kill

As with all of the previous God of War titles, there is no lack of hack and slash combat. You tear through your enemies using the Blades of Chaos as well so magical items that help all the way. You can grapple your opponents with one blade and furiously attack them with the other. This combination is highly effective at ripping them to shreds.

Caught in a crowd of enemies? There is a combo that will allow you to swing the blades in a large circle damaging all around you. Many fights have a quick time style to execute the enemy in the most brutal way. Often, you sever at least one part of them in half. Stomping skulls is not above Kratos either. Each weapon offers different killing blows, all of which are violent and beautiful.

The Final Blow

God of War: Ascension was the first to offer multiplayer. The multiplayer aspect got mixed reviews, while the one player gameplay had many praises. This game was a prequel to the game series. It was the first in the series to not win any awards.

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8) Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome Game Play Trailer

In Ryse: Son of Rome, climb the ranks in the Roman Legion. Fight off your enemies with your sword and shield.

He Won’t Need That Anymore

You follow the story of Marius Vitus, a young Roman soldier. Using your shield and sword you avenge your family’s deaths. Using your Gladius to slash the life out of the Barbarians. Your Scutum will be your greatest defense against the axes wielded by the Barbarians. There are different types of executions. The degree of violence varies with each type.

Centurion Executions are generally the most brutal. One includes a knockback with your Scutum, followed by a swift stab from the back through the body to the front. In one sequence you can lob off an enemy’s arm and stab downward into their neck. The game is based around you being able to execute your enemies efficiently and precise. All executions display your Roman Legion soldier prowess on the battlefield.

He Only Needs One Leg, Right?

When it was debuted the game was originally titled, Codename: Kingdom. There was an investigation into the advertisement around the game. Though the investigation happened, it didn't seem to diminish the praise for the imagery and story in the one player version. There is a multiplayer mode, but not many think it lived up to the potential of what it could have been.

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9) The Culling

The Culling Launch Trailer

Fight to the death against other players, in a Hunger Games style arena.

Using a Pipe Wrench to Defeat Your Foes

The Culling is battle royale style of game that pits players against one another. From the use of pepper spray to a chainsaw, The Culling has endless ways to kill your opponents. There are also "perks" to be gained as well. Leg day, increases your sprinting speed to really catch up with your opponents. Even the arena can be used against your enemies.

As the game timer ticks down, the arena will grow smaller and smaller. Using poisonous gases, the arena will corral all players in one area. In the beginning, you will run around the arena attempting to scavenge the best weapons you can. In some cases, the best you can do is to make crude axes and arrows. As long as you can murder your opponent it really doesn't matter what you use. If you want to win, you must kill them all.

One Down, 14 More To Go

When this game was in development, the idea was to have a game that was both fun to play and stream for viewers as well. There are many combinations in the game, and as the game continues to grow in popularity the combinations are getting more and more creative.

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