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Charging on to the next fight.

2. Better Combat Mechanics

"Boom! Headshot!"

Fallout 4 is fun. There’s no doubt about that. And while one of the game’s main draws is its FPS combat, even that has its flaws.

Combat can feel clunky. Enemies are bogged down by spotty AI and pathfinding. Aiming your gun is sometimes unpredictable and lining up a headshot when your target’s jittering around in confusion is nothing short of frustrating. Just stand still, dammit!

When it works, combat is freaking fantastic. But Fallout 5 can make it even better by smoothing out the bumps and adding new mechanics to spice things up. I’m talking new weapons, traps, explosives, and features like environment interaction. Lean from around cover, throw things, hop over furniture and debris—little touches like that energize firefights!  

Enemy behavior should keep you on your toes. How cool would it be if enemies used teamwork to take you down? For example, a hidden sniper doesn’t reveal himself until his bat-wielding friend has charged you. Then he takes aim while you’re busy not getting your head smashed in.

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