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10.Through The Woods

Wandering through the woods at night is always going to be scary and Through the Woods is no exception. This third person psychological horror game takes place in....a forest on the western shore of Norway? Geeze that place has alot of scary stuff going on doesn't it?

Anyway in Through the woods you take on the role of a mother looking for her lost son in this dark forest. Now the trailer is short but oh man is it ever sweet! I have to say the graphics look pretty good but what really got me was the fact that i was afraid of the trees. Any game,especially just the trailer, that can make me afraid of something like trees leads me to believe it will become an instant classic.

Through the woods

This is about forest fires isn't it?

I don't know what was chasing her in the end there, but i hope this game comes with a fresh pair of pants. A killer Tree perhaps? Watch the trailer and you be the judge.

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