[Top 10] LoL Wild Rift Best Junglers (2021 Edition)

LoL Wild Rift Best Junglers
League of Legends: Wild Rift is the newest game from Riot Games

Who are the best junglers in League of Legends: Wild Rift? Find out below.

If you're getting into League of Legends: Wild Rift, Riot Game's mobile version of their hit MOBA, now is a perfect time to pick up the jungle role. Players who want to carry games and climb the ranked queue can do so with ease from the jungle by farming the jungle monsters and impacting their team mate's lanes through ganking. 

To give you a good first step into the role, we've listed the top ten junglers currently in League of Legends: Wild Rift below. Take a look at their abilities and play styles, and choose the champion that's right for you. 

10. Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao from League of Legends: Wild Rift
Xin Zhao as he appears in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Watch now: Wild Rift Xin Zhao Jungle Challenger Ranked Gameplay

Xin Zhao is an attack damage fighter who uses a spear to continuously attack his opponents. His power and speed make him terrifying, and nothing is more satisfying than taking down a target with his attack power.  

Xin Zhao is a powerful jungler because of his ability to isolate enemies using his ultimate, and because of his late game power. You can build Xin Zhao as an attack damage carry to quickly take care of low defense enemies, or build him as a tank to help support your team in team fights. Take advantage of the knock up on his skill 1, the slow on his skill 2, and the displacement on his ultimate skill to catch enemies unaware and turn team fights in your favor. 

Why Xin Zhao is a great jungler:

  • High damage late game
  • Isolate and kill carries
  • Crowd control to help with teamfights

9. Rammus

Rammus as he appears in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Watch now: Rammus Gameplay (Best Build & Runes) - Wild Rift

Rammus is one of Wild Rift's newest champions, having been released in April, and he's already having an impact in games. This weird cross between a turtle and an armadillo has some of the best team fighting potential within this list of junglers. 

What Rammus lacks in attack damage and his speed in killing jungle monsters, he makes up for in his ability to catch enemies and set his team up for good fights. Build Rammus as a tank and use his abilities to keep enemies from attacking your team's damage carries, as well as catching unsuspecting prey. 

Why Rammus is a great jungler:

  • Strong crowd control
  • Useful at all stages of the game
  • Tanky

8. Olaf

Olaf as he appears in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Watch now: Wild Rift: The POWER of OLAF!! - 200IQ Tricks & Exploits - Best Olaf Montage & Olaf Guide Wild Rift

Olaf does two things in Wild Rift: chase you down and kill you. Olaf's damage is surprising for new players, and he is very hard to get rid of once he finds you, making him a great attack damage carry from the jungle.  

Olaf wants to find kills early and quickly become powerful. Use his skill 1 and skill 3 to keep opponents from getting away, and his skill 2 and ultimate to make sure Olaf keeps running and lives to tell the tale. A few quick kills from ganking lanes, and you'll be the biggest source of fear on the whole rift.

Why Olaf is a great jungler:

  • Good at killing targets
  • High damage output
  • Early pressure


7. Graves

Graves as he appears in League of Legends: Wild Rift


Graves is one of the few marksmen that thrives in the jungle. He wields a double-barrel shotgun that blasts both monsters and enemies to shreds, and when he gets off the ground he makes team fights painful for the other side. 

Graves plays like a close-range fighter, which means jumping in and out of fights is his bread and butter. Use his skill 2 to confuse enemies, and by using his skill 2 and ultimate either as initiators or escapes, you can control the fight to go exactly as you want it to.

Why Graves is a great jungler:

  • Quickly becomes a carry
  • Good team fight capabilities
  • Safe jungle clear

6. Shyvana

Watch now: When Shyvana GODS Play Wild Rift!! - 200 IQ Shyvana Tricks & Plays - Wild Rift Highlights Montage

Do you want to turn into a big dragon to kill your opponents? Shyvana is the champion for you. Between fire breath and a punch that packs a wallop, Shyvana is a powerful fighter to jungle with. 

Shyvana wants to kill dragons more than anything, as they make her very powerful. Playing to kill dragons and take objectives will make you a strong jungler that can face any challenge, and using your skills to prepare for your ultimate will make you a fearsome foe. In addition, you can take dragons faster than other junglers as Shyvana, making it easier to help yourself and your team. 

