Top 20 Sims 4 Best Male Clothing Mods

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The Sims 4 offers basic clothing items to men. Men can (and should) be fashionable too, you know! Keep reading to learn about the 20 best clothing mods to switch up the style game. 


20. Kai Top

All men love a good T-shirt. Why not take a staple item and make it stylish?

  • The Kai Top mod offers some amazing t-shirts that all men will love!
  • The shirts in this mod feature a selection of real-life brands and several slogans and icons from popular brands. 
  • You get a selection of 30 amazing shirts that can be styled up or down. 
  • The graphic quality of this mod is mesmerizing. 

You don’t have to throw out the whole T-shirt, just upgrade it! Download this mod here:


19. Elegance

There will always be an opportunity for an elegant outfit. 

  • The Elegant mod is here to save us!
  • This mod contains 38 beautifully created elegant stylish items. 
  • The amazing thing about this mod is that it is unisex and contains items for both males and females. 
  • All of the items included in this mod are available in 25 colors. 
  • It even includes accessories such as rings and watches to take the elegant look to the next level!

What are you waiting for? Download this mod here:


18. Hoodies

Stylish streetwear is a massive trend at the moment. Let’s take this into our sims’ worlds. 

  • The Hoodie Peep X Sadhat By Whimp 1337 mod introduces some amazing streetwear for your sims to rock!
  • This mod includes hoodies, sweatshirts, and hats. 
  • The hoodies are available in 16 colors, the sweatshirts in 23, and the hats in 13. 
  • The amazing thing about this mod is that the hoodies are available in trendy print, as well as plain colors so you can style these items just how you want. 
  • This mod includes clothing sets, making it convenient for your sims to rock the laid-back look. 

The lazy streetwear look is not as easy to put together as it looks, so save yourself the trouble and download this mod here:


17. Stylish Pants

Men tend to dress down when it comes to shirts, so a staple bottom is essential. 

  • The CC Pack By Dartee77 mod is a must when it comes to stylish men’s pants. 
  • This mod includes the best jeans and tracksuits that can be styled up or down to create the perfect outfit. 
  • The jeans include accessories such as belts and iPhones in the pocket and they are available in 8 beautiful colors. 
  • The tracksuit bottom is available in a whopping 39 colors and ranges from long pants to knee-length. 
  • This mod also includes tracksuit tops to complete your look. 

With this mod, you’ll never need other pants again, so download it here:


16. Sweater Vest

A sweater vest is a staple item in all sims’ wardrobes. 

  • The Nelson Sweater Vest mod includes the only sweater vests that you will ever need!
  • This mod contains 1 sweater vest design available in 31 colors!
  • The color swatches are super modern and include plain, floral, and geometric patterns to suit everyone’s style!
  • This item can be styled up or down to create the look you desire. 

Don’t miss out. Download this mod here:


15. “Werewolves” Pack

Don’t be fooled by the name of this mod!

  • The Werewolves Add-On Pack PART 2 By Solistair mod is one of my favorite mods of all time!
  • This mod brings us 15 amazing items, including shoes, bottoms, accessories, and tops. 
  • These items can be mixed and matched with some stylish items available in the base game to create the perfect outfit. 
  • All items are available in a variety of colors.

This mod is the epitome of style, so download it here:


14. The Ultimate Male Outfit

All men need a staple outfit that is suitable for any occasion. 

  • The Male Outfit By Busra-TR mod is the only clothing mod your sim will ever need. 
  • This mod consists of 2 mods that create the perfect male outfit, consisting of a stunning shirt and pants. 
  • The shirt is available in 10 beautiful colors and is compatible with teens to elders. 
  • The pants are also available in 10 colors, complimenting the shirt. This is also compatible with teens to elders. 
  • These two items can be worn together to create the perfect look, or you can pair them up with other items to put your twist on them!

What are you waiting for? Download the shirt here: and the pants here:


13. Denim on denim

Who said denim on denim is out of style? They were wrong!

  • The Denim On Denim Look By Marsmerizingsims mod introduces some of the most fashionable jeans and denim jackets for your sims to rock the classic look. 
  • This mod includes the Liu Yu Jeans and Jacket, the Volta Jeans, the Johnny Jeans, the Celine Jeans, and the Claire Denim Jacket, which are all fashion staples!
  • Each item is available in several different colors. 
  • The jeans and denim jackets can also be worn separately and you can pair them with whichever item your heart desires!

Get your denim on and download this mod here:


12. Classic Tee

What are men without their favorite T-shirts?

  • The T-Shirt By Busra-TR mod brings us the perfect T-shirt that can make turn any outfit into a stylish look. 
  • This mod features a plain white shirt with a classic logo paired with a shoulder-wrapped sweater. 
  • It is available in 10 colors and is compatible with teens to elders. 
  • This shirt can be styled up with some formal bottoms, or styled down with a casual sweatpant. It is up to you!

Get your staple shirt now! Download this mod here:


11. Basic Set

A basic shirt, flannel, or pants can make or break your sim’s entire wardrobe. 

  • The KK Basic Set 08 By KK’s Creation mod is just the set you need to MAKE your sim’s style. 
  • This colorful mod includes shirts, pants, and sunglasses to give your sims the perfect urban look. 
  • The shirts have a beautiful flannel overtop available in 30 modern colors. 
  • The pants are available in 30 colors and have the most creative patterns!
  • There a 3 different sunglasses that you can choose from to complete your urban dream look!

