TF2 Characters: Real Name and Backstories

TF2 Characters: Real Name
Team Fortress 2 Characters

Jeremy (Scout)

In early development the Scout was seen carrying an SMG instead of his trademark scattergun!

Born and raised in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, the Scout has more attitude than he knows what to do with. He’s as quick as lightning and can run circles around every enemy he comes across. Scout can often be found harassing the backlines of the enemies trying to pick off the enemy Medic.

The quickness of the Scout allows for incredible mobility, this, paired with his double jump, allow him to reach even the hardest positions on the map. Scout should be the first choice for just about any objective player due to his increased default capture rate and ability to get to the objective quickly off respawn. You can laugh your way to victory while hearing him say, “You got owned!”.

 Jane Doe (Soldier)

During playtesting, Soldier was originally equipped with grenades.

Usually seen flying through the sky, the Soldier sends a barrage of rockets at any foe daring enough to get in his way. With certain emotes equipped, the soldier will pull out a cup of coffee and take a hefty swig of it in the middle of the battlefield. This suits him well, as he constantly seems to be hyped up with caffeine during every battle.

The Solider is one of the most versatile classes within Team Fortress 2 thanks to his handy rocket jumping ability. Many different play styles stem from this ability but the most people is the roaming Soldier, used to pick off high value enemy classes. Just before your death you will hear him yell out “Screamin’ Eagle” as he blows you to bits.


No one knows exactly what is hidden behind the mask, some say Ms. Pauling, some say the announcer, but no one will ever know for sure.

This creature from the unknown does nothing more than love to watch his enemies burn. As the Pyro you have to option to be within the Pyro’s world where it appears that everything is cheery and happy, your flames appear as confetti and your burning enemies appear to sparkle. Although, in the real world, your enemies are screaming and being burning as your throw flames in every direction.

The Pyro is great for ambushing enemies as it excels at close quarters combat. Although classified as an offensive character, the Pyro can be used in many ways such as to defend buildings or extinguish teammates. When you hear the “murr hurr mphuphurrur, hurr mph phrr” you better run and never look back, or else you as good as dead.

Tavish Finnegan DeGroot (Demoman)

It is said that the Demoman’s missing eye is actually the Monoculus.

He may have a bit of a drinking problem, but he sure knows his way around the battlefield. The Demoman is a demolitions expert, and a really good one at that. At times you can find him with a bottle in his hand shaking his butt at the enemy team as they desperately try to avoid his traps.

There’s a good reason he is listed as a defensive class. With his secondary weapon being used to set explosive traps that you can detonate anytime you want, defending the cart is made easy. When he nabs a few enemies in a trap his voice echoes through the map “Don’t fret, boyo. I’ll be gentle!”

Mikhail (Heavy)

He may look like he is all brawn, but the Heavy holds a PhD in Russian Literature.

Born and raised in Russia, the Heavy commands the battlefield with his minigun and accent. Although he appears gentle at first glance, he will tear you apart and can take a beating while doing it.

The heavy has the most default health of any Team Fortress 2 class. Being able to tank tons of incoming damage he is the perfect wall to hide behind when you are low on health. Just beware of snipers as their favorite targets are these bald headed hulks. As the Heavy tears your team to shreds he screams “Keep crying, baby” while laughing you to your grave. 

Dell Conagher (Engineer)

Whenever you level-up your sentry the beeping noise it makes changes.

This native Texan can be found camping your last point towards the end of any round. He is a quiet man who loves his beer and his guitar. The Engineer relies on his teammates to be the in the forefront of the fight as he waits for his prey to wander within the range of his sentry.

The Engineer is great for defending a chokepoint and can make all the difference in a losing battle. A single level 3 sentry is able to put the enemy team at a halt until they are able to destroy it. As the enemy team shuffles into his turrets range the Engineer will ask them, “How’d that plan turn out for you, dummy?”

Mun-dee (Sniper)

Most gamers are unaware that the Sniper is not actually of Australian decent.

 With the most incredible accent in the world this New Zealand Sniper has more patience than he knows what to do with. The Sniper will stand stationary in his tower until an enemy enters his line of sight, he is even known to pee in a bottle and use it as a weapon against his enemies.

As a sniper the best thing you can do is always watch your back. Spy’s love to hunt you down as you are scoped in trying to land a fully charged headshot on an unsuspecting enemy. Most Snipers carry around their Jarate in order to sniff out the Spy’s who lurk within your teammates. Upon throwing the Jarate, the Sniper yells for all his team to hear “Jarate”.

Ludwig Humboldt (Medic)

The Medic originally was discovered UberCharge by experimenting on friendly mercenaries.

With the greatest healing capability for any team, the Medic is the main support class within the game. He has operated on each mercenary giving them the ability to overcharge their hearts resulting in the Ubercharge.

You almost never see a medic alone on the frontlines of battle and instead will usually see him with a buddy for him to heal and in exchange he is protected. When the Medic has an Ubercharge ready to go he tells his team “Now go!” so they know precisely when to charge into battle.


The Box Trot taunt has text in Japanese which translates to “the spy is in the box”

This French assassin can inflict incredible amounts of damage with a single blow. Spy is always sharply dressed and has a watch at his side at every moment.

The Spy is quick to earn your trust as he disguises as friendly characters before stabbing you in the back and vanishing as quickly as he appeared. This man is so worry about his beautiful clothes that upon killing an enemy he will yell at them “You got blood on my suit.”

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