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That Is Definitely Going to Hurt

19) Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs Announcement Trailer

Wei Shen must earn the trust of the most infamous criminal organization in China, the Sun On Yee Triad. Shen is an undercover police officer tasked with taking down the organization from the inside out.

Right In The Face

Using his insane parkour abilities, Wei can fight hand to hand combat. Some of the finishing moves are brutal. You can break enemy's’ legs with one hard kick to keep them down. Breaking spines is also very easy for Wei. There are instances that the environment you are in can be used to kill. Wei uses an engine to crush his enemies. You can even choose to fry someone's head. Even in the bathroom enemies are not safe. Wei can repeatedly bash someone’s head against a toilet and then drown them in it.

2 For 1!

When released, Sleeping Dogs, had decent reviews. After a year of the game being out on the market, it sold 1.5 million copies. There are multiple DLC packs. In 2014 there was a remastered version of the game released.

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20) Postal 2

Postal 2 Official Trailer

The Postal Dude must complete his mundane, everyday tasks. How you, the player, decides to complete them is up to you.

There Isn't Much Left Of Her

Postal 2 really lets you decide how crazy you want to get. You can shoot people point blank just for fun. You can create your own chaos as early as Monday. Whichever weapon you choose, the people you kill will suddenly be in many pieces. You can use a chainsaw to eliminate the annoyances. To silence your guns, The Postal Dude will attach a cat to the end of his barrel. You have 9 shots until the cat flies off of the end of your gun. You could even use animals heads as weapons by throwing them at people.

Cat Suppressor

Postal 2 was banned by New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia because of how violent the game was. Despite being banned in certain countries, the game is still consistently updated with new expansion packs.

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21) Until Dawn

Until Dawn Valentine's Day Trailer

You must make the right decisions, or everyone will die. Until Dawn forces you to get comfortable with guilt.

He Made His Choice

In Until Dawn, the many deaths that can happen are always brutal. At one point in the game, the player must decide to shoot himself, or his friend. One character falls to her death and you watch as her body lands making the most disgusting crunching sound. In another live or die choice scenario, the player must choose who gets sawed in half by a giant blade.

There are two forces working against the 8 teens in the game. The psychopath that causes the serious decisions, but never actually uses a weapon. Then there is the Wendigo. They try to eat you. They will drag you off and chew on your body.

And You Made Yours, Now He's Dead

Until Dawn has received great reviews. Within the first few weeks of sales, many stores were completely running out of stock. The characters you see in the game look very similar to their voice actors. The game was designed to be played multiple times, so that players can gain the full experience

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