Don’t miss out. Download this mod here:


10. Staple Sweater

The sweaters in the base game of The Sims 4 are quite boring. Let’s change that!

  • The Jacob Sweater By Solistair mod introduces the most stylish sweaters you have ever seen.
  • With this mod, you get one design available in several different colors and patterns. 
  • There are 11 patterned sweaters. These are the trendiest patterns you’ll find!
  • You also get 20 solid-colored sweaters that will match any aesthetic and style!
  • The solid-colored sweaters also appear to have a more knit design. 

Who said you can’t be stylish and cuddled up in your favorite sweater? Download this mod here:


9. Pillow Talk PJs

The base game of The Sims 4 does not offer cute and comfortable pajamas to the men. I have just the mod to solve this!

  • The Pillow Talk By CreamLatteDream mod brings us the most stylish men's sleepwear. 
  • This mod offers 34 different types of pj’s. The design is universal, while the swatches range from plain, patterned, plaid, and striped. 
  • The graphics of this mod is very advanced and it is available for teens to elders. 
  • You can pair these sleepwear sets with your favorite slippers to create the ultimate comfy look!

Why wouldn’t you want to be stylish in your dreams too? Download this mod here:


8. Sporty Style

The sporty style is the ultimate go-to for most men. 

  • The Men CC By Belaloallure mod brings us some of the most stylish sporty outfits. 
  • This mod includes 3 different items: a racer suit, an unzipped vest hoodie, and a fashionable 2-piece set. 
  • The items are HQ-compatible and beautifully created.
  • All of the items are available in 25 different colors!

Get your sport on and download this mod here:


7. Crop-Mania

Why limit men to boring T-shirts? They need crop tops too!

  • The Oliver Mini-Set By Ms Mary Sims mod introduces some of the most stylish and trendy items! Get ready for some items you have never seen before… 
  • This mod includes statement jeans and crop tops!
  • The jeans are available in 32 colors. 
  • The crop tops are available in 2 different design versions and 35 colors overall!
  • Your sims will most definitely be the talk of the town with these modern outfits. 

Don’t miss out. Download this mod here:


6. Funky Fashion

Is your sim a lover of funky, trendy, out-there fashion? Then this mod is for you!

  • The KK’s Red Lights Suit Recolored By Dead&Goth mod introduces some of the trendiest clothing items your sim will ever see!
  • This mod includes a suit that is available in several different colors and patterns. 
  • In total, you get 42 different swatches. 
  • Only 9 of them are bright, solid colors, while the rest includes patterns, plaids, and the funkiest themes you’ve ever seen. 
  • The great thing about this mod is that it is unisex and can be rocked by females too. 

Turn up the funk and download this mod here:


5. First Fits

All men need some staple clothing items in their wardrobes that they can build off of. 

  • The First Fits Kit – Adult Conversion Add-Ons By AdrienPastel mod is just the mod you’re looking for if you need some fashion building blocks. 
  • This mod includes 7 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 hat, and 2 pairs of shoes. 
  • This is the perfect mod if you want to start upping your style game, as all of the items can be paired together or combined with other items to create the perfect look. 
  • This mod is a fan favorite and with good reason!

Download this mod here:


4. Trousers and Jacket

The classic fancy pants and jacket look will never get old!

  • The Trousers And Jacket By TurkSimmer mod bring us a classic fan-favorite look that will never get old. 
  • With this mod, you get sweaters and fur jackets available in 12 colors. 
  • The pants are available in 8 beautiful colors. 
  • The great thing about this mod is that it is available to teens, young adults, adults, and even elders. 
  • I love the look of these items. They can be styled up or down but will remain a classic look. 

What are you waiting for? Download the jacket here:  and the pants here: 


3. One-Piece 

I think life would be so much easier if tops and jeans were one-piece sets, don’t you?

  • The Grow By Luridsims mod heard my cries! 
  • This mod consists of a full-body outfit containing a stylish top and jeans. 
  • The top is available in 20 beautiful colors. It even has the cutest pockets on the front to add some definition. 
  • The jeans are available in 20 solid colors to complete the look. 

Save yourself from countless hours of mixing and matching outfits. Download this mod here:


2. Designer Shirt

Designer items are crucial if you want to be on top of the style game, so why not start with a simple Prada shirt?

  • The PRADA Nylon Pocket T-Shirt Set By Rona Sims mod introduces a staple T-shirt that all sims need. 
  • This mod includes a stunning Prada designer T-shirt. 
  • It is available in 5 amazing colors. 
  • The design of this item is impeccable and the Prada logo is a massive statement. 
  • This shirt can be styled with any type of look and will make a big difference in your sim’s wardrobe. 

What are you waiting for? Download this mod here:


1. Archive Collection

Are you ready for an entire makeover?

  • The ARCHIVE COLLECTION By Ceeproductions mod brings us several new items so that you can transform your sim’s entire style!
  • This mod includes 3 hairstyles, 2 tops, 4 bottoms, and 2 accessories!
  • The hairstyles are available in 25 swatches and are hat compatible. 
  • The shirts are available in as many as 25 swatches (including solids and patterns)!
  • You even get a nose ring to take your style to the next level!
  • This mod is my all-time favorite, as all of the items are extremely detailed and you can choose from several swatches to match your style. 

If you don’t get it now, you’ll regret it later! Download this mod here:

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