Valorant: How To Buy For Someone

Can’t afford to buy that Operator this round? Your teammates can buy it for you! Valorant has a request system where you can buy guns for others if you have extra credits.


How to buy for someone in Valorant:


  • Step 1: If you still have a lot of credits left after purchasing your weapon and skills, you can click on the “I have extra credits” button on the upper left portion of the buy window. This will let your teammates know that you can buy for them.

  • Step 2: Teammates can request from you by right-clicking on the weapon. If your credits are enough, their request should be seen on the left part of the weapon store. Clicking on it automatically buys the weapon for them and the price will be deducted from your credits.


This feature helps win Valorant games, so be a good teammate and buy that rifle for your top frag!

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