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That Is Definitely Going to Hurt

13) Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight Launch Trailer

Up to four survivors must survive the night. One murderous player must find and kill all of the survivors.

The Entity Has Its First Victim

Dead by daylight has bear traps, large meat hooks and a chainsaw. Certain killers, there are 3, have certain abilities. One killer, Trapper, uses bear traps to trap is victims for easier hunting. Wraith, another killer, uses his keen sense of tracking to stalk his victims as silently as possible. The last killer, Hillbilly, wields a chainsaw. It takes time to use, but is very deadly.

Each killer must kill the survivors in and sacrifice them to The Entity. When a survivor is hung up on a meat hook, The Entity will attempt to stab them repeatedly.

I've Got You Now

Dead by Daylight has received mixed reviews from critics, but mostly positive from players. The killers cannot die, but will fail if a survivor escapes. There is also a “Kill Your Friends” mode. It differs slightly from the regular gameplay.

MadMorph's Ground Kills Compliation

14) The Darkness 2

The Darkness 2 Launch Trailer

Jackie Estacado is now the leader of the Francetti crime family. You must keep the Darkness under control while fending off those who wish to take it from you.

The Darkness has been in your family for generations. It has decided to manifest inside of Jackie.   

He Won't Last Much Longer

Jackie is able to wield The Darkness as well as firearms to defeat enemies. The most violent executions are when you use The Darkness entity. The “Creeping Dark” will grab ahold of enemies allowing you to shoot them. Also, you can use it as the executions itself. Jackie can rip people in half by their legs. You can crush a man’s spine with just a push of a button.

It is all right in your face as you are using The Darkness. The Creeping Darkness creatures grace the sides of your screen. There are also Darklings that aid in your evil bidding. The Creeping Darkness entities often enjoy slashing across enemies’ bodies as well. This will effective rip them in half.

The Creeping Death In All Of Its Glory

The Darkness 2 was well received by critics upon release. Both games in the series are based on a comic book series. The Darkness 2 used cel-shading to really pay homage to its comic book roots.

KazPazFox's Brutal/Gore Montage

15) For Honor

For Honor World Premier Trailer

No matter which side you choose, Viking, Samurai, or Knight, you must fight until death for honor.

Burn Them All

For Honor is a hack and slash game that pits 3 factions of great historical warriors against one another. You are able to kill with axes or swords. There are “attackers” and “defenders”. By whatever means necessary, you must invade the fort of another faction. Large axes being stuck in the side of someone’s neck happen often.

Often, there will be huge catapults flinging flame covered balls to destroy your forces. Flaming arrows will also rain down, effectively lighting some people on fire. You will have to watch as your allies burn alive or are crushed. The entire game is built around how well you can kill your opponents.

Those Spikes Are Going To Hurt

There is a multiplayer mode that 8 players are against one another on two teams. There is still AI to aid you in defeating your foes. The first press release of For Honor was in 2015. It is set to release in February of 2017.

For Honor Gameplay 

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