Why Shyvana is a great jungler:

  • Good dragon control
  • Powerful late game
  • High damage in teamfights


5. Lee Sin

Lee Sin as he appears in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Watch now: When Lee Sin PROS Play Wild Rift - 200IQ Tricks & Plays - Wild Rift Lee Sin Gameplay Best Highlights

Lee Sin is the king of stylish plays when it comes to the jungle, and masters of this champion can't help but look like pros. Lee Sin might seem like a simple fighter, but learn him and you can take out enemies before they even know it. 

Lee Sin is all about skill, and his multi-layered skills make him a powerhouse in the right hands. By using his skill 1 and ultimate, you can direct enemy players wherever you want them to be, or keep them in place with skill 3. Master players of Lee Sin use everything from turrets to monsters to make their battles as smooth as possible.

Why Lee Sin is a great jungler:

  • High-skill kit makes for early kill pressure
  • Good for setting up kills
  • Useful at all points in the game

4. Gragas

Gragas as he appears in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Watch now: THE POWER OF 200IQ GRAGS ULT - Tricks & Exploits - Wild Rift Gragas Montage & Gragas Guide

Gragas is always down to party, if party means taking down opponents with barrels of alcohol. This fat and wild drunkard is a top pick for the jungle due to his kit that can lock down enemies. 

Gragas has stuns and crowd control in most of his kit, including skills 1 and 3, and even an area of effect knock back on his ult. In addition, his passive gives him health back on casting spells, so you can either build him as a magic damage dealer or as a tanky support for your team. 

Why Gragas is a great jungler:

  • Plenty of crowd control
  • Can be built tanky or to deal damage
  • Early game impact

3. Vi

Vi as she appears in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Watch now: PRO VI CARRIES THE GAME | Wild Rift Highlights | Vi Full Gameplay

Vi is the perfect selection for players that want to get to punching their enemies' faces as fast as possible. Vi does massive damage, and her crowd control and self-shielding make her sticky and painful. 

Vi starts fights like no other, as her ult locks on to a target enemy and makes sure she gets to them, no matter what. If you build her with damage in mind, all it takes is a few hits, and her target has bitten the dust.

Why Vi is a great jungler:

  • Target isolation
  • High damage
  • Good mobility

2. Master Yi

Master Yi as he appears in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Watch now: THIS IS WHAT A CHALLENGER MASTER YI LOOKS LIKE | Wild Rift Highlights | Master Yi Full Gameplay

Master Yi is often called a terror in low elo, and it's easy to see why. A late game carry with massive damage output, he can kill an entire team easily if he has enough items and the right setup. Furthermore, with his skill 2, he can heal and lessen damage, making him even harder to deal with. 

Master Yi is best used to farm as much as possible early to give yourself an edge during the late game. While you may not be able to impact your teammates' lanes as well as other junglers, you trade for the oppressive damage you gain later on Master Yi can win losing games and destroy teams when given the time to prepare.

Why Master Yi is a great jungler:

  • Late game damage
  • Fast jungle clear
  • Can carry games

1. Evelynn

Watch now: EX-RANK 1 PLAYS EVELYNN | Wild Rift Highlights | Evelynn Full Gameplay

Right now, Evelynn is the queen of the jungle in Wild Rift. She can do incredible damage with her skill 1 and catch enemies with her skill 2, but what makes her a true threat is her camouflage, which allows her to sneak up on enemies and kill them before they have a chance to react. 

Evelynn is an assassin jungler, and her primary goal is to find the damage dealer of the team and take them out before the fight starts. Her camouflage can only be seen currently by champs that are close by, which means she's very hard to track, and a few early kills make her a real threat to anyone not building damage. It's no wonder why she's the most popular jungler in Wild Rift currently. 

Why Evelynn is a great jungler:

  • Burst damage against single targets
  • Camouflage for sneak attacks
  • Early pressure


Did you find a jungler that interests you? Any of these champions are great options, so picking up one that fits your play style will be a great chance to find some wins on the Rift. Good luck, and happy jungling!

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