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Top 5 Wow Guilds in 2015 and Their Achievements Thus Far
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2. Paragon

The Lich King and his OP mechanics

Here is yet another horde guild that plays on the EU-Lightning’s Blade server. They competed against Method in the race for the race for Blackrock Foundry but came up just short. Of course it was a huge disappointment for Paragon, but second place in the world’s first competition in WoW is still quite the achievement. Paragon definitely ranks among the top WoW guilds for its consistent realm first achievements for most raid bosses going all the way back to Nefarian.

The guild is fully Finnish but I believe they may make exceptions for Swedish players. The best way to contact them is via their website. The guild master’s name is Seita with Fragi and Verdisha as the guild officers.

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