[Top 10] Best MOBA Games To Play in 2022

Drink vodka win dotka!

MOBA-type games will most definitely melt your brain. If you decide to play these games, you have to understand that you will sell your soul, develop severe anxiety problems, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and many more mental illnesses. 

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna talk about to you - top 10 MOBA games that could potentially ruin your life <3! Let’s get started:

10. Arena of Valor

9. Battlerite

The game is extremely competitive and at times will leave you with an aching heart and make each victory give massive amounts of euphoria!

The game doesn’t have a massive player base, but you can still find yourself a game and have plenty of fun!

8. Awesomenauts

What I like about this game is that it takes little time to come up with strategies and games are pretty fast-paced. You don’t have to worry about whether you can run this game or not, since like I previously mentioned, it’s a bloody 2D game! Plenty of fun and competitive - try it out.

7. Heroes of the Storm

It’s also pretty fast-paced and you don’t have to spend the first 20 minutes on some boring last-hitting or getting harassed under the tower. You also don’t have to worry about losing gold when dying or spending money on wards, etc - it’s action-oriented and that’s why I loved it!

6. Heroes of Newerth

The game has pretty old, but up-to-date graphics and a similar map to Dota 2(NOT CALLING IT A RIP-OFF!), and a long list of awesome heroes that you can play. Teamfights can be pretty lengthy and intense and this is obviously one of the more teamwork-oriented games, so please, don’t be too much of a solo player!

5. League of Legends: Wild Rift

So if you can’t bring your PC with you on the bus or to work, worry not, you can play this game on your phone and smash it on the ground due to the anger you’ve developed from playing too many MOBA games!

4. Smite

The game is awesome and still popular, thus you don’t have to worry about this game’s player base going anywhere, anytime soon! 

3. Paladins

Some champions are easier than others, some are pretty OP and it’s up to you whether you’ll follow the meta or not - try the game out, it’s awesome and still relatively popular!

2. League of Legends

So you decided to visit the deepest parts of hell? Welcome to LoL, this game is gonna make you hate people from all over the world and question your life choices - this game is also highly addictive, so once you’re in, you are IN. Is the game worth it? Hell yeah, it’s worth it, the game has a long history and a LONG list of unlockable champions with unique abilities. The game won’t get boring due to how many scenarios can happen within a single game - it’s pretty much infinite.

I’ve played it for some amount of time and enjoyed it, but I’ve always stayed loyal to my one and only…

1. Dota 2

The game no longer brought me joy, but performance anxiety. The amount of time I’ve dedicated to this game is at least 8,000 hours. I loved it, I remember being a rather diverse player and playing on top, bot, middle, as a roamer, as a jungler, I’ve witnessed different metas rise and fall, killed many Roshans, and stole many “Cheeses”. It’s a great game with incredible up-to-par graphics and epic, colorful gameplay with unique heroes and their voice lines. 

The game is truly incredible and made my adolescence a fun experience. Try this game and enjoy it when you’re a scrub because eventually, you’ll stop enjoying this game. 

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