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Normally i would roll my eyes at another Space themed horror game but after watching this trailer i have to say this game looks spectacular! Explore an abandoned moon base and figure out what has happened! Aside from stunning graphics the game has some features that make it unique.

There is no HUD or health bar, or conveniently placed health packs when you need them the most. This game is Perma death! Meaning if you die guess what? Your not coming back!

You have to run,hide and survive! I am sure this will get some gamer's to rage quit but honestly it is refreshing to have a realistic challenging game where there are no second chances. It will make the experience all the more intense!


Open vent in a space station? When has that ever gone wrong?

If the trailer tells us anything its not to just charge in! Play smart! Plan what you are going to do and you just might survive.

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